How To Structure Your Compare and Contrast Essays?

Students across various colleges in the country are often given plethora of assignments and essays to write throughout their college life. These essays carry marks for you write and present them and these grades are added to your final grade at the end of the term. While most people are usually great at vocabulary and are able to nicely present their thoughts to the teacher, they lag behind on following the proper format and structure of such essay.

Essay writing assignments offer a number of structural variations. Either you can go for a contrast essay or choose a comparison essay. All this depends upon the specification of the task at end. You can click over here to learn more about them. Follow the below-mentioned method to have a proper format for your essay.


The Preamble of your essay should set the tone about the topic. Make sure you make it intriguing and captivating as it helps to generate the interest of the reader. Try to put up an interesting question in the mind of the people in the preamble which would be answered later on in the principal part of the essay. Include interesting facts to gain the attention of the readers.

When writing a contrast or compare assignment, state the resemblances of the things in the topic first and then disclose their differences in an easy manner. Keep this mind that you have to give your reader a brief outline of what they can expect in your essay.

Principal Part

This part is the main body of the article. If you choose to go for a compare or contrast essay above, then it would be beneficial for you to collect as much evidence as you can without the most obvious differences. You have to gain the whole attention of your ready by making him involve to your essay till the end.

While the number of paragraphs in your essay broadly depend upon the topic you choose and the information available, it looks great if you try to devote separate paragraphs to highlight each important object in your essay and present their features in another paragraph.

The Concluding Part

You article should end by listing out the most impressive yet distinct features of the objects mentioned and highlighted in your essay. Make sure that you leave no blank spots behind after completing the summary of your essay as you won’t get another chance to change the reader’s opinion.