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How To Feel Like A Local During Your Stay In Sydney

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Though backpacking from place to place is fantastic, just occasionally you’ll probably want to stay put for a few days during your travels and get to know a place a little bit better.

As Sydney is such a lively and vibrant city, we often find that guests end up staying longer than they first intended and some never want to leave. So if you want to get to know the real Sydney, here’s how to feel like a local during your stay.

Make some Friends

Having some friends to share a beer or a meal which makes all the difference and can really make a strange city feel more like home.

Always take the opportunity to mingle and make friends; it shouldn’t take you too long to find some like-minded souls.

How To Feel Like A Local During Your Stay In Sydney

Get a Job

There’s nothing like getting a job to make a city feel like home so if you’ve got a working visa why not stay put for a little while and earn some dosh.

To get you started, we offer a few different job finding services. Every day we update our jobs board with the latest offers and some of the best recruiters in town come to us looking for people just like you.

Get some Insider Tips

Chat to the staff in the hostel where you stay – if they are not locals, they’ll still have lots of information which will be of great use. Ask them for insider tips about bars, restaurants or anything else during your stay, they’re the ones who know the best spots!

How To Feel Like A Local During Your Stay In Sydney

Have a Barbie

Once you’ve made some friends and found your favorite local spots, it’s time to really sink your teeth into Aussie life and organize a Barbie.

If you’re staying in a budget hostel in Sydney, there’s going to be someone who has access to a BBQ, or you can head out to one of the many BBQ spots around the city for a great day out.

Make the effort to connect with other travelers and after just a few days of exploring Sydney and its attractions, you’ll feel just like a local, with your very own group of friends, insider knowledge and maybe even a job.

Sydney is the wonderful place in the world and therefore travelers are love to visit and the harbor carnival makes it more attractive for the travelers through out world. When you think to travel Australia then Sydney should be the best choice place to stay more for it bridge and friendly atmosphere.

How To Have Fun In Sydney On A Budget

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If you’re like most backpackers, you’ve probably worked hard and saved hard for months in order to afford your trip to Australia. Therefore making sure that your money goes as far as possible is really important.

Thanks to the outdoor lifestyle and great climate, saving money in Sydney is actually pretty easy, all you need is a little bit of insider knowledge and a touch of imagination.


How To Have Fun In Sydney On A Budget

As paying for accommodation will eat up a large part of your budget, finding a good value Sydney hostel is a must.

To make your money go even further, look out for places that offer a few extras. Anything like a free breakfast, free internet and free airport pick up will make your life easier and help to save you valuable dollars.


Like an army, backpackers march on their stomachs so making sure you stay well fed is crucial.

The best way to eat cheaply is to shop at supermarkets and then eat al fresco. Luckily Sydney is full of great picnic spots so you’ll be spoiled for choice for outdoor eating locations.

How To Have Fun In Sydney On A Budget


Though Sydney is packed full of great shows, restaurants, bars and clubs, there’s also a lot that you can do for cheap or even free.

Like with eating, the best way to save money is to head outside. A day on Bondi Beach will cost you virtually nothing or you can head to one of the city’s many parks to relax in the sun.

Definitely keep your eye’s peeled for any free daily walking tours – this way you can take in all of the major sights without spending a penny.


Always pick somewhere that’s centrally located, this way you can walk pretty much everywhere in town, saving you loads on the coast of travel.

Plus, as much of the city’s best nightlife is right on your doorstep, you won’t need to spend extra on taxis when the pubs kick out.

If you’re travelling further afield our travel advice service can help you out with everything from car hire to train tickets, finding you the best deals every time.

Though there are plenty of ways to spend big, Sydney also has loads to offer to those on a tighter budget. So if you want your money to take you as far as possible, this is definitely the city for you.

Maria is a regular traveler and she always has a budget for every tour and she is suggested the readers to have a plan for that and the readers can get lot more information through this articles before planning to visit Sydney.

Tips To Make Your Adventure Trip More Exciting

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Ready for your adventure trip? Before setting out you should adapt a mindset that mishaps can happen, flights and train connections can be missed and luggage can get lost, but, you take it in your stride and add to the adventure. Basically, an adventure implies unknown events which later may turn out to be the best memory of the trip that you may cherish and talk about.

It is important to some spadework regarding the place you will be visiting. Try to know a at least a little about the culture of the people of the region, maybe learn important words or lines of their language. You will appreciate how useful this can be later. Besides, be respectful. Leave your arrogance and attitude at home.

