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How To Choose Prescription Glasses For Your Kids

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It is understandable that buying spectacles may seem like a daunting task, as one needs to be very meticulous here. However, even more daunting seems is the task to choose prescription glasses for your kids. Safety is the biggest concern when dealing with kids. Therefore, Qui has prepared a guide that should help you choose prescription glasses for your kids.

How To Choose Prescription Glasses For Your Kids

What Kids Prefer?

Kids usually have a habit to imitate their parents, elder sisters and brothers, well, in short; their elders. Therefore, plastic frames with rectangular glasses are what these kids prefer these days. Seeing their elders wear similar glasses also encourage them to wear it more often which is helpful for their eyesight issues.

Moreover, popular icons on the TV and media tend to influence kids a lot. Therefore, they may usually prefer a prescription glasses frame like that of their favourite popular icon.  For example, the very popular Harry Potter’s glasses have become somewhat a trend since the first launch of its first book and movie. Most kids these days would want to wear similar frames; therefore, when choosing prescription glasses for your kids, you may want to get them something similar to their favourite TV star.

Safety & Durability: Two bigger concerns

Young kids would simply prefer a frame that appeals to them in their look. However, for elders, other concerns take the lead. Concerns like safety and durability perhaps.  Therefore, it is essential that parents choose a frame that ensures the child’s safety and will last a longer time.

You may have to look for a certain safety features when choosing prescription glasses for your kids. These would include flexible materials that allow the frame to withstand accidents. This is to ensure that the frame will not break away in any accident – in case the frame is dropped on the floor or if something heavy is placed over it. Moreover, look for spring hinges, to allow frame to be bent without being broken.

The best materials used in kid’s glasses are titanium and stainless steel – it is advisable to look around for glasses made from these materials.

After sale services

It is an acceptable fact that kids tend to be rough with their glasses, hence, it is essential that you look for companies that offer after sale services for kids glasses. For example, after sale warranties – they will ensure that the investment you made in your kids glasses is well spent.

Proper Bridge Fit

It is essential to note that the kids’ noses are not fully developed yet as compared to the adults, and therefore, glasses may slip. Plastic frames do not find a bridge to prevent from being slid down; however, metal frames will not slide down.

You must make sure that the glasses will not slip down when you are making a choice. Therefore, please thoroughly evaluate each option.

It is important for glasses to stay in place and not slip down because the kids tend to develop a habit to look from above the glasses and worsen their eyesight issues.

Thickness of Lenses

If your optician prescribes for strong lenses that are thick, then you should go for small frames to reduce the final lens thickness.

Do not Compromise Quality for Price

It is not safe to compromise quality for price when dealing with such products that are health related and especially for kids. It is understood that kids may be tough on their glasses and may indulge in a lot of playful activities and therefore, may encounter minor accidents where their glasses might fall down. Keeping these scenarios in mind, one must realize that quality of the glasses should be the top most priority. Quality will automatically enhance safety.

Also, children tend to watch TV a lot, so a frame that has higher quality glass will provide better protection from multimedia screens.

You may invest in a cheaper frame but the fact that it might not last long will mean that you will need to pay for a replacement and in doing so; you may actually end up paying more than you would have.

Josh Max Qui is an online expert blogger. He is 22 and currently studying Business Administration. His interests include research and writing, which he usually indulges himself in. Here, he has written an extremely well-researched piece on how to choose prescription glasses for your kids. He provides a perfect guide to buying spectacles online for your children.

Tips For This Autumn In Dressing!

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You don’t need to be a Jean Paul Gaultier to realize that black cocktail dress goes with anything. The same goes for shoes. A pair of good black pumps will go with virtually anything you wear. Of course on some occasions you may want to experiment. Colour coordinating is a talent anybody can learn by paying attention to small details. In example for men if you want to pick a tie, go with a color that matches with your socks and other assocories. It won’t be long before that cute secretary will start to notice you’re considered a sharp dresser in the office and if you work with prospecting clients, they will always appreciate it when you are dressed to impress. Christopher Smyks designs are a good example of paying attention to the season.

Tips For This Autumn In Dressing!

