USA Swimming Receives Several Complaints On Sexual Abuse

Reliable sources informed that the sport of swimming is dealing with the problem of sexual abuse even in the United States of America. In 2010, the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal is merged for the first time in the media. It s informed that many of the swimming coaches molestating female swimmers especially under age girls. Moreover, in most of the cases the abuses are ongoing for years without ant type of punishment to the doer.

It is reported that the governing body of the sports of the country have proposed to modify the rules and regulations of the nation. They have increased program related to sex prevention and planned to introduce new education and training system that would focus on reporting behavior regarding criminal misconduct and harassment.

USA Swimming Receives Several Complaints On Sexual AbuseHowever, certain sources report that Safe Sport is not executing their duties properly. Bob Allard, a lawyer of California mentions Safe Sport as “media ploy”. In his statement, he informed that in the last three years USA Swimming has received various complaints from USA Swimming members from several distinct locations across the country including Idaho, Colorado regarding violation of the violations of the new rules and regulations, but manifested disinterested views to offer help to the people in problems.

In the previous week, Victor Vieth an expert of the program to prevent child abuse would arrange an exclusive examination of Safe sport. It is reported that he will reveal his review on September 10. moreover, it is also informed that the result would disclose to the public probably on the January of the next year.

Chuck Wielgus who serves as the executive director of the USA Swimming opined that the review is not the recognition of the fact that there are some vital problems related with Safe Sport. He is of the opinion that the review is nothing but an effort of the governing authority to modify the program in a time between Olympics. He informs that they have enough time in their hand to improve the required sector.

However, Bob Allard is skeptical in this issue as he has a number of clients who are reported to be sexually abused by their coaches. He states that this is not the real scenario. He further added that USA Swimming is probably meet with Congress and try their best to portray a scenario that would reveal the organization as an ideal on that cares.

Allard, since 2010, is trying his best to prove that USA Swimming doest not provide any type of protection to their swimmers. He even states that USA Swimming even turning out valid complaints and report of rules violations.

It is worth to mention over here that USA Swimming completely denies the allegations of covering up cases of misbehavior and taking the cases related to sexual abuses lightly. On the other hand, Wielgus stated that their organization has done enormous progress in the field and they would carry on the program for the welfare of the swimmers. He also reported that USA Swimming has banned almost 34 individuals in the last three years.

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