Tips To Make Your Adventure Trip More Exciting

Try to find a contact, albeit a far off but reliable person who can help you out with genuine information of the better places to visit, where you can get original food joints, and places to stay. More importantly, should you encounter trouble, help to see you through safely. Just I case you have not been able to establish a contact before embarking on your trip, try and be sociable, find a local who can assist you, but be careful with who you associate with.

It will be beneficial to use

Travel light, you do not need fancy clothes or matching shoes or regular changes all the time. Carry only the essentials; you will be pleasantly surprised how useful this can be. If your travel involves walking or trekking, make sure you are well equipped in this department, and similarly if you are going to a beach resort or snorkeling, carry only the relevant stuff.

Never forget to take your camera or video recorder and click as much as you can. Make notes and write your views in detail. Years later when you look back, memories can be very rewarding and motivating to get going again.

Remember not to try and overdo things. Be practical and moderate. Do not try and fit I more than you can reasonably achieve. Leave some for another time. However, as it is going to be an adventure trip, try to learn something new like climbing or skiing or surfing or shooting. Try and make your trip different from your daily routine activities. Rejuvenate yourself, and feel young at heart again.

You deserve an adventure trip, especially after putting in all the hard work throughout the year. Plan your trip well; make sure you have all the activities you intend to do list out to use your time effectively. Take maps and other details of the places you will be visiting. Also, important is to have a contingency plan handy, just in case an unexpected situation arises. Be prepared to do another activity.

Hire a guide if you can afford one, the benefits are enormous. Travel with a companion, good company increases the fun. Besides, you can share your views and perspectives, take each others pictures and generally have a great adventure holiday.

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Adventure Guide – Where To Find Lost Treasures Around The World

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Did you know that there are still many lost treasures hidden around the world? There are actually hundreds of valuable stashes of gold, jewels, and other treasures that have never been found. Pirate treasure, sunken ships, and treasures lost along the way of these historic voyages are scattered across the globe. If you fancy yourself a treasure hunter, you will enjoy visiting the following locations to hunt for hidden gems.

Adventure Guide - Where To Find Lost Treasures Around The World

Treasures – Shutterstock

Lost Treasure of King John

The lost treasure of King John is currently lost somewhere in the United Kingdom. This treasure has been lost since 1216. It has an estimated value of $70,000,000. The treasure consists of silver, gold cups, crown jewels, gold coins, and much more. The treasure was lost when King John separated from his soldiers on a trip to NewarkCastle. His soldiers traveled through the marshes and were trapped by the tide. The carts were lost and never recovered. To this day, treasure hunters scour the marshes of the UK for signs of the treasure.

The City of Paititi

Paititi is the true city of cold. When the Spanish fought the Incans in 1572, they escaped to the rainforests of Brazil with all their gold. The estimated value of this collection of treasure is over $10 billion dollars. It contains all the treasures of Incan gold and artifacts of that time. If you fancy yourself a treasure hunter, you can travel to the Brazilian rainforests to hunt for the treasure in the ancient settlements located there.

Kruger Millions

During the Second Anglo-Boer War, Dutch settlers in South Africa hid their gold to keep it away from the invading British. Boer President, Paul Kruger is believed to have made off with most of the treasures. However, some of the gold was left behind, and is hidden somewhere in the North Eastern Transvaal of Africa. The current value of this treasure is estimated at $250 million, and contains mostly gold coins and ingots.

Flor de le Mar

The Flower of the Sea was a large Portuguese frigate built in 1502. The ship was loaded with a large treasure and set sail onto the sea. However, the boat was lost in a storm in the Straits of Malacca. The ship wrecked on the reefs of Sumatra and the gold sank to the bottom of the sea. To this day, the treasure has yet to be uncovered. The estimated value of this treasure is set at $2.6 billion dollars, and mostly consists of gold and silver bullion and coins.

The San Miguel Treasure Fleet

Spain needed funds in 1712, and the country sent a fleet of treasure ships from Cuba to help give the country much-needed cash. The fleet set out just before hurricane season to deter pirates, but the plan backfired. The fleet was lost in a hurricane seven days after leaving the harbor. Half of the treasure was recovered, but the other half remains lost to this day. On the islands around Cuba, some treasure still washes up from the fleet every now and then. Seven of the ships have now been located, but much of the treasure and some of the ships are still lost. It has an estimated value of $2 billion dollars.

