Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser hair removal treatment involves focusing a cosmetic laser beam on the particular region of the skin to remove unwanted hair. Many people have opted for laser hair removal in the fall/winter so that they can have hair free skin in the summer. If you plan to undergo a laser hair removal treatment, you should not expose yourself to too much sunlight during the day to avoid sunburn. The doctor will advise you to shave off the hair in the region that you want to be treated prior to the session.

Laser Hair Removal Machine

You can shave the hair in the region at least 1 day before the appointment. If you come to the treatment session unshaved, the doctor may lend you a razor so that you can shave the hair off before the laser hair removal session begins. Laser hair removal is different from waxing where you must have a little bit of hair stubble in order to pluck out the hair. In order for the laser hair removal treatment to be successful, the hair follicle must remain. Waxing can remove the hair follicle so you must avoid waxing the skin.

One of the hair removal laser treatments that have received lots of positive compliments is Elos plus hair removal laser treatment. With Elos laser hair removal machine, the targeted area will be preheated with optical energy. The hair follicles will gradually be destroyed by the radio frequency heat over time until they are completely destroyed and disabled from producing new hair growth. Long term hair reduction can be achieved if you punctually attend all the Elos Plus treatments that are included by your doctor in the schedule.

The significant reduction of hair growth will makes the area no longer noticeable by people like before when there are a lot of hair growth on it. Each treatment session will be spaced over a couple of months as determined by your doctor. The doctor will let you know how many sessions you need to attend before the laser treatment begins. Undergoing the Elos treatment will not interfere with your normal daily routine. The side effects is usually just some redness on the skin that can subside in a few hours. Elos plus is the best option for people whose skin or hair colors make them ineligible to be treated by traditional laser systems.

Gentle Pro Series hair removal laser system that features two laser wavelengths is one of the best laser treatment for hair removal. It offers a patented cooling technology that will release a fast burst of cool on the skin in between each heat pulse. Gentle Max Pro laser hair removal treatment is suitable for removing hair on a large scale. It features a large treatment spot of 5mm. It is very efficient because it involves using less laser pulse and there is only a minimal pain. You only need to attend 4 – 6 laser sessions to complete the treatment. GentleMax Pro is ideal for removing hair on any area of the body like above the lip, armpit, and back.

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