Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Let me state for the fourth time with the risk of being repetitive:

– Building a good reputation and an identity of someone trustable is the key to being able to promote your products online.

What do i mean by this? I mean that, by spamming your links in a social circle’s place (a page, a group, or anything else they have gathered themselves away from the general public), will be found to be spammy and invasive by that social group.

Not only your links won’t be read, and you are gonna be exclused, but any link that looks like the link, and any product that looks like yours is gonna receive a negative prejudice because of the spam you did.

So what are we gonna do?

1 – Keep your reputation up.

My biggest advice will be to do not post embarassing, defaming, or negative attraction bringing content or products (i.e posting a condom picture on a children’s forum, that’s just wrong ). If the social group you are targeting in no way desires your products, or can have their problems solved by using your product, do not post there.

What we are doing here is to gain a reputation of someone worth of something, and trustable, and you posting undesirable content will do the exactly opposite, so keep your opinions for your social profile, and accepted opinions for your marketing profile, simply.

2 – Don’t lose your possible leads from the first word.

The trick here is to slowly ease the users to the fact that you are a marketer and you post product advertisments from time, and that you did not come here to disrupt conversations and socializing with spammy content.

For the first days only post good content (humorous, sexy, emo, cute kittens or whatever the hell your social circle likes), then in between five or ten pictures (or text content, if your users are up for a read and are not all ADHD about stuff) post a picture of your product, or a humble link. If your page gets enough attention (whether because you are posting good content, it has became popular fast (remember my saying: popularity gets you more popularity)

3 – Don’t connect with everyone.

There is a popular saying on the Internet that says you must socialize with everyone when you’re trying to get good at  social media. I don’t agree. Quality always comes before quantity when it comes to connecting. The first thing you should ask yourself when creating your online circle is: how can the person benefit me? The second question is what can I do to help them so I bring value back? Before you try to build rapport with someone, consider what you have in common. That common denominator, regardless of what it is, is what’s going to help in your efforts to generate a good lead.

Whether you take my advice or not, always remember to make yourself an useful circle, that you can contribute to easily, which will make both your social circle enjoy being with you, and you getting out good leads out of them.

Thanks for reading and keep being awesome!








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