Here Are The Common Makeup Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Makeups are special colored substances put on someone’s face to make them look better or different. It can either be lipstick, foundation or anything that will make all the good features of your face look better. Some people may not be well informed about the brands to use, the shades to use and how to apply these products and therefore end up making mistakes over and over again. Makeup is meant to make you feel more confident about your looks as it at times hide your blemishes and aged skin, but overdoing this makeup will frustrate you at the end of the day since you might end up looking even worse. Therefore, you should learn about the necessary makeup tricks before making any move of purchasing or using any makeup.

Here Are The Common Makeup Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Here are some of the common makeup mistakes that you should avoid and how you can avoid them or rectify the mistakes.

Common Makeup Mistakes that You Should Avoid

  1. Expired makeup: Makeup that has overstayed beyond the expiry date should not be used. This is a common mistake that can even happen when you are purchasing the product. Check out the expiry date carefully before purchasing it. Expired makeup should not be used as it can lead to skin irritation, inflammations and also eye infections.
  2. Using the wrong lipstick shade: Lipsticks are considered depending on the size of the lips; naturally narrow lips should not be applied dark toned lipsticks as they make the lips appear thinner. You should use a brighter shade. Before someone applies the lipstick, you should apply a moisturizing lip balm and let it soak for sometime before applying your lipstick. This ensures that lipstick does not come out easily and the lips appear smoother. If some lipstick sticks in your teeth, insert a clean finger in your mouth and wipe off the lipstick carefully and make sure the lipstick on your lips is not messed up.
  3. Wrong application of powder: Powder has this ability to hide your skin defects as it acts as a foundation to your face. It looks good when it is applied in small quantities especially around the eyes. If you over powder around the eyes, the wrinkles are displayed more clearly, and this looks bad. Do not use your fingers or sponge to apply because the fingers spread it unevenly; sponges pick too much powder, and this is a waste. Use a brush, which moves easier around your face. This foundation brush should be cleaned at least once a month with clean water and some soap to remove germs that may clog your face pores.
  4. Ignoring eyebrows: Some women ignore the eyebrows and forget that nice eyebrow make your eyes pop out, and they tend to highlight them so much, thus making them look older. When highlighting it, avoid dark colors; instead use a lighter shade than your hair color. Avoid using an eye pencil rather use powder and brush to apply some color on your eyebrows, which gives them a natural look.
  5. Overdoing your eyelashes: When you overdo the lower lashes, you tend to look older and ugly. Also overdoing your eyelashes gives you a spider look. Cheap brands of mascara are another mistake. Anyway, most people love waterproof mascara, which is very nice but they can destroy the lashes as it is difficult to come out since they make the lashes dry. Ensure no air gets into your mascara tube as this dry up your mascara leaving your eyelashes looking terrible.
  6. Applying the wrong foundation tone: Most people tend to purchase foundations that are darker than their skin tones. Use your neck to test for the correct shade, carry a friend along so that she can help you with her opinions. When testing, it is good to use natural lighting as some lights can give you the wrong color. Use the correct primer too before applying your foundation. Match out the ingredients of your primer and your foundation.
  7. Overdoing eye shadows: Apply a small amount of eye shadow that only appears on the outer corners of your eyes and use high-quality primers to prolong eye shadows.


The above makeup tricks on how you can avoid the mistakes you make while applying your make up should help you get a better and sophisticated look. As we know that too much of something is poisonous, avoid applying too much makeup that will even destroy your natural beauty. Get into your beauty haven with these makeup tricks.

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