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Marvel comics lovers

How to Plan a Party for Marvel Comics Lovers

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There’s practically nothing that can go wrong with you throwing a Marvel themed party for that family member or friend who is a hardcore Marvel comics fan. You can even throw a Marvel themed party for yourself to geek out over your favorite super heroes. Your inside secret super hero might feel a bit intimidated and confused about throwing an epic superhero party, so we have scoured the internet to find you the very best party ideas for an amazing “super” party which won’t be forgotten for ages.

Fantabulous E-invites

No one sends out handmade invitations by post these days as there’s a chance they might get lost. Since technology has reached awesome levels as you must have noticed in the latest Marvel movies, we’ve got access to a really cool instant way to send creative invites which is called email. There are plenty of websites offering free marvel inspired templates for your e-invite which are easy to customize.

Super Décor

Marvel has six epic superheroes and you can go all avengers on the decoration. If you have plenty of time you can easily make cardboard cutouts of spiders and paint them red and blue to honor Spiderman, neon green heads or hands of The Incredible Hulk, tiny flags and shields for Captain America and small hammers to show your love for Thor. To show how big of a fan you are of Ironman you definitely need to have the fake plastic masks of his awesome iron suit sticking on the wall along with miniature versions of Dr. Strange cape. All of these décor items and plenty more are also available online just waiting to be ordered.

Food – Say No to hungry Marvel fans

You have the freedom to be as much creative about food in your Marvel themed party. For pizza which everyone loves, you can arrange the pepperoni or any other topping to look like Avengers logo. If there’s a birthday boy or girl then there are various birthday cake designs you can choose from to get an awesome customized birthday cake. You can also order cupcakes featuring each Marvel super hero and cookies shaped like shields, stars and spiders. For drinks you can serve citrusy drinks which change their color to green, blue and red when ice cubes are added. You can also serve light snacks in comic book pages which are obviously photocopied and not torn from real comics. There’s no way anyone can go hungry at your Marvel party.

Party Games

Every marvel fan loves playing trivia because they love testing their superhero knowledge and are naturally competitive. You can make two teams, Team Captain America and Team Iron Man and provide them the Classic Captain America and Awesome Marvel Iron Man t-shirts, which you can find on the online store The League of Geeks, to increase the trivia fun. You can also set up a huge piñata and get a replica of Thor’s Mjönlnir (his hammer) to make smashing it more fun. There are so many more Marvel inspired party games ideas available online.

Game Prizes – Party favors

You can set up a few game prizes for both superheroes and heroines at your party like a cool Iron Man Costume Zip Hoodie , Captain America Bi-Fold Wallet , Marvel Super hero socks, key chains, badges and so much more. To make your Marvel themed party much more memorable don’t forget to give a small goodie bag!

Also remember that no Marvel comic lover has ever refused a late night Marvel’s movies sleepover marathon.

Processed Food You Should Avoid Eating

Processed Food You Should Avoid Eating

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Shopping fresh foods and making everything from scratch is what we should all do. But since most often we live far from our food sources, we often buy processed foods we can store on the shelf and thus prepare them real quick. They most often contain high amount of hidden sodium, fats and sugar, which are not good for our health.

And yes, there are some processed foods that you can actually eat like fruits canned in their own juice or pre-chopped vegetables. On the other side, the list is much longer and below you will find just some of the many processed foods you should avoid.

Processed Meat

Processed meat is the type of meat preserved by drying, smoking, curing, salting or canning. Such types of meat are sausages, salami, ham, bacon, smoked meat, canned, meat, dried meat, corned beef etc. And although these types of meat may be tasty to you, processed meat can be really bad for your health. It can increase the risk of various diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stomach cancer etc.

Granola Bars

Granola bars have a great healthy marketing image, but believe it or not they are not at all healthy. They are loaded with added sugars, which actually digest quickly and make you feel hungry again in no time.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits contain good amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins. However the extra sugar added is actually high in calorie. This can add to your body’s fat store in case you eat more than your body needs and as such can promote weight gain.

Fruit Snacks

A healthy fruit snack will contain a mixture of fresh fruits, whether made as a fruit salad or a healthy smoothie. But the most common fruit snacks you all reach for are the fruit snacks loaded with high fructose corn syrup and cane sugar. These are bad for your teeth and waistline, leading to weight gain as well as increasing the risk of diabetes.

