Easy Home Remedies For Shaving Nicks And Cuts

According to statistics from Glamour, Razor Gator, 11% of women shave every day, while 75% is true of men. Also, 1.3 billion men worldwide use razor blades in shaving. We just don’t have the numbers, but we can assume that out of these 1.3 billion, a majority gets their share of cuts and nicks caused by shaving and are not having a great time dealing with this. But shaving is a necessity for most, because beards can get nasty and uncomfortable, while body hair for women just doesn’t look and feel nice. A small price to pay, however, for this practice is the accidental nicks and cuts that you get along the way. The prime remedy for this kind of hassle is to use a good electric razor. Now a day’s various companies are introducing new electric razors with a tag that our shaver is the best. And you know! Those shavers are really good at their performance. You compare these smart shavers here.

However, here we have compiled a list of easy home remedies that can be applied to these injuries. Most of these are just in your kitchen and are simple to use. Read on, shavers!

Easy Home Remedies For Shaving Nicks And Cuts

Witch Hazel

It has anti-inflammatory properties, so applying it immediately after shaving helps prevent razor burns and irritation. Witch hazel also stops bleeding from your nips and cuts.

Ice, ice baby

Ice helps to shrink your blood vessels and stop the blood from flowing to a cut. Apply this immediately to a cut and see how quick the bleeding stops.

Use Lip Balm

The wax in lip balm helps to stop the bleeding, seal the cut on the skin and allow blood to dry up. Use a cotton bud to get a swab from your lip balm and dab it onto your cuts and instantly seal the nick.

Cooled Tea Bag

Don’t throw away those tea bags because they’ll come in handy when you shave. The tannin from tea helps to stop bleeding. Cool it before applying on your face and feel its soothing relief.

A Dose of Vitamin E

Vitamin E promotes the skin’s ability to heal. Pop a capsule and apply the oil to a cut to hasten healing and keep it moisturized too. It also minimizes and lightens scars that are produced by these cuts.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

A pinch or two of unscented moisturizing lotion will soften up the rough edges on that cut from your razor. Gently massage it on your face after shaving.

Make your Own Aspirin Paste

Dissolve an aspirin tablet in a small amount of water and apply this paste on your cuts. Spread some onto the rest of your shaved area to prevent irritation and razor burns. Aspirin will soothe the skin and heal the cut quickly.

Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has soothing, moisturizing, and healing properties as well as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Apply this on a cut after it has stopped bleeding and it will aid in the healing of your wounds.

Apply a Fruit Mask

If your cut or razor burn still hurts after a while, make your own concoction to apply as a mask on the injured area. Mash some strawberries and sour cream together and apply as a mask on your skin. Wait ten minutes and rinse off. You can also use a lemon and honey mask. These masks are even more soothing when you cool them first before application.

Make your Own After-shave

A DIY after-shave lotion will work wonders and not cost as much as the commercial ones. To make this, mix half a cup of witch hazel, dried comfrey leaves, and dried calendula flowers. Leave it to sit for two weeks, strain, and take a quarter cup of this concoction. Mix with a quarter cup of rose water, a quarter teaspoon of vegetable glycerine, and a few drops of lavender and sandalwood essential oils. Mix this concoction well and use as an after-shave every time. The combination of ingredients will soothe, moisturize, and serve as antiseptic to your shaved skin.

Shaving need not be an expensive routine. Your shaving tools alone will be quite an investment already, so these easy home remedies will do a lot of wonders for your shaving nicks and cuts, not to mention your finances. After all, your home remedies for nicks and cuts may consume some precious time of yours. And men remain a bit busy because of their outside works. Visit Best electric razors 4 u to have the solution of your nick and cut problem. Happy shaving!

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