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Some addictive games for iPad users

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If you have an iPad, playing games can be one of the best options to spend your leisure. There are various new games which are coming for providing the iPad users more enjoyment.  Therefore, if you have bought a new iPad, there is good news for the new games.

The first to mention is ‘Words with Friends’. The version of this game is based on social media. It is a Scrabble board game which is timeless. It will allow you to enjoy the game with your friends in the Interweb. As the boards go through continuous changes, the players can also enjoy new dynamics to each and every game. This game has become extremely popular in Social media due to some valid reasons.

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is another wonderful game which the iPad users can enjoy. This is a puzzle game based on Epic. In this game one 2D avatar has to be moved in a lush word which is extremely surprising. The storyline of this game is very much engaging. The audio and visuals of this game are just wonderful. Well, one thing must be remembered, that this game is all about puzzles to be solved. There is no fight with the enemies. This game will be undoubtedly a wonderful collection of your iPad mini.

Some addictive games for iPad users

Fruit Ninja HD is another wonderful game which can be mentioned in this list. If you want to play a game which is hack and slash type. For playing this game the players have to swipe on the touch screen display where they have to slash the fruits like orange, watermelons etc.

Well, all these descriptions may seem that it will be quite boring to play but when in the game the bombing will start on the way, the game will change to be in an extremely enjoyable game for sure.

It cannot be said that this game is a new game for Apple iPad. However, it is true that it remains to be one of the most popular games for the iPad users.

Angry Birds HD will surely get a place in this list because it is one of the most popular games among the iPad users. The game control is extremely easy but the game can be extremely addictive. In this game the player has to slingshot the angry birds to the green piggies which are covered by the structures which looks rickety. All the piggies have to be destroyed for going to the next level of the game.

Smash Cops Heat is another extremely good game option to play for the iPad users. The control of this game is extremely easy. Here the player is a police officer who has to catch the bad people or criminals. The game contains wonderful graphic work.

Therefore it can be said, that even if the users of iPad loves to play different types of games, there is plenty of good option for them. There are good puzzle and fighting games which can be extremely enjoyable on the touch screen.

Where Civil Engineering and Video Games Meet

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The days of sixteen-bit video gaming with pixel-sharp characters dashing across the screen has long since passed into history. Today, video games rely on entire teams that utilize cutting edge physics engines and engineering protocols in order to develop and test a high-budget game. The major gaming studios that put hundreds of millions of dollars into games rely on advice from civil engineers in order to make their games a reality.

Diablo III

One of the newest breakthroughs in action roleplaying games are interactive environments. Whether you are a space marine or a wizard, games now allow you to break down barriers, walls, and ceilings in order to harm your opponents or get through to secret areas. The triple-A title Diablo III released by Activision Blizzard is one such action game that required consultation by civil engineers in order to develop the mechanics needed. Blizzard’s in-game design needed to be able to connect walls collapsing with the mathematics of damage to create a realistic sense of an interactive world. Players in the game are able to bring entire buildings tumbling down in order to combat zombies, skeletons, demons, and ghosts who roam the dungeons and castles of the fantasy world.

Spec Ops: The Line

Some of the bestselling video games on the market today have more disc space allocated for in-game videos than active mechanics. As video games become longer and are capable of more complex plots, the cinematic approach the quality of Hollywood blockbusters. For games in which destruction of entire towns is quite prevalent, designers consult with engineers to ensure that not only are the buildings and bridges constructed correctly, but that a major explosion brings it down accurately. The recently released game Spec Ops: The Line takes place in the hyper-modern city of Dubai within the United Arab Emirates. Civic engineers were consulted in order to determine the correct placement and digital design of buildings that would be used as plot devices, requiring players to enter, escape, or destroy landmarks to progress. Parts of the game where entire skyscrapers are brought down required expert analysis and input.

Rollercoaster Tycoon

It is not difficult to find a game that requires little cognitive capacity to play and beat, but for every mindless game released it is possible to find educational or instructional games that provide realistic insight into every-day operations. Some of these games take on a business tack, requiring players to not only raise buildings and constructions but also to profit from them. The hugely popular Rollercoaster Tycoon business simulation game allows players to create their own amusement park and let the public run wild on the rides. Taking a park that stretches over a dozen square miles and putting it into a computer screen is no small feat. Design and engineering teams helped make the Rollercoaster Tycoon’s index of coasters, tilt-a-whirls, and log rides run with realistic speeds and take up realistic amounts of energy.

Total War

Building an entire city is a common motif of video games. With today’s computing power, however, it is now possible to build entire empires. Strategy games like the Total War series require you to scale entire cities with your army to take over massive swaths of territory. The upcoming Total War: Rome series sequel has re-constructed ancient empires like Carthage, Parthia, Iberia, and Gaul for players to combat and conquer. Civil engineers helped game programmers design the cities that had massive harbors, aqueducts, market squares, citadels, and even pyramids. Since players can zoom in close enough to see the individual details of character’s faces or the bricks in a building, the game offers unparalleled realism built upon the realistic design of an entire city.