Frozen dinners

Frozen dinners are the easiest to grab for after the long day. These complete meals that get ready in minutes in the microwave are loaded with fat, sodium and sugars and can lead to weight and heart problems, as well as to high blood pressure. So, try avoiding them or at least choose organic meals.

Processed foods are bad for your health you should keep their intake on the minimum level. Always tend to go for fresh organic ingredients and try to prepare your own food.


Best Chiffon Maxi Dresses for Aussie Women

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Chiffon is the perfect fabric to pair with a maxi dress. The light, floaty fabric helps keep your maxi from being too heavy and bulky, and tons of variety gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing a dress style that’s perfect for you. You might think all maxi dresses are the same, but you would be sorely mistaken (especially when it comes to the variety available at Alamour the Label). Chiffon maxi dresses come in a ton of styles, from off-the-shoulder to mermaid, so you can find one that highlights your best assets for your best event yet. Keep reading to find out the different styles of chiffon maxi dresses for Aussie women, because you deserve something a little special.

1. One Shoulder

Feel like Grecian royalty in a one-shoulder chiffon maxi dress. The one-shoulder design, empire waist, and flowing chiffon skirt is incredibly forgiving without being frumpy. In fact, this style is downright stunning, and even more so with your hair pulled back to show off your toned shoulder and delicate décolletage. For added oomph, opt for a dress with a shoulder detail to really draw attention to the design and flattering asymmetrical cut.

2. High-Low

Just because it’s a maxi doesn’t mean you can’t show off some leg—and those gorgeous shoes. A chiffon high-low means party in the front, business in the back. The chiffon fabric is perfect for the high-low style because it allows the front to flutter delicately without dragging the back hem, so that you feel like a princess every time you move. Don’t forget your best shoes with this dress; people won’t be able to help notice them with the beautiful high-low framing of your dress!

3. Two Piece

You’ve probably seen the gorgeous two-piece skirt and top trend that’s insanely popular right now, but have you seen it in chiffon maxi form? This look is simply to die for: a gorgeous, ballgown-style skirt gives you volume for your lower-half while a delicate, matching crop top cinches you in at your narrowest point. Plus, you’ll stand out in a sea of boring black dresses with a chiffon maxi that can’t help but be noticed. After all, why shouldn’t you be the centre of attention?

4. Off-the-Shoulder

Leave your beau wanting with an off-the-shoulder chiffon maxi that’s equal parts delicate and sexy. The cut highlights your shoulders and cleavage in an alluring way without being over the top, while the chiffon floats loosely over your lower half for more conservative events. If you want to toe the line, the off-the-shoulder chiffon maxi is your best bet for a beautiful but appropriate dress for any event.

5. Halter

You work hard in the gym, and you deserve to show it off in a halter maxi that flaunts all your assets. The halter cut highlights your toned shoulders and arms while making your chest more prominent, and the chiffon maxi bottom gives a little oomph to your derrière. We love this look paired with a low pony, dangly earrings, and a bold lip.

6. Mermaid

Mermaid dresses are all they’re cracked up to be, and more. The fit and flare style hugs your curves while giving you just enough breathing room and we’re all for it. This go-to style is perfect for almost any formal event, from weddings to charity functions, and everything in between. Put your best fin—er, foot forward in a mermaid chiffon maxi that flatters any shape and size, because you’re never too old to want to feel like a mermaid.

7. Side Slit

There’s nothing quite like the sensual drama of a maxi with a side slit (or two!). This style gives you legs for days, especially when worn with sky-high nude heels that elongate your gams even more. If you want just a hint of leg, choose a more flowy dress that gives you coverage, but if you’re feeling daring, opt for a skin-tight number that leaves little to the imagination (but maybe invest in some double-sided tape just in case). Plus, with a maxi gown, this means you only have to shave one of your legs, which means more time for primping and selfies, because your best angle isn’t going to snap itself.

Importance of Children Party For Any Kid

Importance of Children Party For Any Kid

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Children’s love to explore the engagement which is received at the party and the fun which can bring change in their daily schedule. While going through the daily busy schedule kids gets tired of that and hence requires a change in this schedule. It is required that activity is provided to them which can help them to experience some kind of change and also learn some new ideas.

Party is never of the conventional type. One can either observe some kind of creativity at the party or showcase the creativity. It is completely dependent on the kids and the organizer to have the party with the best possible experiences for them. Audience engagement is the prime motive for organizing any of the events at the party, as it will ultimately contribute to the success of the party.

