Why Indian Medical Facilities and Doctors are Sought after by Foreigners?

Many patients will have an idea of the access to India’s largest bone marrow or stem cell transplant facility. On the other end, they are well aware of the advanced treatment facilities for spine surgery. From cosmetics procedures to heart surgeries, this county has become the center of the medical facilities catering to both national and international patients.

Oman, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, United States, United Kingdom, Rwanda, Iraq, Nepal, name the countries and you will probably find at least a handful of patients getting treated in the best hospital in India. This is clear with statistics showing about 35% of the patients from an international destination. The major IT hub, Bangalore alone has over 25% of the transplant procedures being done for thalassemia and other non-cancerous procedures.

One such reason why people flock to India for medical treatments is the reasonable cost. The cost of bone marrow transplant is extremely less when compared to costs in the US and Europe. A large chunk of international patients avails this benefit of the facility in addition to HLA identical sibling transplants and other initiatives. The same applies to cardiac surgeries with world-renowned surgeons operating 24/7 in a specialized facility.

The center with tie-ups with several research institutions abroad has left no stone unturned. This is why Indian medical facilities are the most sought after for medical treatments or any other procedures.


Highly Experienced Team

The skilled doctors or surgeons have brought about laurels to the country with high rates of success in the operations performed for decades. The medical team at this most of the centers consists of hematologists, medical oncologists and pediatric oncologist for cancer treatment, cardiac surgeons for open heart surgeries and much more. This combined experience makes it a major hub and also a multi-disciplinary Team.

Besides the medical team at this center consists of nurses specially trained to take care of the work following up any case closely with doctors in particular division.

Planned care:

The best hospital in India provides planned health care with nurse coordinators who help in planning all the activities and ensure the follow up is completed. Hospitals trust their staff in case they need to prepare for you for the transplant. Every detail is seen with precision even during your stay in the hospital. The same applies to any of the medical procedures in the country.

World-class Infrastructure

The centers or medical facilities are not just patient-friendly but also provide the best in the market infrastructure. Most hospitals in India today are funded enough to own state-of-the-art facility for multi-specialty treatments including cancer treatment. Therefore treatments for complex diseases under one roof are possible with the most advanced therapy modalities.


Finally, the hospital staffs are not just limited to doctors or nurses but you even get to interact with the dieticians who monitor your nutritional needs and daily food and fluid intake. At times counseling is also offered by volunteers and social workers who provide moral support as you adjust to the hospitalization. The diet and patient activity than other patient units in the hospitals are carefully monitored for your betterments and faster recovery.

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