Author Bio: William Stevens is a writer who produces articles related to engineering. This article was written to explain the relation between video games and engineering and to encourage further study in this field with a Masters in Civil Engineering.

Get Play Station Plus With Excellent Features

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Currently the play station plus that has premium membership as from the PSN that is play station network has been actually bought as a part for the system software and update and by the Sony Computer Entertainment. The company as for giving support for the handheld console is actually increasing the current collection of the games. As earlier there were 12 games present in the play station and in addition with them six free titles are also being given to the all members of play station plus.

Prices as for membership of play station plus

The prices as for the membership of the play station plus currently cost dollar 17.99 and this are charges for the duration that is of three months and even for one year. The total cost of subscription for play station is dollar 49.99 and apart from this no other additional cost is being imposed on the owners of the play station 3 as for accessing the services as well as features of the play station plus. The users who will currently purchase the subscription of play station will get the benefit as for accessing both the programs and Vita of the play station plus.

Get Play station plus with excellent features

Feature of the play station

The biggest feature of the play station plus is instant collection of the games and it actually contains the selection of the Downloadable games that are ever changing. The games as contained in the play station are very much dynamic as in nature and they all can be easily taken out as from the list which contain these type of game as well as these games can be enjoyed very easily as through the play station plus. The users can easily download many different types of games and play it on play station.

Get discount after becoming member

In addition, with the games a member of the play station and can even get facility for the excessive discounts, which are offered exclusively on the different types of downloaded games and content. The members other than this can get very latest update as for software altogether with the games, which are actually automatically updated. The cloud storage of almost 2 GB is available as with the play station plus for storage of the games. In addition, with it 1 GB storage is available with it.

Transfer contents to play station

One can even transfer the contents wirelessly as from the PC and PS Vita. This is actually possible as through a brand new system that is called as the content management. The folders that are situated as in play station plus and PC can be easily copied as well as viewed as on PS Vita. The games, which you will select, actually have support as for the mapping of the buttons. The controller button are those which can be easily assigned as by gamers to touch screen as together with rear touch pad as well as also with the regular type of buttons.

Team NINJA is going to launch new video games

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The developer team of Video games NINJA is going to launch two new video games for Play Station Vita. One of them will be another edition of their old popular game Dead or Alive. The new version is for PS Vita and the name of the game will be Dead or Alive 5 Plus. This game will provide the players will provide all the wonderful fighting style of the series of Dead or Alive and the new OLED graphics will make the techniques of martial arts more interesting.

Team NINJAThe players have to take the role of any cast of Dead or Alive. Then he has to choose a location from the world which will be eye catching and there will be a perfect brawler for action. In each stage the backdrop will be changed and that will also change the interaction of the player.

The style of the players will be realistic and sensual at the same time. The details of the players will be lifelike. The control in this game is touch control and that will make the experience of this fighting game quite fascinating. You have to make simple pinches, swipes or taps on the trigger of the opponent and there will be some eye catching moves.

One can play vertically also in the full screen of the opponent by the help of sensor of Vita motion. There will be adequate training for both the novice and the expert players. In the training the main focus will be on the movies and there will be detailed information about the movies which were not available in the previous version.

The second game will be Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus which is the latest edition of the old game Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. The game will be wonderful because the new graphics have been used in this game. There will be new modes in this game and there will be more opportunity of fighting.

In this game the player has to defeat the black spider Ninja who is wicked and who has stolen the statue of demon. The player has to fight the battle from Tokyo and it will end at New York and on the way the player will receive a lot of new ninja weaponry. OLED screen is used in this game for better graphics.

The rear and front touch screen has been used for the control which will surely make the experience of control in this game quite soothing for the player. The motion control of PS Vita will be also there. There will be a Hero mode and the inclusion of it will surely be praised by the players.

Both these games are going to be fascinating and full of entertainment. The graphics will also be wonderful to experience. According to NINJA, a lot of new information about these two games will come into the market within two or three weeks and it is quite expecting as they are going to launch these two games in the beginning of 2013.

Sales of PlayStation 3 Reached to 70 Million Units

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Sony Computer Entertainment today announced that the sales of PlayStation 3 have reached a remarkable mark of 70 million units throughout the world. Launched in 2006 it took 6 years to reach the milestone in 4th November, 2012.

Sony Computer Entertainment has known as SCE also announced that the number of users of PS3 with PlayStationMove motion controller reached 15 million of users worldwide. SCE marked it as the continuous momentum and growth of their PS3 platform.

Playstation 3

Since the launch of PlayStation 3, it has offered a very high graphics and resolution along with delightful entertainment experience to amaze its users.