The Significance of Children’s Party

Children’s parties are highly important in the life of the kids as they bring down creativity for them. It gives them a chance to explore new and innovative stuff and experience the importance of creativity in the life of any individual. Children’s will also get a chance to showcase their creativity to a large number of audiences which is attending the party.

It will even give a chance to the children to experience the different creativity which they can experience at the party. Even they will get a chance to meet new friends at the party and get to know them. This will help in building newer connections for them with the people whom they might not know and got to know them at the party.

Kids who are visiting the party will have a great time to be explored at the party. It will result in spending the time in the most creative manner by them without feeling any kind of boredom for them. They will get refreshed due to this which can help them to return back to their daily schedule without any kind of feeling of boredom to them.

Effect of Children’s Parties on Kids

Parties will have a substantial impact on the kids in terms of developing their creative skills, helping them to know new people, organize engaging parties and so on. All these skills will be developed and enhanced over a passage of time as they get through different parties. Even these skills will help in making the party more engaging and making the kids to actually explore and enjoy them.

As kids explore the party to its fullest, they can then return back to their work with more zeal and have more productivity. This mainly results as they get refreshed due to the party which they have attended. It will act as a kind of refreshment for them to return back to their work with more enthusiasm.


Thus, we can say that parties carry unique importance in the life of kids. One should properly organize these parties in order to ensure that kids are having the best experiences of them and become creative from its inspiration. It also provides them with a platform for creating newer connections with other individuals.

4 Simple Steps on How You Can Plan Your First World Trip

4 Simple Steps on How You Can Plan Your First World Trip

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Organizing a world trip is undoubtedly a daunting task, particularly when you have not much experience of traveling extensively. When it is about going on a world trip, proper planning is important, and you should perform this job accurately. Now the biggest question is how to plan the entire trip? Do you have the same question? If yes, then you may have a close look at the below section, where I have talked about the steps of planning your trip.

  1. Set A Budget And Choose The Travel Destinations

Setting a budget for the trip is probably the first and most important step. As a backpacker, you will be able to choose the tour destination, only when you set the budget. You should think about how much you can afford for the trip. When you are done with making the budget, you can choose the travel destinations. While selecting the destinations, you should keep the following points in your mind, the purpose of the trip, with whom you are traveling, recreational activities, you want to enjoy and more.

In addition to this, you should think about the length of your trip. If you go on the world trip, it may require 6 months to 1 year.

  1. Hire A Top-Notch Travel Agency

After choosing the tour destinations, now it is your time to invest in a reliable and renowned travel agency. Contact the tour agency that offers lucrative travel packages and high-quality hospitality services. Here is what that you can expect from a highly professional and renowned tour company- route guidance, flight booking, accommodation facility, hospitality services and more. Choose the company wisely for a successful and memorable world trip.

  1. Store Your Valuable Belongings

When you go on the world trip for a long time, you must be bothered about the safety and security of your home. For the peace of your mind and for keeping your belongings safely, you may invest in a reputed public storage in Dallas or your preferred location. A self-storage unit is a place where you can store your goods either on a long-term or a short-term basis. All of your valuable belongings will be safeguarded by the storage facility provider. A storage unit comes with the following facilities, climate control solution, high-quality security and more.

  1. Book Your Flight And Pack Your Bag

Now as everything is ready, it’s the perfect time to book the flight. In this context, it can be stated that there are several tour agencies that can book the flight on your behalf. After booking your flight, you need to pack your travel bag. Make a list of the items, which are going to be packed. While preparing the list, do not forget to include the following items in the list, clothing, power bank, medicines, toiletries, shoes and so on. Do not forget to make the arrangement of enough cash.

So, this is how you can make the planning for your first world trip. For better assistance, you can also take the help of an experienced travel agent who has years of experience of arranging such tours.

Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Pregnancy With A Due Date Calculator

Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Pregnancy With A Due Date Calculator

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What is a due date? It can be anything. However, whenever it’s the matter of pregnancy this ‘due date’ holds very much importance. If you’re pregnant, you must check your due date with pregnancy due date calculator for weeks and days. This will give you the news of your day of joy.

If you have watched the movie due date, you must know, how the protagonist had to suffer and travel a lot to see his pregnant wife. She was on her ‘due date’ and he was late. Well, very late. Don’t let the same situation happen in your case, but make sure you’re with your family and your husband on the final day. As for the husband, they also shouldn’t take any trip during this period but help his wife to get the most important date by an expected due date calculator pregnancy.