If you happen to find any of the hidden treasure on your adventures, you probably won’t be able to keep most of it, but you might get to keep a piece or two of what you find. You may even turn up some other treasure that has been lost along the way. If you do recover ancient jewelry or gold, take it to a jewelry repair store like The Gold Cobbler to clean and repair the antique piece.

The Secrets To Conquering Long Flights

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No one likes riding on a long flight, especially if it’s a red eye, but they’re a part of life. At some point or another, we all have to sit through one of these ordeals. Until you’ve done that, you won’t be able to understand how unpleasant the whole experience is. It’s not the same as a normal trip, and once you’ve lived through making the mistake of thinking that it is, you’ll never want to underestimate it again. Here are some simple steps you can take to make that wish a reality.

The Secrets To Conquering Long Flights

Toothbrush, cup, towel – Shutterstock

Prepping for the Journey

If you are expecting a long flight, then prepare for it. A 13 hour journey to Asia really starts well before you ever step foot into the airport. First of all, take care of your skin, because it’s going to get oily after hours of sitting around. You might want to consider exfoliating and moisturizing beforehand, even if you’re a big macho guy. It might not be part of your normal routine, but neither is an extended flight.

Make sure to go into the flight with a full stomach and a hydrated body. The airline will provide you with food and drink during the ride, but it might not be enough for you. Or maybe they won’t offer a meal that you will like. Having a good meal before you get on the plane is just a good idea.

You can’t always do this though. Sometimes short trips suddenly become long ones due to surprise complications. In those cases, prepping isn’t an option, and the flying experience might be a little harder because of it. However, prepping isn’t the only thing that can keep you relaxed and refreshed.

Bringing Supplies

Stock up on things that keep you comfortable. What those items are is different for everyone. Some might want a case of makeup to freshen up with. Others would like to munch down on their favorite snack and drink. Maybe you would like a fresh, moist towelette to rejuvenate you. Whatever you need, bring it along for the ride as long as it adheres to FAA regulations.

Sleep is King

Your trip is going to involve a lot of sitting in place. One way to ensure that the time flies by with ease is to sleep through it, and it will keep you feeling fresh and awake. If you can fit a pillow and blanket into your carry on, then you should. Chances are, after several hours sitting in one place and enduring various waits in between flights, you’ll want a nap, but it would be difficult to enjoy without the right tools in hand.

A Trip to the Bathroom can Go a Long Way

The bathroom of a flight isn’t just the place you go to use the toilet. It has a mirror and sink as well, and they’re there for more than just washing your hands. Many passengers never think to do anything else with them, but there’s nothing preventing that. Bring your dopp kit in your carry on so you can sneak away to the lavatory and brush your teeth or enjoy some luxury shaving. There’s no more obvious sign of exhaustion than a clear 5-o’clock shadow on a traveler’s face. Women might appreciate a brief touching up of their makeup. Even simply washing your face can give you the energy to keep pushing on through the nightmare that distant travels often bring.

If you’re tired of having flights to vacation spots leave you feeling more stressed than when you left the office, then consider giving these few tips a try. Long flights might be an inevitable necessity of life, but they don’t have to be necessarily unbearable.

Live The Vegan Dream

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Las Vegas is the dream destination of every person who craves for fun and frolic entwined with world-class sophistication and glamour. Owing to its elite clientele, the city never sleeps. Las Vegas is one of the most important cities which influence the economy of the States by generating huge revenue through the tourism industry. Any person, who is included in the Who’s Who list of the World has, or will, visit Las Vegas once in his/her life.

Live The Vegan Dream

The magnetic charm of Las Vegas is unparalleled, is cannot be compared with any other city in the world. The glitter and glamour of a Vegas strip is so enchanting that many fail to repel the excitement it incites in them. There are innumerous things to do in Las Vegas. The most famous recreational activity is, of course, gambling. However, if gambling is not in your veins, do not despair. There are millions of other things to do in Las Vegas.

Listed below are some ideas that can entertain you and keep you occupied in Las Vegas and make your visit a memorable one.

Amazing City-life

It is but obvious that for a city to bag the title of ‘The Entertainment capital of the World’, it has to offer diverse attractions to its visitors. This city in the state of Nevada does exactly that. There are so many things to do in Las Vegas that you will be spoilt for choices. Apart from gambling, the city offers the most exquisite resorts, irresistible options for fine-dining, a busy night life and world-class shopping. For a woman, you would not need many things to do in Las Vegas if you visit one of their top-of-the-class shopping destinations. You can shop till you drop and still you would want more.