And still now the growth PS3 is continuous. With more space in the hard disk, accurate streamline design and introduction of a variety of different features through its software updates it is still evolving in its own.

The variety of entertainment PS3 provides with cannot be compared to any other entertaining devises. The new PS3 was launched on 12th of September this year with a significant improvement of its older versions.

The new and improved PS3 has weight and volume reduced up to 50% than the older one and it has been accepted strongly throughout the world for its performance and visualization.

PlayStationNetwork was also launched side by side with PS3 which now spreads over 59 countries and different other regions of the world. It supports online game play, vast games of different well known publishers and also a huge range of application varying from movies to sports.

From the PlayStationNetwork, one can enjoy downloading 57,000 different types of games along with 170,000 types of digital content.

The PlayStationStore was redesigned by SCE in the month of October this year. This helped to offer a more streamlined and even easy access of the online store. It also included a totally new interface for the users and has attractive content with simple search options.

This new store that had been designed is now limited over North America, Latin America and Europe but it is increasing region wide.

PS Plus or called as PlayStationPlus, a package of subscription on PlayStationStore offers attractive discounts on the games and helps to save the games online. This PlayStationPlus began to offer a special package, “Instant Game Collection” in the month of July this year over Europe and North America.

It enables the members of PS Plus to lay back and enjoy various titles from Third party publishers and developers. It also includes the SCE Worldwide Studios with any extra cost. This facility of PS Plus has been extended even to Japan.

This month another beautiful peripheral of the PS3 has been launched called Wonderbook which delivers storytelling and an entirely unique and separate experience.

Besides the PlayStationMove motion controller which has constantly enabled the users to get themselves busy with various games it now supports a huge range of title.

With these attractive titles, The SCE has been delivering an outstanding and a ground-breaking experience of gaming among its users.

Best New Games for the Playstation Vita

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The touch screen capabilities and handheld features of the PlayStation Vita make it one of the more popular gaming devices among gamers who want to be free of their PCs and consoles. If you have a Vita, and are looking for games to add to your collection, consider one of these hot options that recently hit the shelves.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

While the look of the latest installment of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom is not much different than the last version, it is the new characters and game play upgrades that make this better. If you are a fan of the game series, you will appreciate how distinct the new characters feel. The online play now features a welcomed addition, and the animation remains some of the best in the industry. If you already love some of the characters, rest assured that they will still serve you well, with a few updates, in this improved version of the game.

Hot Shots Golf World Invitational

This user-friendly game is considered one of the top games for PlayStation Vita because of its excellent graphics and easy gameplay. You won’t find many differences between this latest PlayStation golf game and the ones that came before it, but that is what, in part, makes it one of the best. The simplicity of play combined with just a few Vita-specific upgrades makes it a joy to play, especially for those who loved its predecessors. The multi-player function of Hot Shots Golf World is particularly well done on the Vita.


If you have been a fan of the LittleBigPlanet franchise in the past, you need to play it on the PlayStation Vita. If you do, you will see why some reviewers are saying that Sackboy has found his home. The visuals and tighter controls on the Vita make this much-loved series even more enjoyable to play on the Vita. Adding touch technology makes the game intuitive, and who can resist the ability to smear new materials on the screen using their fingertips? The refined toolset makes level creation much simpler. This highly educational game gets even more inviting when you play it on the Vita.

Virtua Tennis

Virtua Tennis is arguably the best tennis franchise game, and it works wonderfully on the Vita. Easy to play with superior graphics, you will fee like you are literally on the court. The graphics are simply unreal, and the gameplay follows suit by being quite strong while still being simple.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat may be one of the oldest games still in the mix, but that does not mean it should be overlooked. The storyline here is quite in depth, and it pulls you in as you begin play. The brutal moves and new missions will draw in experienced Mortal Kombat players, while the mini games keep you actively engaged while playing.

Metal Gear Solid

If you were unimpressed with the graphics on the original Metal Gear, rest assured that the re-mastered graphics on this latest version will grab your attention. The HD display makes the graphics literally stunning, and the amount of content is great for a handheld. You can transfer the game to other Vita handhelds, thus making it a great value.

Whether your game of choice is something brutal such as Mortal Combat, or you prefer something a bit more subdued, like a game of golf or tennis, you will find that the Vita’s top games make excellent choices. Grab a few this holiday season to give to those you love, or simply pick up some to enjoy on your own, and you can benefit form the games reviewers are raving about.

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Just Dance Vs. Dance Central

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Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you want to dance? The video game dance genre has taken over where the guitar playing left off. Here, you have two main competitors for your gaming dollars. Just Dance from Ubisoft came out in 2009 first for the Wii, now for the Xbox and PS3, too. Dance Central from Harmonix (maker of Guitar Hero and Rock Band) was next on the scene and is still available only for the Xbox. Both have become series with multiple releases, adding more songs and improvements along the way. While the basic premise of the two games is the same, they vary quite a bit in their current versions.

