Laser Freckle Removal: Not As Bad As It Sounds

Whether you were born with freckles or if they have developed over the years from long sun exposure, sometimes a person is not happy with the way it looks on their skin. A clear complexion is often what people are looking for and there are different avenues that may be taken to achieve this. Some people try using chemical peels to rid their skin of these small dots, however a more effective way of attaining a clear complexion may be in the form of laser treatments. While this sounds like an extreme avenue to achieve results, it can actually be the most effective way with the least amount of time needed to complete. At places like Canada MedLaser, the path to a clear complexion can be accomplished in as little as 4-5 treatments, depending on the severity. Let’s start by talking about how freckles appear and then how they are removed.

Laser Freckle Removal Not As Bad As It Sounds

How Freckles Form

Some people are born with freckles naturally. Others develop freckles from over exposure to the sun. Freckles are merely small pockets of melanin under the skin. They show up on the skin and small brown spots and some people do not like the way it makes them look. If you are uncomfortable with the way freckles make you look, you may consider laser freckle removal.

How Freckles are Removed

When removing freckles with laser treatments, some may feel that it sounds painful or extreme. However, the procedure is essentially painless and minimally invasive. The first step to removing freckles is to consult a physician. The doctor will first inspect the freckles to make sure that none of them look abnormal. If there is a possibility that your spots could be cancerous, you will not be able to have the procedure done. Also, those will tanned skin are not good candidates for this treatment. If everything checks out, the doctor will usually apply a cool gel to the affected area to somewhat numb the discomfort.

What to Expect with the Procedure

The laser targets the melanin that produces the freckles and breaks apart the particles. This causes them to raise to the surface of the skin and eventually disappear. Some may notice that the freckles will look like they are actually getting darker, however this is the process of excreting them from the body. Most often a few treatments will be needed but the most noticeable changes will occur after the first or second treatment. Often you will feel like your skin is sunburned after the procedure but you will be able to return to normal activities immediately. Of course sun screen is recommended to keep the skin safe. The effects of the treatment and how long they will last will depend on how well you take care of your skin. If you continue to have long exposure to the sun, the freckles will most definitely come back.

When considering laser freckle removal remember that the results will last as long as you take care of your skin. You can have the clear complexion you desire but it is up to you to keep it that way.

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