Choosing A Warehousing Service

The days of having one or two massive distribution centres to fulfil your warehousing needs are over. The world has become fast-paced, there is no room for slow operations and long travel operations so if your aim is to keep your business going then it is time to explore hybrid distribution networks. Optimising your logistics plan is vital if the operation is to remain functional and efficient, a good warehouse service will allow you to do just that without necessarily forcing you to increase your expenditure.

 There are several types of warehousing services, each have their advantages and disadvantages; these depend on the type of operation you are running. Some companies believe that in order to have a functional warehouse you need to own it, they say this because it allows the most hands-on control of each and every aspect of the operation; however, the cost of owning and managing a warehouse is very high, it does not allow for flexibility either so optimising the logistics plan becomes quite difficult and it becomes practically impossible to implement hybrid distribution networks. Public warehousing may seem like a good idea then; however, most public warehouses only offer a short-term lease which makes it difficult to have a stable operation even if it does allow for hybrid distribution networks. The remaining option is perhaps the most attractive: contract warehousing allows for both short and long-term leases and, if the service is flexible, also allow for several additional features like around the clock security with little added cost.

The most attractive warehousing service in the market today is without a doubt Reliable Transport Link (RTL) since they offer personalised and flexible services that take into account your individual needs. As well as offering comprehensive tracking of the entire inventory from the moment they get it and until they deposit it where it needs to go, they offer storage solutions for every problem and distribution services. They also happen to specialise in hybrid distribution methods, which improves the flow of products and increases value, allowing you to easily and confidently optimise your logistics plan. The location of their warehouses also happens to be optimal; they are strategically located all over Canada and the United States, which means that your product will reach its destination promptly.

There are three main things to take into account when choosing a warehousing service: Accessibility, location and duration of storage. Accessibility means that you must make sure that the products within the warehouse are within easy access, pricing usually depends on the frequency of the access required and it is vital to choose a warehousing service that allows you access to your products as often as you need to. A well-located warehouse can make all the difference as choosing the perfect location quickly reduces transport costs. The duration of storage is key as it enables you to choose the type of warehousing services, hired warehousing offers short and long term leases which means that whatever you choose, hiring a warehousing service might be your safest bet.

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