5 Factors To Look For While Updating Your Wardrobe

“Fashion” – this word simply represent an individual’s taste, no words can define it exactly. As it can’t be bonded with words, it’s beyond one’s expectations. And, with every person having a different perspective, the definition of fashion is changing. It has taken U-turn and anyone can jump back with older trends.

People madly follow the latest fashion trends and buy the stuff that might not suit their personality. So, don’t end up with wrong choices. Most of the chicks love doing experiments with your wardrobe.

5 Factors To Look For While Updating Your Wardrobe

Here’s a perfect guide to shopping for women’s clothing wholesale from online stores. The goal is to highlight some key considerations to keep in mind to ensure you end up looking your best.

Let me start by asking a question: what do you look for when you shop for clothes? In general most would say they look for comfort, price, and size. That’s it… Right? But, these factors won’t make your purchase smart. You should also consider these factors while buying the clothes next time….


The importance of colors is huge for clothing. It has an ability to make your day meaningful and happy. You should choose those colors that highlight your look. i.e. if you’re small then you should wear dark & dull colours which give you cool, bubbly look.

Oppositely, if you are bit aged then choose light & bright colour which gives you warm look. If you are short then choose one-colour scheme and present yourself with a smart look. Same way, a long person should choose contrasting clothes to appear short. At last, choose light or white colour to make your skin look more bright.


You may think, how can lines relate with clothing? You should know that lines tell about the dimensions of width and length. It also creates a visual impression if you know which pattern suits you the most. The center point is, you can show the desired volume of your body by selecting proper lines cloth.

Do you want to look small & thin? You should choose the clothes with vertical lines. For short look, choose horizontal lines. For dashing look, choose clothes having diagonal lines which make you tall, short or wide depending on the angle or length.


While shopping clothes, you should also verify the quality of fabric that is used. You can identify texture by touching the material. If it is soft and pleasing then you should buy it. It’ll give you slimmer look. Bulky material delivers heavy look. So, choose according to your body size.


I personally suggest you to not compromise the quality. Before buying clothes, double sure about the materials. Although, people buy clothes based on the amounts and overwhelm the quality. You should consider the hooks, buttons and eyes are well-knitted or not before buying.


The season also affects your clothing choices. On sunny days, wear light-coloured and loose-fitting clothes which can give you comfort. During wintry days, most of us choose to wear thick clothes. Also, there are changing in appearance with occasions. There is an array of choices with different functions such as a wedding, dance party, club meeting or while roaming with buddies.

Advice for you: if you are thin and tall, wear full skirts, short and plump; wearing decorative accessories. And, a well-proportional girl can wear any suitable clothes, she likes.

Wrapping up: As said before, fashion has no definition, it shows person’s taste and personality. This article is a smart way to help you out on choosing stuff according to your figure. I believe, this article will be helpful for purchasing clothes smartly. For more information, you can also take help from social websites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and choose the best apparel. Stay Simply elegant!

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