How To Maintain Your Driveway Properly

Knowing where to turn when you need driveway repair Dallas TX can keep your property looking good and the driveway functioning as it should. Companies like TCP asphalt can come to your site, evaluate the problem and make the necessary repairs. In addition to repairs, you want a company who can take the necessary steps to protect the driveway from the elements in order to make it last as long as possible. Making a driveway last goes deeper than simply making repairs when things like potholes begin to develop. Proper design, installation and protective measures taken when the driveway is being planned goes a long way also.


When you are preparing for the installation of a driveway or parking lot, you will obviously want to make it as level as possible. For that reason, choosing a company with expertise in how to prepare a site to make it suitable for a driveway can prevent problems later. A good foundation under the parking lot or driveway will prevent the ground under it from starting to sink and cause cracks to develop in the asphalt. The use of impaction rollers will make sure the base is packed properly so it can handle the weight of traffic. When the asphalt is put down, it will once again be rolled in order to make sure it is packed and given a smooth surface.


In order to ensure your driveway stands up over time against a variety of weather conditions, you should consider having it sealed. Chip sealing is done by spraying hot, rubberized oil onto the surface of the asphalt. It is then covered with a layer of rock and rolled flat. A good asphalt company can take care of all the sealing needs in one visit.


If you have damage to your existing driveway from things like the development of potholes or cracks, you should get them repaired before they lead to further damage. The good news is these places can be fixed. However, you don’t want to wait until they deteriorate further. Fixing them early not only helps your driveway, but it can prevent damage to vehicles that may be incurred by hitting those potholes.

A good driveway is not only functional, but it adds aesthetic value to your home as well. Be sure to choose a reputable company to do your driveway installation and repair.