The Meaning of a Due Date:

It’s the day your beloved baby is ready to be born. This is the end of all your misery and happiness. You get to be the mother literally. The whole 9 months of tear and fun is going to end finally on this day. Whether you’re having a cesarean or normal delivery, the result is going to be amazing. You just need to use a pregnancy due to date calculator for weeks and days to check the expected delivery date and just relax till the day of ultimate joy knocks at your door.

The Calculation of the Due Date:

Expected due date calculator can calculate your due date expertly. This special day is calculated by adding or subtracting 10 days to 270 days of pregnancy. Always remember, the start date of your menstrual cycle is always counted as the first two weeks of your pregnancy. You can have your due date counted by your doctor or online too. This calculator can be very helpful at this time. So, if you don’t have time go for any of these expected due date calculators for pregnancy sites and get your most expected day.

The Necessary Measures:

After knowing about the day by a due date calculator, you must get yourself ready for the big date. Call your family and everyone who wants to be a part of your joyous day. Make yourself busy with the knitting of your baby’s first sweater, or tell your angel to sit tight, because he or she is about to see the light of the world in a few days. Most importantly, you have to stay happy and cheerful during this period. Because all the hardships are going to end and you are finally becoming lucky. Your hard work has paid off.

Don’t Lose Hope:

A due date calculator will only give you an estimated date for the childbirth. It can always happen that you do not deliver your baby on that exact day. As it’s mentioned before, 10 days can vary with your pregnancy period. So don’t lose hope or be impatient or throw tantrums at your husband! If your actual date is a little late from the said one.

Hold on till your due date comes, you will also get to be lucky. Also, don’t forget to use an expected due date calculator for pregnancy to know the estimated date of your happiness.

Things You Need to Know About Photography

Things You Need to Know About Photography

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No matter how neophyte you are at photography, you have to make a start so as to become excellent. You cannot become a brilliant photographer overnight but if you practice it daily; one day you can proudly be a successful photographer.

Whether you practice photography at home or you plan to join the photography training institute; you can do wonders. If you have the passion, zeal, and information you can become a good photographer.  It might be hard to remember that it takes time to grasp and master something fresh. Once you see a streak of photographs online or otherwise; you get tempted. You begin to look out for shortcuts to attain that level of expertise to take such pictures.  You begin to think that you might excel in the concept of photography once you have the most exclusive equipment or procedure in hand. But unfortunately, some things are earned the hard way. You can earn a good place in the list of photographers only with practice and persistence. Following are a few important things that you should know before you get out on this venture.

One thing at a time

If you have taken a decision that you want to be a photographer, you must underline the fact that there are many things that you have to learn. You have to understand f-stops, exposure, ISOs, focus modes, light, white balance, composition, focal length and how diverse lenses affect your pictures, posing for the specific portraits. You have to understand how to communicate your idea to the world via your pictures and much more. Indeed, if you are looking at this entire line, it might be intimidating. What you have to do is you have to break down the things and learn aspects one by one.  You have to decide what you want to work on foremost and focus on that. For example, in case you wish to start by working on focus then you need to read all about how to get the maximum focus from your particular camera.

If you are practicing the camera and photography concepts at home, you might find it to be a little tedious and much time-consuming. You might get bewildered too. But if you have the right guidance and tools in your toolbox; you can understand the things easily and quickly.  If you have joined a course or program, you would not have to worry about planning. These courses are pre-planned and you are taught as per a design. In this way, you learn everything one by one and not everything at a time

Manual aspects

Initially, when most of the photographers talk about shooting in manual they simply mean shooting in manual exposure mode, but it does not really mean also shooting making use of manual focus.  As said before, since you don’t know; you think you know everything. In the presence of courses or professional help, you would know where you stand and where you lack. You would have the right estimate of things and you can grow at a pace that is commendable. In manual zones, there are plenty of things that have to be taken into consideration. Once you know them only you can do something about them.


Thus, it is time that you look out for professional photography classes, and enroll you in one of them. Professional help is a boon for your growth and understanding.

5 Cute Inked Look for Every Chic You Know

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Tattoos tread along the fine lines of body and art, between the physical and the imaginary. Every color, shape, and symbol represent memories, meanings, and emotions. The design of a tattoo you get correlates to its meaning. However, when focusing too much on getting a cute tattoo design, the underlying purpose of the symbol disappears.

