US Designers Completed Their Fashion Tours In China

July 31, 2013 Fashion No Comments

Renowned fashion houses of the United States had a tour to China in order to have a first hand experience about the demand and mentality of the customers there. Marchesa, Rag & Bone, and Proenza Schouler involved in the tour with a greater purpose of expansion of their business in China. These New-York based firms are ranked among the top fashion houses in generating stylish and trendiest products.

These three trusted brands of New York participated in a fashion show that is staged at Ming Dynasty city Wall Relics Park at the Great Wall of China. Melling Burke attended the show. This senior market editor of Vogue opined that both the parties were excited about the discovery. Proenza Schouler’s Lazaro Hernandez informed that the runway show in the Forbidden City was an outstanding event of the trip as this juxtaposed the new and the old.

US DesignersAll the three fashion houses provided similar views about the demand of the customers. After talking to the customers, they became sure of the fact that China based customers need something unique. However, the co-founders of Rag & Bone, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville noted that the fashion conscious people of China required some different materials that are unusual. They noticed that the presence of Louis Vuitton store on very corner of the country caused boredom to the Chinese especially to them who wanted something different or unique. These two partners landed on Beijing after completing an exclusive menswear shows in London.

Anna Wintour along with American Council of Fashion Designers selected the designers to arrange the program. On an interview over telephone, this editor-in-chief of Vogue enlightened that during her earlier visit to China few years back, she noticed that there were several European fashion brands over there. Absence of any renowned fashion houses in China shocked her. She discovered that the American companies did not require the sense of expansion at that time. However, modern and younger fashion designers of America crave to expand their business globally.

Keren Craig, partner of Georgina Chapman joined the fashion tour on behalf of Merchese. According to the sources, this energetic woman had visited India several times, but due to some unknown reason, she did not land on China ever. She told that this trip would open up huge opportunity for the fashion houses as China being a country of huge population offers an exciting feedback to encourage the arrangement.

However, fashion conscious people know that Marchese have already offered exclusive embroidery and colors that represent traditional Chinese style. Craig informed that in her future collections one could expect to find the enriched style based on the intricate art and architecture of China.

Anna Wintour played a vital role in arranging this tour to create a change of the traditional scenario with the financial support of Silas Chou and mentoring-focused CFDA. She hoped that this would act as the next generation trunk shows in which modern designers freely take the opinion of customers. She then added that she is thinking of a next trip in which she intends to take a group of designers in India.

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