Increase Your Chance Of Getting Pregnant With Ovulation Tests

For many women, there is nothing more exciting than the thought of becoming pregnant. While many women are now waiting longer to have children, scientists suggest that a woman’s fertility clock kicks in at around 27 years of age. Whether you wish to be a young mum or you have reached a suitable time in your career to stop and have a family, you can be sure to increase your chances of falling pregnant by using ovulation tests.

What is Ovulation?

Ovulation generally occurs each month and is the biological process which culminates in the release of eggs from a womens ovary. Between 15 and 20 eggs are stored in each of your ovaries and the largest is then pushed out into the fallopian tube, this is called ovulation. Whilst sperm can survive inside a women for up to seven days, eggs are typically only able to survive between 12-24 hours. As such, conception can only occur within a small window of around six days each month and this time leading up to ovulation is when a woman is at her most fertile.

What Are the Benefits of using Ovulation Kits?

Ovulation predictor kits, also known as OPKs, can help you to identify the window of fertility, thus increasing your chances of falling pregnant sooner. Though doctors encourage couples wanting to start a family to have sex every couple of days to maximise their chances of getting pregnant, some couples may not be able to do so for a number of reasons. Ovulation kits are also vital to women who have irregular cycles and find it more difficult to conceive.

How do Ovulation Kits Work?

The majority of ovulation tests in the UK test your urine for a surge in luteinising hormone (LH), which occurs between 1-2 days before ovulation (the time at which you are most likely to conceive). To carry out the test, you will either hold a stick in your stream of urine or dip the stick in a cup of urine. The sticks feature colour indicators which will show whether or not you are experiencing an increase in the LH hormone. Although instructions vary according to the brand, it is recommended that you do not use the kits soon after waking up as that is when your urine is at its most concentrated.

Freedom Urine LH Ovulation Test Strips

Where Can I Buy Ovulation Tests in the UK?

Love Pharmacy specialises in providing over the counter and prescription only products relating to sexual health. As with all UK pharmacies, Love Pharmacy is legally registered with the GPhC and all orders are approved by trained doctors and pharmacists before dispatch. Ovulation kits by leading brands such as Clearblue, Freedom and Suresign are available by visiting

Why Wait?

Though you might be tempted to leave it to fate, if you have already made the very important decision to have a baby with your partner then you are ready to conceive and embark on the wonderful journey of motherhood. Ovulation kits are inexpensive though highly accurate, and will significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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