Dos and Don’ts For Gym-goers

The high-intensity activity that gymming is, it is easy to be swept away by the music and adrenaline. However, since your body is at stake, you need to be mindful of some precautions and things to avoid while at the gym. Everyone seems to have their own theory on the do’s and don’ts of gymming


 Dos and Don’ts For Gym-goers

Warm up:The most basic mistake anyone can make while working out is the skipping the warm-up. Basic stretching and breathing exercises can go a long way in setting the tone for you workout. It gets the muscles loose and ready for the more extreme stuff.

Set new goals:Before starting any workout, it is important to set a goal for that session. This ensures that you make the most of your hour and stick to your regime. It is essential to switch your goals to keep things interesting. This also allows overall workout of the body instead of concentrating on just one body part.

Use a deodorant: This is simply out of consideration for your fellow gym-goers. You may not want to bathe in cologne but a simple deodorant or an antiperspirant can go a long way. Similarly, carry towels and a bottle of water along to your gym. Some gyms provide towels and most gyms provide water, but err on the side of the safety and carry some if you’re not sure.

Dos and Don’ts For Gym-goers

Keep it steady: You can’t start off on the first day with heavy cardio and dead lifting. Start off slow and steadily build your stamina and tempo over time. Don’t overexert yourself. Give your body time to breath and rebuild its muscles. This will leave your body stronger and more capable. (But that is no excuse to skip the gym. Maintain a schedule and stick to it.)


Dos and Don’ts For Gym-goers

Take a nap: If you take a nap before working out, you’ll be groggy and tired. You’ll go through the motions but won’t reap any benefits of the workout. Your body’s sleep clock will get messed up, leaving you feeling sleep deprived and exhausted. If you really need a nap before a work out, stick to a power nap.

Show up sick: It is important to stick to a regular exercise schedule, but don’t turn up sick. Your body needs all the energy it can muster and you might pass on your sickness to others. If you are down with a fever, you need chicken soup and a good book, not the gym.

Eat a heavy meal before a workout: This is a serious health hazard. Extreme exercise after a heavy meal can lead to nausea, vomiting, cramps and sickness. Binging on alcohol and fat concentrated meals is a never a good idea. If you are hungry before a workout, stick to fruits, smoothies or protein shakes.

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