Get ideas on your new tattoo designs! Check out these cute tattoo designs for women which are so pretty and meaningful that it has become a trend in this generation.

Feather Tattoo Design

Feather tattoos are common favorites among the masses. It also has underlying symbolic meanings like the ability to take flight either creatively, emotionally or spiritually. You can get this design tattooed on the back or just below the neck. Another position to get this unique design inked on your body is behind the ear.

Arrow Tattoo Design

An arrow design is very meaningful. The arrow represents the focus on the aim and the movement towards achieving the goal with complete modesty and confidence. You can get this design tattooed on your arm or the side of your body. Some people even engrave this design on the back of their necks and wrists, or on their underboob.

Moon Tattoo Design

A moon tattoo design is a captivating choice for anyone who wants to engrave the influences of religion, mythology, subconsciousness and time on their skin. A moon tattoo is a sexy design for girls. It may be detailed with tribal and Celtic symbols for it to look more appealing. It can be tattooed on the back of the neck or the wrist.

Lotus Tattoo Design

The lotus design is not only revered for its beauty, but it also reflects a deeper spiritual meaning. The lotus tattoo generally represents enlightenment and purity. The design is usually tattooed on the back, but it can also be engraved on the inner thigh or even on the calf.

Flying Bird Tattoo Design

If talking about bird tattoos, it can be defined as a symbol of freedom and easiness. A more detailed interpretation depends on the type of bird chosen, but the general meaning practically remains the same. The most loved positions to get this design tattooed are the shoulder or just above the heart. It can also be tattooed on the wrist or the back of the ear.


Tattoos may be skin deep, but their significance sometimes goes deeper. The messages sent by body art are an individual’s self-expression. This article will help readers get ideas on tattoo design. By using the knowledge that this article provides, women can have cute tattoo designs while retaining a much deeper meaning.

Style Tips On How To Wear A Maxi Skirt For Any Season

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Much like the maxi dress, the maxi skirt offers ceaselessly flattering style to anyone who wears it. Characterised by its ankle length hemline and versatile styling capabilities, the maxi skirt can be loose and flowy or more body-hugging. The choice is up to you, and it’s just the first of many choices this choice skirt affords wearers of all shapes and sizes.

Because of its equally classic and fluid cut and design, it’s easy to wear a maxi skirt any time of year, for just about any occasion.

Here’s how.

Cropped Classic
Perfect for spring or summer.

Photo of a Woman Wearing Black Dress

Add some juxtaposition to your summer or spring style by pairing a maxi skirt with a crop top. The long lines of the skirt and the short, abrupt style of the crop work in a perfect, stunning dichotomy to create a killer look.

If you’re shy about bearing a whole lot of skin, opt for a maxi skirt with a higher waistline. Most maxi skirts already hug your natural waistline (that’s about two finger-widths above your belly button), but some can ride a little lower. If you want a flattering style that still shows a peek of flesh, aim at least as high as your natural waistline, if not a bit higher.

Blouse Beauty

Perfect for any season.

This asymmetrical maxi skirt from Cooper St. showcases a fantastically fitted waist.

When combined with a crisp,button-down blouse, your flowing maxi skirt takes on a more polished appearance. Not any maxi skirt will do, however. You need a more structured maxi dress with a fitted waist. An elasticized waist won’t cut it, since it will not pull the blouse together. Instead of appearing poised, you’ll look frumpy and unkempt.

Booted Bliss

Perfect for cooler weather.

While maxi skirts often call to mind images of sandals and warm weather, you can actually wear your maxi during the cooler months. All you need to do is use a little accessory ingenuity. To keep your feet and legs warmer, embrace boots: ankle boots, knee-boots or over-the-knee boots all work. Boots look particularly stunning when your maxi skirt has a slit or an asymmetrical hemline, since these cuts really showcase your stems, and by extension, your boots.

Nice and Knitted

Perfect for cooler months.

Young woman in a sweater shields forehead and mouth with forearms

Nothing is nicer than knitwear on a cold day. Take the cozy comfort of your sweater out on the town by tucking it into your fitted-waist maxi skirt. Pop on a pair of pearl earrings and you’ve got an easy elegance that’s as sure to impress  as it is comfortable to wear.

Something to keep in mind: super chunky knitwear won’t work, since it will add too much bulk to your midsection when tucked in. Opt for a lighter sweater that doesn’t have much bulk. Or, think back to our first styling tip and choose crop top knitwear.