The Dance Central gameplay has only the Kinect system following you. You move and the Kinect tracks you. With Just Dance, the controls vary by gaming system. The Xbox version works with Kinect, on the PS3 you have the Playstation Motion Control and Eye camera, and on the Wii you have your Wiimote. As the Just Dance game sometimes has trouble with scoring correctly, many people will dance without the controller in hand, just doing the moves.

There is a big difference in the graphics between the two games. Dance Central blows away the graphics of Just Dance. The dancers have full facial features and decent clothes and don’t look like backlit dancing mannequins. Background graphics differ significantly between the two games, too, but the fancier ones found in Dance Central might cause some distraction.

Both games come with a reasonable number of songs. How many depends on the variant of the game purchased. Both current versions of Dance Central and Just Dance support downloadable music, too. If you’re tired of dancing to the same songs and your console is connected to the Internet, you can download more for a price. The song selection overlaps a little, and they might sound a little better with Just Dance, but you’re not limited to what comes with each game. You do get the occasional cover song instead of having them performed by the original artists, so check artists when reviewing the playlists if you are concerned about song choice. Many gamers will pick which one to get purely on the playlist, which is a bad way to choose.

If you’re interested in having fun dancing, Just Dance is for you. None of the steps are too complicated, and while you unlock some songs by completing others, you’re taught how to replicate moves instead of how to dance. They do get more complicated (for both games) as you play longer. On the other hand, Dance Central offers a more technical approach to improving your dance moves. You can even follow a whole crew on screen, not just a solo performer. There’s a dance coach to boot, if you don’t mind the repetition to get things right. In the end, the difficulty is similar between the two, but you learn more and better with Dance Central.

Group Play
Just Dance supports up to four players simultaneously dancing with different moves. On the other hand, Dance Central offers support for a maximum of two simultaneous players. With either XBox version, you risk the moves of one person getting in the way of the other, and are restricted in how wide your (group’s) movements can get. On the other hand, with the Wii and the Wiimote, you don’t risk the crossover since no camera is involved. There’s even a four player work-out mode if you want to sweat it up with some friends. Just Dance comes out ahead here.

For graphics, motion tracking and song choice, Dance Central blows away Just Dance. But, if you want to do more group play, Just Dance is the only choice. Dance Central also gets a leg up because the dance moves are less repetitive and really encourages you to learn how to dance there. In the end, what kind of dance you are looking for will decide which game is right for you.


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Know the unique features of Tom and Jerry games

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Tom and Jerry is one of the most popular cartoon shows and luckily for you they now have their very own range of games. This article will delve into the games available and reveal some of the unique features of the Tom and Jerry games.

tom and jerry games

tom and jerry games

Tom and Jerry Food Fight

The first game mentioned in this article is the ever popular Tom and Jerry Food Fight. In this game you act as Jerry and you have to outwit Tom in a food fight. You use your keys to move around and pick up cheese and other bonus items, such as hearts which represent extra life. Nevertheless, you need to avoid Tom and his other mean cat friends, as well as any dangerous platforms, such as fire on the stove. However, you can also put Tom in danger by turning on the switches for the cookers. What’s more, you can use the cakes as platforms to make your way around more efficiently.



In Cat-A-Pult you will also play as Jerry. It is your job to fire cheese at the shelves in order to make the objects placed smash on to the floor. Why? To get Tom in trouble of course!


Tom and Jerry Refridger-Raiders

Tom and Jerry Refridger-Raiders is another exciting game option out of the Tom and Jerry games available. In this game you can play as either Tom or Jerry, the choice is yours. If you play as Tom then it is your job to throw water balloons at Jerry and his friend Nibbles as they run across the clothing line to stop them from escaping with food from the refrigerator. If you choose to play as Jerry then you have to drop food to Nibbles without being hit by Tom.


What’s the Catch?

In What’s the Catch? you can also decide whether to play as Tom or Jerry. If you decide to play as Tom then you will have to catch as many plates and glasses in order to avoid them smashing. If you play as Jerry then you need to jump over the playing blocks whilst Tom tries to catch you, however catch the cheese and you’ll get some bonus points!


The Great Cheese Chase

Another fantastic game which you can play is The Great Cheese Chase. In this game you will play as Jerry and you need to run away from Tom. However, whilst doing so you need to collect enough cheese to ensure that the cheese-o-meter is full. As once you do so, you will have enough energy available to break back into your boarded up hole.



The final game mentioned in this article is a traditional colouring in game. You are provided with a great picture of Tom and Jerry which you can colour in with a choice of ten different colours.