For women its a little bit more difficult. Its always handy to have at least a few different shoulder bags to choose from, darker colors to match darker outfits and brighter colors for brighter outfits for spring and summer. Personally, I’m always fond of the more pastel colors for pants and skirts, to leave the brighter colors coming out more for shirts, sweaters and blazers. Of course again, black goes with anything. So if you have a black dress or skirt you can put virtually any color sweater or blazer on. When wearing a gardigan, you can experiment a little more with the blouse you wear underneath. Don’t be afraid to experiment and ask a good friend for his or her opinion. As often is the case: Less is more. So when wearing jewelry with anything, keep it simple, specially when the shirt or top you are wearing is already noisy. Some women like to wear a lot of jewelry, which is fine when you are in example wearing black, but I wouldn’t recommend it with bright colors or with a noisy pattern. After all, you wouldn’t want people on the street asking you for a palm reading or where your crystal ball is.

There are also big color coordination no nos, when wearing pink pants don’t wear a red sweater. The same goes for any pastel color, if you wear a pastel color you simply can not combine it with another variation of the same color. This is where some people go wrong and where you might get asked if you washed them together in the laundry, which can be very embarrasing I assure you.

Another good advice is to check for fashion shows in your area, or the latest fashion magazines and of course the internet. You’d be amazed at what you can pick up looking at the big names like Louis Vuitton and Christian Lacroix. On top of that they make great for great outings with a good friend and good subject of conversation.

For men it never hurts to ask that snappy dresser at the office where they got that great looking suit, it makes for nice watercooler conversation not to mention a good sign to show you have that interest.

Fashion Week At Veronica Beard Will Start On September 4

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Veronica Beard showroom has declared that they would unveil their exclusive spring collection on September 4. Veronica Beard, one of the leading fashion showrooms of the nation is located on West 17th Street.

Two sister-in-laws Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard run Veronica Beard showroom. According to a source, the interior design of the showroom is also exclusive, as it resembles a leafy garden salad and ye-pooping leopard spots. The business partners are of the opinion that leopard is the non-print print as goes with everything despite of the fact that it matches almost nothing.

Fashion Week At VeronicaIt is reported that the two partners share almost same point of views. In a meeting held on July, they decided to reveal their spring collections that include leathers, stretch cottons, scuba-derived neoprenes and silks.

Almost six weeks before the exhibition, the partners have planned about their swatching and sketching phase of their collection and assigned systematically samples of the fabrics to one or another of the sketches affixed to the wall.

Miele Beard opined that she was compartmentalized with her sister in laws to a great extent. However, it is noteworthy that the spokesperson handles the finance department of the showroom. She also informed that in spite of the fact that they would have face some controversy regarding the organizational goals, they would keep their harmony in the life outside the office.

It is worthy to mention over here that both the partners have contrasting talents. Swanson Beard is also a member of San Francisco frozen-food clan. On the other hand, Miele Beard was raised up by a single mother. She provides an investment-banking background to the job. It is informed that this lady has developed a fastidious view by scrutinizing advertisements related to fashion. She is of the opinion that the advertisements enable hr to create a taste of fashion that helps her a lot in planning various exclusive designs.

Both the partners fused their preference of choices that lead to create divergent styles. It is informed that these fusions of styles were unveiled in a presentation of Veronica Bread showroom in February that is encouraged by American frontiers. The presentation was held at Bill’s. The merchandise manager and vice president of Saks Fifth Avenue, Dana Kress stated that the collection was unique and served as fresh air.

Critics are of the opinion that their self-confidence is perhaps well stem from the confidence that they are addressing a void in the marketplace. However, the void is created by the gap between exclusive designer wears and fashionable yet affordable sportswear.

It is effective to note that the Beards produce their line in New York for fabrics developed with the assistance of Japanese and Italian mills. According to the partners of the showroom, chambray and denim will b trimmed with bits of leather for spring. On the other hand, they informed that a frivolous daisy print could provide itself to a breezy cotton fabric as to a soft scuba cloth that is best suitable for a biker jacket. Their wide ranges of collection offer the customers to try a bohemian look along with the classic outfit.

Shwop Expands Business To Help Whole Family With Accessories, Clothing And Shoes

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In order to test out membership-based exchanging with women’s clothing, accessories and shoes, Shwop has started almost a year ago in a small location of Portland. As informed by the reliable sources the participants are allowed to exchange the items that was no longer wear or never used by the participants after thy have paid a membership fee.

