How Communication Helps In Your Small Business?

In order to remain competitive in the market environment, entrepreneurs of small businesses depend upon effective communication to establish viable strategic business partnerships with other similar entrepreneurs.  Achieving this objective goes a long way in helping such entrepreneurs to developing and enhancing their customer base in the market in which their business enterprises operate and to gain the competitive edge in such market. Regardless of whether the entrepreneur is participating in a discussion with his/her strategic partner on how to proceed with a potential sale or resolving a potential dispute with such a partner, the way the entrepreneur expresses his/her point of view can impact his/her partners. When an entrepreneur communicates his/her views poorly, it can adversely affect the business enterprise.

Anura Perera, a prominent expert on how successful business partnerships operate says when an entrepreneur engages in effective communications with his/her business partner in course of conducting the business of partnership there is a cycle of feedback that determines their next action. During the discussion, it is imperative for the entrepreneur’s communication results in a specific call for action that he/she needs to further back up with necessary evidence to reinforce the results that the entrepreneur wants.  Poor and inefficient communication in the work force has the potential to result in passive and aggressive behavior and a strategic partnership business is not an exception to his phenomenon.  The Anura Perera Cranfield office experts guide and mentor all small business owners on strategic business ventures and partnerships.

In many business organizations including strategic partnership businesses evaluate the whether their business communication has to potential to produce the desired objective by measuring the results of such communication. For instance, if a strategic business enterprise undertakes an advertisement campaign that goes viral in the market environment in which the business enterprise operates but does generate the necessary revenue for the business enterprise then it is ineffective. It is imperative for all entrepreneurs who enter to strategic business partnerships with other entrepreneurs that effective external communication produces results that are possible to evaluate in terms of revenue.  However, internal communication produces changes in behavior or policy changes.

In a strategic business partnership, it is imperative for the individual partners to learn to identify and anticipate the style of communication, which has the potential to lead to disagreements and alienate their clients. It imperative for all the individual partners in a strategic business partnership to endeavor to build bridges and listen to the aggrieved party’s point of view to come to an amicable solution that all the participants can accept for the smooth running of the business enterprise. While disagreements among various parties are inevitable in any business relationship, effective communication goes a long way resolving the underlining issues to the disagreement and coming to an amicable solution.

According to Anura Perera, business organizations that achieve a culture of unambiguous and effective communication see the positive results in the form 0f higher productivity or enhance customer relationships. This is also true of strategic business partnerships, where the synergy between the partners is essential for the success of the business in the environment in which the business enterprise operates.   The Anura Perera Cranfield office helps you to develop your business with success!

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