So there you have; six fantastic Tom and Jerry games which are available. Each game is unique and possesses a whole host of fun. I wonder which one will be your favourite…

How to Watch Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Online

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watch ben 10 ultimate alien online

watch ben 10 ultimate alien online

Ben 10 is growing more and more popular as the series’ go on. With action packed, animated, alien adventures galore, what’s not to love? Cartoon Network have produced a show that has proved to be a big hit, never failing to keep audiences entertained and wanting more.

Ben 10 is a big adventure made up of a lot of little adventures. Battling it out against big, evil aliens, Ben has a lot to live up to now he’s more known for being a bit of a Super Hero. He’s not alone thought, don’t worry, and he’s not unarmed either so to speak. His cousin Gwen has been there since that day when his world changed before his eyes and he discovered the Omnitrix in the woods. The Omnitrix looks a bit like a watch but the device is powerful and gives Ben the ability to morph in to 10 different aliens. With that, he also inherits the ability to use their powers and gains their strength at the same time.

His cousin, Gwen, is fighting at his side with a magical aura and few special tricks of her own; her alien mother didn’t leave her in the lurch when she passed down these powers to her. Then there’s Kevin; streetwise and a good friend of Ben’s, although they haven’t always seen eye to eye. Kevin has the ability to transform his body into a solid substance by simply touching it; no doubt being a handy person to have around at times! So, I think it’s fair to say Ben has a good bit of back up there and between them, they come together to beat the baddies and provide endless adventures to be watched.

watch ben 10 ultimate alien online

watch ben 10 ultimate alien online

The beauty of the World Wide Web is that you never have to miss your favourite shows. With the help of Cartoon Network, you can now catch up and watch Ben 10 Ultimate Alien online whenever you want. Never miss an episode again! Rate what you watch to give your opinion on the episode you have seen, whether good or bad you will be helping writers and fans with your input.

Whether you’re Ben 10’s number one fan, or have just discovered the amazing adventures and want to get up to date with the series; watch the lot of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien online whenever you want. You can even watch the whole series and start from the beginning to get up to date to the present and be ready for the next series coming soon. Keep up with the battles and support the cause as Ben strives to be the superhero he has been labelled as since he was 10 years old.

Don’t let your friends miss out either, they can watch Ben 10 Ultimate Alien online too and you can point them in the right direction by using the send to a friend function. In case this is a new world to you; there’s a little button with an envelope on which will direct you to be able to email the idea to a friend.

What Impact Will 3D Smartphone Technology Have on Mobile Gaming?

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While people have been using their mobile devices to play games for a long time, these devices have not really replaced the PC when it comes to gambling online. Whether it is sports-based betting or online casinos; when it comes to online gambling, mobile devices have generally been seen to be a less satisfactory option for many enthusiasts of these activities. In the case of online casinos, it is not hard to see where the problem has lain, with the computer chip technology used in mobile devices simply not being powerful enough to provide the quality of casino service that people expect – although this is gradually changing.

Furthermore, online casino services specifically targeted towards mobile devices are now an increasingly common presence online, as both the mobile device manufacturers and the online gambling companies look for ways to make the two work together, but the planned 3D technology for smartphones could be the big new development that has the greatest impact. The fact that this will offer a 3D display for smartphone users is set to make the experience of playing at an online casino using such a device a far more realistic and compelling experience – possibly even surpassing what the PC can offer in this department.

When you consider that a smartphone also offers considerable benefits in terms of ease and convenience of use, this could see the smartphone emerging as the casino gaming method of choice for many online gambling fans. Should this technology prove to be as game-changing as is being reported, it is hard not to see how these devices – which are already replacing computers in so many other areas of life – will not take the place of them as the preferred way of playing casino games. Thus, it could be argued that the impact of 3D smartphone technology on casino gaming will be defining.

Companies such as and other large Casino websites are pioneering the way in 3D Gaming research in the hope of further enhancing players experience when they play.

Solutions in Payroll

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With a large company, payroll involves more than writing a check for each employee. Withholdings for taxes, Social Security, IRAs, profit sharing and other requirements complicate the process. Instead of wasting man hours preparing bi-weekly paychecks or risking costly withholding mistakes, consider investing in a payroll service.

Payroll services explained

Companies are required to pay federal, state and local taxes in addition to deducting Medicare, worker’s compensation and other fees from each employee’s paycheck. These deductions must then be recorded for auditing purposes. A payroll service completes the complicated tasks of recording all payroll taxes, submitting paychecks, and offering instant access to HR information for a fee but can be worth it because of the time it saves.

Companies submit a list of employees, hours they work and other information. The payroll service processes this information, distributes paper checks or direct deposit and provides tax and payroll reports to the company. The process is easy to implement, and versatile.