When it comes to the things to do in Las Vegas, gambling tops the chart. Majority of the tourist visit the city only to gamble and ignore practically all the other things to do in Las Vegas. Gambling is legal in the state of Nevada and millions of visitors come here to try their luck in a baccarat or roulette table. Amongst the other things to do in Las Vegas, what makes gambling the most popular? Well, it is simply the money and the glory, two elements which are closely associated with gambling. It is not that a gambler is unaware of the various things to do in Las Vegas. But only a casino can satiate his craving for gambling. It is more than a recreational activity in Las Vegas.

People are differentiated as gamblers and non-gamblers or onlookers. Many of the richest people in the world come to Las Vegas on a regular visit only to gamble. The casinos are located in downtown Vegas and the most famous ones are located in the Las Vegas Strip which is on the outskirts of the city. If you check-in in one of these hotels you will be amazed to see the Vegan sense of hospitality. The casinos not only have a huge gambling floor, they also have hotel rooms, which are famous for their immaculate taste of décor. There will be a plethora of the world’s best cuisines on offer. You will be entertained with music, art and theatre till you are overwhelmed with the attention bestowed upon you. You can get a whiff of an ultra luxurious life, one which you have always dreamt of. And it is indeed a delight to live your dream. Las Vegas is so exaggerated in all its finery, that some people believe it to be a place of illusions where many activities which are rendered impossible by many places on earth, are carried out every day with the utmost ease in Las Vegas.

Entertainment at its Best:

In Las Vegas, you will be amazed to see the plethora of activities which can engage and amaze you. You can choose from a wide variety of shopping destination to renovate your wardrobe entirely. The most famous ones are Crystals at City Centre, the Miracle Mile Shoppes at Planet Hollywood and the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. I have cited only a few as the number of shopping destinations is Las Vegas will exhaust any list that you make.

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas, make the best out of the Entertainment Capital in the World. You can go for guided tours in the city, experience a rejuvenating treatment in a world-class spa, pamper the foodie in you and sway with the music of the night clubs.

Awesome Eats For A Camping Retreat

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So you are headed out of town for the weekend for a camping trip with the family, friends or work? You’re bags are packed, but you’re not sure what to do for meals over the weekend. You want meals that everyone can enjoy, but don’t take forever to prepare and cook. Here are so tasty eats that you can make for any occasion when camping for the weekend.

Awesome Eats For A Camping Retreat

First Things First

Make sure you have all the cooking supplies you need. From pans and pots, to the grill and food, you don’t want to leave anything behind. If you’re camping in an RV you will have access to a fridge, so perishable items wont go bad. This opens up the options you have when deciding what to cook. Don’t forget to pack your plates and other utensils either.

Awesome Eats For A Camping Retreat


There’s no better way to start your day on a camping trip than with a fresh cooked breakfast. Some great options at your fingertips are the classics. Bacon, eggs and toast is always a satisfying meal to wake up to. Since the stove in an RV is a little bit smaller than what you are accustomed to at home, it might be a wise idea to purchase an electric skillet or griddle.

Biscuits and gravy is also another mouthwatering breakfast that will fill you up until its time for lunch. While not considered the healthiest of breakfasts, you can make a little bit better with some fruit such as bananas, apples or oranges. Cap it off with a nice glass of juice or milk and you will be ready to get outdoors and enjoy the day.

Last but not least, pancakes and waffles are a kid favorite and are easy to make. If you have a waffle maker and electric skillet, bring them with you and make breakfast outside and enjoy the fresh morning air. Eating breakfast outside can help wake you up and get you energized for the day. As for the adults, don’t forget to bring the coffee; you’ll want that awesome cup of joe to compliment your breakfast!


When camping, lunch can either be quick and easy, or you can take some time and whip up something really tasty. If you are out and about fishing, swimming or hiking, pack up a cooler of sandwiches and take them with you. It’s your preference of what kind of sandwich you want, but they are easy to make and will fill you up to hold you over till dinner. Don’t forget the best sandwich sidekick, chips. With this lunch combo you are sure to keep every satisfied without having to do too much work.

