How To Compare And Understand The Contact Center Software Before You Finally Buy It?

There are a lot of steps that needs to be taken for a building the perfect call center. Whether you are making a small call center or a large one, you would need the best of the software solutions to get your going. And when you are looking out for the solution, you need to compare things with the best to ensure you are getting what is the market standard. A great way to understand the standards is by comparing the contact center solution you are watching with that of the Cisco certified collaboration integrated contact center IT software solution.

What to look for in your package?

In the standard Cisco certified cloud and premise solution and contact center management solution you get three package types. Any standard solution must offer you something like them. Find the specifications below to compare the best:

If you have a small setup with agent count of 5 to 400 then look for a platform that offers:

  • IVR and call routing
  • Complete ACD
  • Chatting and mail abilities
  • Social media integration
  • Real time reporting
  • Historical data reporting

In case you have more than 400 but less than 2000 agents, then the setup will demand the following:

  • Same as above
  • And the feature of outbound campaigns

If you have a huge setup that comprises of a huge company and anything between 400 and 15000 agents, then you will be requiring:

  • Much powerful routing system for ACD
  • A great queuing system
  • Licensing of multiple channels like SMS, email, chat, voce calls, video calls, and social media
  • ASR and TTS support
  • Outbound process support
  • IVR support
  • A simple active design of the portal

If you get all of the above as per the number of agents and office size, you are good to go. Most importantly if the software is backed by a great name like Cisco which is a benchmark for standardization in IT giants itself; with premise and cloud being supported by Cisco, then you can be assured of quality at its peak. You will seldom face issues, downtimes, freezing etc with the IT product.

You must finalize your contact support portal after a demo

A demo is the best way you can gauge whether the software solution for your contact center is going to suit your needs or not. When you are working with the best in the industry like the group, then also you must not make decisions final, unless you watch the demo. A demo will clear many notions, give you a precise idea of how the software runs, and how agents will handle it. The ease or complications in handling it in real time must be noted by you. Once you make an investment you will have nothing else to do. Hence a test run is the best way you decide.

Installing the proper contact center software which runs with collaborative solution and lots of packages like in the is the best way you start your business.

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