A payroll service can perform additional services as needed by individual companies. These services range from administering benefit and retirement plans to ensuring tax compliance. Each company receives individualized service and remains compliant with data security as well as federal and state regulations.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll

  1. Saves time and money. Outsourcing payroll means the company doesn’t need to pay several employees to handle the complicated withholdings and reporting.
  2. Current software limits mistakes. Completing payroll by hand leads to human errors that cost a company time and money to correct. A payroll service limits these costly mistakes and errors.
  3. Simplifies the process of making payroll changes. Adding or removing employees, making salary changes or changes in the tax table requires simple data entry instead of completing complicated calculations on multiple pages.
  4. Limits the accounting department’s need to spend hours on payroll every week and allows them to pursue other areas of need in the company. Instead of spending hours calculating and recording deductions, staff members concentrate on lowering expenses, managing the company’s overall budget and increasing the bottom line.
  5. Peace of mind for the company’s owner. He or she confidently relies on a service that ensures the payroll is handled properly, efficiently and affordably.

How to determine ROI for outsourcing payroll

When deciding whether to outsource payroll, it must be cost effective for businesses. First, determine the cost of data gathering, processing, disbursing and reporting. For most large companies, these costs average thousands of dollars every month and require more than one employee. To determine the ROI, consider several factors.

  • Number of employees
  • Frequency of payouts and pay cycle
  • Number of manual checks distributed
  • Time required to add and remove employees
  • Number of errors that require correction and authorization at multiple employee levels
  • Time required to submit monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports for each employee
  • Cost of preparing and distributing reports
  • Effort required to meet federal, state and local compliance laws and regulations

Payroll services make sense for large and small companies. Limit payroll-related expenses and maximize profits while ensuring the paperwork is complete and human errors are minimized. Without sacrificing quality or accuracy, payroll service makes financial sense for companies of any size, but the benefits increase with the number of employees.

Private vs Public Clouds

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Many people believe that when it comes to cloud computing they need to make a decision. Put their data on a public cloud where they can store lots of information at a low cost, yet have more security concerns or choose a private cloud where they have less ability to scale quickly but their information is more secure. But cloud computing is quickly moving forward, which means the days of all or nothing choices, such as public vs. private cloud computing, are simply no longer necessary. Companies carry several different types of data, and some information is more sensitive than others. Through elastic cloud computing platforms, like VMware hosting, data can be better balanced between both types of cloud computing in order to provide both efficient and secure storage across the board.

So if a public cloud is more economical as well as more powerful, why not simply use this type of space to store data and save money? The main concern when considering a public cloud is security. For most companies, at least part of the data that is shared on their servers carries some level of confidentiality, so they’re hesitant to use public servers. Although public clouds are cost-effective and efficient, there is too great a risk that some information could be compromised. Many hear this and declare it a deal breaker as far as their company is concerned, and opt instead for a private cloud.

With a private cloud, server space is not as abundant as it is on a public cloud, but security is much more focused and many companies feel safer when they use this option. The downside is that a private cloud is less efficient than a public cloud. Usage spikes may cause crashes where accessing needed information may be difficult until usage returns to more manageable levels. For many smaller businesses, a private cloud may help them feel grounded, but the amount of growth could be limited.

Many businesses are opting for a VMware hosting option that combines the best attributes of both private and public cloud computing. They often find that the majority of the time the private cloud offers the power they need for business efficiency, however, there may be exceptions. Perhaps holidays, running promotions or other peak times may require extra power from servers. During these times the public cloud can be set up to pick up the slack for the private cloud. This allows servers to keep moving and reduce the chance of systems freezing or timing out on customers or staff.

Of course what businesses ultimately choose will depend on a wide range of factors, including the size and nature of their business. There is simply some data that is more sensitive that needs to remain in a private cloud, if it enters any cloud at all. But there are other pieces that are more public in nature. VMware hosting technology offers businesses the opportunity to balance their cloud computing needs and save money that can go into their business and help them move forward.

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2012’s Newest Technology

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The 2012 International Manufacturing Technology Show will be the 29th offering of this premier event held in Chicago’s McCormick Place complex. Coordinators of the show state that the over 80,000 expected visitors will experience more than 1,100 technology-based exhibitions. Each Pavilion of the complex will host a specific industry, giving the heavy hitting companies in that field a chance to boast about their newest gadgets.

Who Will Attend?

Attending the IMTS will be technology and manufacturing professionals from around the world. The show is also open to students who wish to pursue a career in any one of the fields offering exhibits. Each company will provide educational information relevant to their business and industry.

The industries showing at IMTS in 2012 include aerospace, automotive, machine shop, medical and power gen/green. Prominent exhibitors this year include Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, Bluco Corporation and Delcam.

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Under the category of Books, Publications and Information Services, Aerospace Manufacturing and Design will be offering an exhibit in the Tooling and Workholding Systems Pavilion.

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design is a magazine resource for the tooling and manufacturing industry. A visit to one of the AMD exhibitions will provide an informative and appealing source of information. The company features industry related stories both online and in print with a staff that covers a range of topics including the newest technology solutions or design and CAD programs yet to be released.