In the words of the owner of Shwop, Marci Pelletier, the process is simple and reasonable. It is found that numerous people have purchased a dress or jewelry but never wear it because of their change of preference. In order to offer the customers a handful result, the owners added, they have invented a way in which the customers are allowed to select the items of their preference in exchange of the items of their dislike as long as the customers are paying the membership fee.

ShwopIt is informed that Shwop has recently repositioned to a bigger site. The current address of the store is 24 & SE Powell. In addition to this, the shop has now offered clothes and accessories for women and children also. Pelletier opines that their members are quite happy with their expansion of the business. Pelletier expresses that he addresses the kids as Super Shoppers as the kids are really happy to see the arrangement.

Moreover, the owner hopes that new location would help Shwop to gain popularity quickly as this is on Powell, shoplifters from all over the Portland area would find it easy to access. In addition to this, he also stated that the new location is right on the bus line and even has its own parking area.

It is notable that the rules of Shwop are entirely different from clothing consignment stores. it is because Pelletier thinks that people would like the easy and simple method in order to get rid of their used clothing. The owner goes on saying that to exchange the items, the customers do not require following any strict rules like items from a specific brand. In addition to this, the customers need not require to fix a prior appointment in order to fix the problems. The owner suggested visiting their websites to the persons willing to be the members of Shwop to find out the details of the store hours and other related information.

Pelletier informs that Shwop sorts products and ensure that the items are not torn and clean or not stained before sending the items on the floor. It is remarkable that the community aspect of the store is still going strong. In addition, it is also growing along with the growth of Shwop itself. As informed by the source the store along with its members raised fund through an auction in order to provide socks for the individuals living outside.

Relevant sources informed that Shwop is a fashionable gently used boutique that offers membership based swapping to the customers. The store is the address to shop and swap for the unused and/or unwanted items in your cabinet, drawers, closet and jewelry box.

US Designers Completed Their Fashion Tours In China

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Renowned fashion houses of the United States had a tour to China in order to have a first hand experience about the demand and mentality of the customers there. Marchesa, Rag & Bone, and Proenza Schouler involved in the tour with a greater purpose of expansion of their business in China. These New-York based firms are ranked among the top fashion houses in generating stylish and trendiest products.

These three trusted brands of New York participated in a fashion show that is staged at Ming Dynasty city Wall Relics Park at the Great Wall of China. Melling Burke attended the show. This senior market editor of Vogue opined that both the parties were excited about the discovery. Proenza Schouler’s Lazaro Hernandez informed that the runway show in the Forbidden City was an outstanding event of the trip as this juxtaposed the new and the old.

US DesignersAll the three fashion houses provided similar views about the demand of the customers. After talking to the customers, they became sure of the fact that China based customers need something unique. However, the co-founders of Rag & Bone, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville noted that the fashion conscious people of China required some different materials that are unusual. They noticed that the presence of Louis Vuitton store on very corner of the country caused boredom to the Chinese especially to them who wanted something different or unique. These two partners landed on Beijing after completing an exclusive menswear shows in London.

Anna Wintour along with American Council of Fashion Designers selected the designers to arrange the program. On an interview over telephone, this editor-in-chief of Vogue enlightened that during her earlier visit to China few years back, she noticed that there were several European fashion brands over there. Absence of any renowned fashion houses in China shocked her. She discovered that the American companies did not require the sense of expansion at that time. However, modern and younger fashion designers of America crave to expand their business globally.

Keren Craig, partner of Georgina Chapman joined the fashion tour on behalf of Merchese. According to the sources, this energetic woman had visited India several times, but due to some unknown reason, she did not land on China ever. She told that this trip would open up huge opportunity for the fashion houses as China being a country of huge population offers an exciting feedback to encourage the arrangement.

However, fashion conscious people know that Marchese have already offered exclusive embroidery and colors that represent traditional Chinese style. Craig informed that in her future collections one could expect to find the enriched style based on the intricate art and architecture of China.

Anna Wintour played a vital role in arranging this tour to create a change of the traditional scenario with the financial support of Silas Chou and mentoring-focused CFDA. She hoped that this would act as the next generation trunk shows in which modern designers freely take the opinion of customers. She then added that she is thinking of a next trip in which she intends to take a group of designers in India.