If you feel like taking time to make a meal for lunch, barbequing is always a great option. Burgers, brats, dogs and wings are always a good idea when camping with anyone. Bring your favorite sauce and toppings and enjoy what your grillmaster is cooking up!


For dinner, you have the option to barbeque, but if you did that for lunch, it might be a good idea to prepare something different. One great option that few people think about is grilled pizza. If you want to impress your company, this is a must try. You can purchase a made to bake pizza from your local grocery store, however do not purchase frozen pizza. You can then add any pizza toppings you desire. After that put it on the grill until the crust is golden brown on the bottom and the cheese is melting. Slice it up however you want, serve and enjoy.

Another option that’s fairly easy to prepare is grilled nachos. All you need to prepare these is tortilla chips, your choice of meat, cheese, veggies and any other toppings you want to include. Layer the chips in a aluminum baking pan and pile your toppings on top of them. Then put them on the grill and let them cook for about 15 minutes. Keep an eye on them though; you don’t want to burn them. When finished, take them off and serve them up. This is a dish everyone is sure to love!

One thing to remember when preparing meals while camping is to always change it up. Try different things that you maybe haven’t made before and see how people like it. Who knows you may just whip something up that become a favorite among friends and family.

Sammy Jo is a writer for Quality RV. Quality RV is a premium Missouri RV dealer and service shop. Sammy loves to travel and to write about travelling tips for motorhome enthusiasts.

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The Other Side Of Utah: 5 Attractions For The Indoorsman

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Many people have come to discover Utah as one of the hidden gems of vacation in the U.S., a surprise given its somewhat warranted reputation for barrenness and Mormonism.
But when most wax nostalgic about their adventures in Utah, they go on about the immense landscape or the rugged trail they found in the middle of the desert. Of course it’s true that Utah is a beautiful place to see and experience the best of America’s great western landscape. But for whatever reason, you may be in search of a more sun-protected vacation, or at least want to experience things aside from the natural beauty. Maybe you’re with the family and won’t have the energy to partake in full excursions every day of your trip.

For all you indoorsmen out there, here are the top five attractions Utah has to offer.

The Other Side Of Utah: 5 Attractions For The Indoorsman

Sundance Film Festival

One of the most internationally renowned film festivals takes place in one of the least internationally renowned locations: Park City, Utah. Sundance is a phenomenal chance to see some of the best films of the year, in an atmosphere that is incredibly rich and unique.
The festival, which takes place in January, is complete with a mixture of shorts, independent films of all genres, even some music. A well-curated film festival is always a good way to expand your cinematic horizons, and Sundance is one of the absolute best in the world. A great excuse to go to Utah—even if you’re sitting on your tush the whole time.

LDS Conference Center

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the main faction of which is commonly known as Mormonism, has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. Whether or not you are a member of the church, it is well worth the time investment to go check out the headquarters.
The interior is pretty majestic, and it’s interesting to compare the styling of this relatively modern church to the more historical catholic churches and synagogues you may be used to seeing while on vacation in other cities.


So this may be considered cheating if you’re being strict with your geographical parameters, but if you’re at all interested in gambling, you probably don’t mind breaking the rules a little bit anyway. Although casino-style gambling is not legal statewide in Utah, you can take a 90-minute daytrip from Salt Lake City to Wendover, Nevada where you can hit the tables, take some chances, and make some stories.

Virgin Trading Post

If you’re interested in the Wild West or want to experience the small-town feel of America’s remotest regions, take a detour into Virgin, Utah. This town is small but hospitable, with a bunch of local businesses that cater to tourists and show them (and their taste buds) a good time.
The Old West Village section of the town is a reconstruction of an old-fashioned town Western town, equipped with a saloon and jail. It’s a solid option if you’re looking for something fun and novel.

Haunted Houses

With Halloween right around the corner, you may find yourself in Utah during the height of the scare season. Utah is known for having some of the best haunted houses in the country. If you’re looking to have some fun during the Halloween season, Utah provides a wonderfully eerie setting for checking out some great, terrifying attractions.
So as you can see, having a good trip to Utah does not necessarily require roughing it on back roads or hiking through the desert. Not that those aren’t great activities, mind you. But sometimes you need a little inside time, and in that case you will want to take a look at some of these recommendations if you want to have the best Utah trip possible.