This publication provides an in depth look at the industry that includes software, hardware, news and trends in tool and design. The AMD booth at IMTS will provide visitors a chance to meet the faces behind the words. Attendees that stop by will get to discuss industry news with the writers and editors that keep them informed.

The Aerospace Manufacturing and Design booth will be number is W-100 in the Tooling and Workholding Systems Pavilion.

Bluco Corporation

This year Bluco Corporation is one of the featured exhibitors at IMTS, showing in the Metal Forming and Fabricating/Laser Pavilion. Bluco offers modular fixturing systems for welding. Each unit features precision machined tables and reusable tooling components.

During their exhibit, Bluco will offer a closer look at their distinctive modular solutions. The company promises to create a system for any size or shape weldment. This Aurora, Ill. manufacturer will provide information at their booth to will help customize the right system for businesses.

The Bluco exhibit is at booth N-6021 in the Metal Forming Pavilion.


In Controls and CAD-CAM, Delcam offers a taste of some of the newest design software available. Delcam produces applications such as ArtCAM, Delcam for SolidWorks, PowerINSPECT

Attendees will meet the programmers that create some of the most powerful CAD design platforms and simulator software available. The booth setup should offer a chance to see and play with the programs. Delcam will have people on hand to answer any questions visitors might have regarding applications they are considering for purchase or ones that they might already use for business.

The Delcam exhibit will be located in booth E-3222 in the Controls and CAD-CAM section.

Show Information

IMTS offers online registration and travel bookings. Attendees generally stay at a local Chicago hotel associated with the show. Registration will require deposit for one night and taxes. Deadline for registration and hotel booking is August 15, 2012. Companies looking to book rooms must provide names of guests no later than August 1st or risk losing their housing.

IMTS is held every two years. This year the event will open on September 10th and run through to the 15th. Shows begin in the East and West buildings at 9 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m. In the North and South buildings, the exhibitions start at 10 a.m. and end at 6 p.m.

IMTS is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world. No other show offers this quality and quantity of industrial trade information and technology. This is the place a company can find solutions for manufacturing needs. Businesses can use this trip as both a motivator and training platform. In the over 1,100 booths, IMTS offers the trendiest technology in nine different industries.

Business is about networking as much as anything else. The show will give professionals a chance to meet the people who make the decisions in their field. IMTS attendance opens up a world of business contacts that may be potential vendors or customers one day.

The show promises to be one of the biggest and most informative to date. This is the place to find 2012 newest technologies. Those who miss it will have to wait two years for another International Manufacturing Technology Show.


Mobile Gaming Security Tips

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Mobile phones are offering more entertainment now that ever before. With use of faster 3G and 4G networks, built-in WiFi and a variety of apps to use, your phone is more than just a way to communicate. For those who prefer to gamble and enjoy the latest in casino-style gaming, your phone can offer a mobile solution for your casino entertainment. However, as with any technology there are security risks involved. If you are a mobile gaming aficionado you may want to consider these precautions to take before you make your next bet.


Don’t Use Public WiFi:

If you prefer using your built in WiFi to connect to your favorite gaming app, you may want to reconsider. Public WiFi that do not require a password are open to malicious users who want nothing more than to get their hands on your personal information. Find a secure network, even if you have to pay for it. This will offer added security to your gaming, so you can play without worry.


Don’t Store Financial Information:

One of the benefits of smartphones is the ability to track, save and use your financial information for purchases and gaming. However, this offers thieves the opportunity to gain your financial information, access your bank and credit accounts and steal your hard earned money. If you would like to utilize gaming apps for your casino enjoyment, avoid loading your gaming accounts through your phone in public. Use your home network or even your home computer to load your accounts and use your mobile phone to play afterwards.


Password Protect your Phone:

In the US alone, millions of consumers lose their cell phones each year. If you lose your phone you want to assure your gaming is safe from anyone who finds it. By password protecting your phone you can assure nobody accesses your gaming apps and bets under your accounts. There are new apps that allow your phone to lock when you it is not in use. For more security consider a one-time password authentication in order to keep your phone locked away from unauthorized users.


Avoid Transferring Funds:

Even if you have decided not to store your financial information on your phone, even the act of transferring fund via your smartphone can open your wallet to thieves. Many banking apps include security, but for every secured network there is a hacker lurking to access it. Avoid transferring fund while in public, on a public WiFi hotspot, or within proximity of other computer users. This will assure your transactions stay as your own.


Smartphones are a fantastic way to get things done no matter where you are as well as entertain yourself in a variety of ways. If you are a mobile gambler, you will want to assure your gaming is fun and safe. Take these security tips into consideration and increase your odds of keeping your financial information secure.

Jeremy Miller is a writer and contributor for, where he offers tips on playing responsibly.

