How Google Glass Will Benefit E-Commerce

Are you prepared for this next breakthrough technology called Google Glass? While it is being targeted at general users initially, the scope of expanding its use is immense. It can have application across industries. With the kind of ease, convenience and benefits that a Google Glass can potentially deliver to users it has the potential to become a necessity for everybody. Depending on how apps around Google Glass develop, the device can become very powerful and can have transformational impact on ecommerce.

How Google Glass will Change the E-commerce Space

Google Glass can do essentially everything a smartphone can do, all in a wearable, lightweight, transparent display. Even before we delve into the benefits of Google Glass for e-commerce, a quick summary of the important features will help you visualize these benefits even better.

A Google Glass is amazingly simple to use and is equipped with audio visual capabilities. It is basically a smartphone that is worn as a glass. Just give a command ‘click a photo’ and Google Glass will do it for you. You may even do a hands free recording of what you see and share what you are seeing with your friends or social circle almost instantly. You can get directions to your destination right in front of your eyes. Ask Google with any questions that you would have on your mind and even ask it to translate your voice into a language of your choice.

How Google Glass Will Benefit E-Commerce

Applications of Google Glass in E-commerce

Get the Best Prices for the Product you are Looking to Buy

Google Glass, worn like spectacles, will guide you with the power of knowledge to make prudent shopping decisions. While you are in a shop and looking out to buy a microwave machine, Google Glass is there to help you almost instantly. Ask Google Glass to take a snap of the model or the barcode of the machine you are looking to buy, and it will get you where all in the world you can get the same model and at what prices. So if you are getting a better deal elsewhere online, you have the liberty of almost instantly doing the shopping by booking it online at the cheapest available price. A Google Glass, as the name suggests, bring transparency in prices and gives you users a clear vision to facilitate smart decision making.

Seek Advice from your Family for your Shopping Decisions

While you may be out at a store choosing a dress for your kid’s birthday and your wife has not been able to join you. You may click a snap of the dress and share it with your wife online. She can take a quick look and share her views.

Effortless Shopping

Due to the audio visual interaction that Google Glass enables, it is more convenient to use. It cuts down the required time and number of steps that you would otherwise have to go through to have your order confirmed while you may be shopping online using traditional devices like computer or mobile. All e-commerce businesses have been striving to reduce the time and efforts that a potential customer would need to do to fill his cart, as it has been the experience of most e-commerce businesses that too many steps and procedures in filling the cart turns off the customer.

As Google has also integrated Google Wallet to Google Glass, paying for the order booked will be a lot simpler and easier. Google Wallet app which was launched in the United States on September 19, 2011 makes it possible to store all your existing credit or debit cards in your phone and make contact-less payments.

Image Search Capability makes Shopping Experience even more Exciting

While you are on the move and there is something that you like and wish to buy, you can take a snap and do an image search to know which online store has the same thing on sale. Like always, you can also compare prices of different stores and get the best deal for yourself.

Google Glass will revolutionize e-commerce, though it may not happen overnight. As it will take a while before more apps are developed to make the functionalities and application of Google Glass even more powerful. Obviously with such a powerful device as Google Glass, we will see many controversies coming along as well. We will have to wait and see how Google would deal with them.

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