Predator Drone – An Adventurous Participator in Wildfire Fight California

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Predator drone is an air vehicle or an aircraft that are either controlled by the pilots from the ground. They are also known as Unnamed Ariel Vehicles (UAVS) that have some preprogrammed mission. There are different types of drones but basically they are of two types one that are used for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes and the other one are those that are armed with missiles and bombs. Use of drones has increased in recent years because of their specialty of staying for hours in critical situations which is quite different from the manned aircrafts.

Recently a wild fire broke out around Yosemite national park in California. The situation was quite adventurous and disastrous for the firemen when their crew went towards the landscape that was ruined into fire and expanded to about 301 square miles. However the cooler temperature and lighter wind provided some relief to the firemen struggling with the fire in the forest.

In this critical situation, predator Drone have helped them a lot by giving them views of any new flare ups across the remote and rugged landscape. California fire spokesman Daniel Berlant   said that they are continuously in line to tackle the fire and at present it is not as active as previous days.

The National Guard Drone was deployed on Wednesday and was piloted hundred miles away and is constantly keeping its eyes on the new fire break ups thereby informing the firemen in the ground so that they can take instant action to put the fire off.

It is providing data directly to the incident commander which will help them in making quick decision regarding deploying the correct resources at correct place. Previously the fire officials were dependent on the helicopters which gradually became very expensive as they needed to be refilled in every two hours. While the Drone have mapped the past fire and have also sustained for long hours to broadcast the information to the ground fire persons in real time.

National Guard DroneIt has the capacity to be over the burn zone for more than 22 hours at a time and can determine the direction of the movement of fire. It also help to know the extent of containment and confirms about the new fire ignited with the help of flying embers.

The Drone is flown by the 163rd Wing of California National Guard at March Air Reserve Base in riverside. It is operating from Victorville Airport in southern California. Over the affected area, it flies over the unpopulated area on its 300 mile flight while outside the fire area it will be escorted by a manned aircraft.

The Rim Fire has destroyed 111 structures and 11 homes which has posed a threat to ancient giant sequoias. The fire break out has also threatened San Francisco’s water supply at the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. But the predator Drone is helping a lot in tackling the situation. It is really very adventurous for the firemen to work with the Drone in such a vast landscape.

“Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls” Declares The Winner

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“Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls”, popular reality show broadcast on NBC has declared the winner of the show after different ups and downs. According to the reliable source, most of the audiences and even the host confessed that the number of actual winners were three.

Grylls began its excited journey with ten teams. Each of the team included two persons that even included two teams from Alabama. Madeline Mitchell and Ryan Gwin of Mobile is such a team that are out of the show just before the finale while Canden Bliss Jackson and her father Donna Nettles Jackson of Fairhope made their exit from the show on the halfway.

Bear GryllsThe finale aired on NBC on Monday night. The participants of the final were Austin Vach and his father Jim Vach of Washington, Chris Winter and his friend Jeff Powell of Texas, and Andrew “Lucky” Larson and his daughter Andrea “Louie” Larson of Illinois.

Sources informed that the strength of the show was the action sequences and the settings of New Zealand. In the show, the participants are required to ford a seriously flooded stream, jump from a helicopter into the water, swim into an island and build shelter there, make fire in the rainforest and many more excited adventures.

The action was severe and full of adventure. Winter and Powell finally proved their high-spirited personality that is ready to accept any type of challenge. The Vachs inclined wholeheartedly as team players. The Larsons supported their positive spirit with their best physical effort on the show.

However, the weakness of the show is also evident. The Larsons had aced the raft building but unable to receive a fire going. Powell and Winter successfully made the fire in the rain but created an awful raft. The Vachs had to use fire and hit an obstacle with their raft. They, however, put their hearts into pulling together with the others.

Grylls stated that all of the participants played very well although they have done some mistakes. Grylls further added that the three teams of the final were really incredible as the teams bound together with value that are getting strong as they face enormous difficulty during the show. He then stated an interesting fact. In the eyes of the person all the teams are winners and informed that all of them have earned his respect despite of their attractive personality.

Grylls went on saying that however a team has offered something unique and better than that of the remaining two teams. He announced the Larsons as the champion of the show and handed them the prize money of $500,000. He further added that the winning team has showed courage in adversity and can be regarded as the symbol of positivity.

The moment was undoubtedly exciting. However, critics are of the opinion that all the three teams put their best efforts and it would not wrong to say that all of them are equally deserving candidates, while the winner get the amount of half million dollars, others have to remain satisfied with just a handshake.