7 Best Traditional Muslim Dresses For Women

Women just love to shop. There is nothing more important to us than shopping. Although to the world it might appear that we may have closets full of clothes, yet our craving for shopping has no end to it. For such women shopping is bliss and malls are heaven! Women like to browse through a million of options before they end up buying one dress. That is how women operate while shopping. Women of all caste and religion are very fond of shopping. But, when we speak about the Muslim women, one might not have as many as options as the women from other cultures; right? No, we are here to prove you wrong. Traditionally women are supposed to wear a burka which is long black robe that covers the women’s body from head to toe. The women are ideally supposed to wear the burka when they go out in front of the other male members of the society. But, the internet has brought to all these women an amazing option of outfits that one could consider wearing.

Now, if one tries browsing though the muslim women clothing online shopping one may see a variety of modern and stylish muslim robes for women that women could also consider wearing; and also would not raise questions of being an incorrect clothing choice. Even the burkas have been styled to meet the requirements of the women of today’s generation and also keeping the religious sentiments intact. The idea is to wear a loose fitted robe, so as the body structure of the women is not seen by the males other than the family.

So, when one searches for Islamic women clothing online one might be able to find options for:

  • Hijab- it is rectangular piece of fabric worn by women to cover their head
  • Khimar- a particular type of scarf that drapes ove the entire top half of the women’s body
  • Abaya- it is a designer cloak worn by women. It may be worn from the top of the head traditionally, or over the shoulders
  • Chador- an eveloping cloak worn from the top of the head to the ground. Usually woen by women of Iran without a face veil.
  • Jilbab- it is a kind of a cloak that looks like a long tailored coat. Looks similar to an abaya but a little more fitted.
  • Niqab- a face veil worn by women that may or may not leave the eyes covered.
  • Burqa- type of a veil and body concealing robe, which even covers the eyes through a mesh.

So now that women have so many options to dress and so many options to choose from, you should immediately go out and start shopping these. But wait, in case you want to relax at home and have the fun of shopping as well then you must consider online shopping. Also, you could suggest these online shopping sites to your friends and relatives and make their shopping experience easy as well.