Joe Danger: Special Edition Review

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Great news for the Xbox 360 folks as you will now be able to get your hands on Joe Danger. Blend the physics of Trials and the level design of Excitebike and mingle it with cartoon presentation and what comes out to be is a satisfying fun game called Joe Danger. Joe Danger is probably the best motorcycle game I have come across and Xbox 360 users should download it right away.

Joe Danger: Special Edition Review

The story of the game is pretty simple and yet great. The story revolves around the main character Joe who once was a great stunt motorcyclist but his long lasting careers end with a devastating injury. He now decides to get back into the stunt business but he has forgotten how to pull off tricks and it is now your duty to help remember and perform those amazing stunts. Performing stunts isn’t that much of a difficult job due to easy and responsive controls.

One thing that really stands out in Joe Danger is the amount of freedom you have. Each stage is comprised of several objectives but it is up to you how to them and which one to accomplish first. You can either go for collecting the letters which ultimately spells “Danger” or you can aim for finishing the race under the given time. Completing these objectives earn you star which can then be used to unlock additional levels. Even if you get stuck on a level, you can always jump to other level and do something else.

The game isn’t about race tracks only.  You can find hidden areas and items as you explore the Joe Danger’s world. Trials was a good game but I have to say later levels really got on my nerve whereas I found Joe Danger much more encouraging. It does provide you with difficult objectives but you will never find them to be too hard to complete.

So, there you go! In case you’re looking for a cool game to help you relax from your daily troubles, Joe Danger is a great option, and since it’s available via X-box live you can get it right away if you want. Have fun playing, just make sure it doesn’t disturb your productivity, ok?

This guest post was brought to you by the Computer Too Slow website, a leading source for computer maintenance advice. We also like playing video-games once in a while, and we’re always on top of the latest technological news. come see us, anytime!

Affordable Desktops: Match The Machine To Your Needs

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In this article, we’ll consider factors that make a desktop a good buy at a reasonable price and discuss what you may have to—and absolutely should not—give up when you opt for a low- or mid-priced model.

From Bare-Bones To Bells & Whistles

It is an inescapable fact that most things with lots of “gee whiz” features are either expensive or represent a compromise in quality somewhere. You cannot expect a midrange PC to have high-end internal workings and a bunch of external niceties, too.

A good way to determine what features may put your desktop out of reach is to run through the “Configure Your PC” process on a PC manufacturer’s Web site. You can add and drop features at will and get a good feel for how much they add to the cost of the computer. Below, we’ll outline key features to consider, followed by a listing of some solid desktop choices. Note that all the desktops in our article include Windows 7 unless you choose otherwise.

Power When You Need It

Processor power and system memory are two of the criteria that can separate low-to-midrange systems from their higher-end cousins. For standard business operations, a dual-core processor is sufficient. However, if you perform processor-intensive operations, such as video editing or advanced spreadsheet formula calculations, you might want a quad-core machine. For memory, look for at least 2GB of RAM, which will speed multi-tasking and complex processes. Memory is often inexpensive to upgrade. If you can afford to, move up to 4GB or 8GB of memory (assuming your system supports the higher capacities) for better performance.

The Data Store

One place you may not need to splurge is on data storage, unless you work with giant graphics or video files. Business documents tend to be small, so 500GB (or even 250GB) of storage space may well be sufficient. Often, higher-end machines may have big storage capacities, and this is a good place to trim the fat.

The exception to this rule is if you install and run multiple programs with big footprints. For this reason, if your PC will come preformatted into multiple virtual drives (such as C: and D:), make sure the C: drive has enough capacity for your programs.

The View Doesn’t Matter

You may not need a dedicated, high-end graphics card unless you work with graphics, video, or CAD (computer-aided design) programs or plan to use a mammoth monitor. Many business PCs come with what is called “integrated” graphics, meaning the graphics card is built into the motherboard.

High-end systems sometimes include expensive gaming-style cards that are overkill for many small businesses. If you think you will need a graphics card down the road for architectural drawings or marketing videos, it can cost less to purchase one now than to add one later via an expansion slot.

Room To Grow

Speaking of expansion slots, you don’t need a slew of them. One of the big differentiators between low-to-mid-priced PCs and their high-end brethren is power supplies. A basic power supply cannot drive a bunch of cards without overheating, so there is little need for multiple expansion slots. Provided you have USB ports to expand with external devices, a couple of extra slots—and maybe a second hard drive bay—is enough.

Necessary Add-Ons

Depending on how you use your PC, you may need a flash card reader, a sound card with audio in and out (microphone and speakers) and an Ethernet card for your wired network. Wireless chips—both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth—may be important, as well. It’s usually less expensive to get these things at the outset rather than pay for them to be added later. Beyond these peripherals, most add-ons are window dressing. Some businesses may have a use for touchscreen technology, but it is far from a “must-have” feature for many, at this point.

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