Next time you slip into a maxi skirt, remember: this style doesn’t confine you in terms of movement, style or season, so wear it, and use these tips to wear it well.

Applying Early Psychological Concepts: A Case Study

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The history of psychology reveals many schools of thoughts and many different approaches to therapy. Each type of therapy is unique in its own way, but all therapy has the same goal: to relieve the patient of their troubles. This can be approached by modifying troubling behavior, gaining insight into a person’s unconscious feelings, or by helping the patient to become more aware of their thoughts and feelings. This paper will explore some of the psychological concepts which can be applied when treating a patient and the therapies of three major psychological orientations.


The following case study will be on a 27 year old man by the name of Max who seems to be suffering from some sort of delusional thinking. Max’s troubles begin to arise shortly after high school. He was working as an employee at a grocery store when he began having irrational thoughts about being under surveillance. The suspicious thoughts about being watched were also accompanied by voices that only Max could hear. He claims that the voices tell him that he is evil and he has a hard time shutting them out. Max’s paranoia surrounding being watched was taken to another level when he began to feel as if the FBI were following him. As a result, Max has grown rather agitated and confused. At the tail end of his six month stint at the grocery store Max quit his job after having a confrontation with his employer. His complaint was that he couldn’t work under the pressure of being continuously watched on monitors. He is unable to function as an adult in society and has found himself hospitalized for his condition.

In order for Max to shed the confusion, agitation, and anxiety brought on by his irrational thoughts he will need to undergo some type of treatment. The treatment should focus on explaining and dispelling the irrational thoughts and ideas that Max is plagued with. By addressing the underlying reasons for the onset of his condition, Max will have a better understanding of exactly what is happening to him. This will open up some new doors for Max and he will be better equipped to deal with these thoughts of paranoia. While it may not be possible to completely rid his mind of these notions all together, a better understanding of the source and nature of them may aid Max in learning new coping skills. These skills, when applied correctly will surely provide Max with some relief. The ultimate goal of treatment for Max will be to help him arrive to a point where he can re-enter the work force and function in society without becoming agitated or paranoid.


Before ultimately deciding on which route to pursue in regards to Max’s treatment, it would be a good idea to take a look at how some of the concepts from early to modern day psychology could be applied to this case. By looking at the whole picture, the therapist is better equipped to choose which path to take in treating Max. It could be a case in which multiple forms of methods of therapy could be applied, so it is important to cover all the bases before beginning treatment.

Taking cues from structuralism, Max’s issues can be broken down into simpler mental processes. Structuralism focuses on breaking down these mental processes into their simplest of forms (Schultz amp; Schultz, 2008). Titchener’s structuralism places a lot of focus on the act of introspection. It may be possible for Max to use this method to take a deep look at his experiences and the sum of those experiences. By looking at his own thoughts Max will be then able to apply the elements of consciousness to his condition. After careful introspection, the next logical action would be to take these newly found conscious thoughts and determine how they are associated with one another and with Max’s mindset as a whole (Schultz amp; Schultz, 2008). By connecting each mental process or irrational thought it is possible to not only see the link between each one, but to pinpoint the origin of them.

The functionalist approach can also be applied to the troubles that Max has been suffering from. Similar to structuralism in the sense that the focus is on the mental processes, functionalism is a more organized and systematic way of accomplishing the same thing. Instead of just focusing on the elements of or each of Max’s irrational thoughts, the functionalist approach would be to examine the purpose of the paranoid thoughts. Max could be instructed to examine himself closely to see if he can understand exactly why he has these types of delusions. It is possible that he has some underlying concern or issue that he is not aware of. The irrational thoughts may be Max’s way of dealing with this issue or concern.

Some ideas derived from phenomenology may also be used to treat and assess Max. Phenomenology is an approach that in a sense sheds the ideas of the deep consciousness and past experiences. Instead it focuses on the here and the now (Schultz amp; Schultz, 2008). By taking a phenomenological approach to Max’s troubles, the therapy would center around his immediate experiences as they occur. Max could be instructed to stop each time his irrational thoughts arise and take note of the what is going on at the exact moment. In a sense he would be doing some introspection, but in this case it would be more of a surface type introspection. The goal would be to gain a better understanding of these troubling voices and experiences which would aid Max and the therapist in being able to communicate on the subject better.

Now it has been established that there are many ideas and concepts which can be applied to the treatment of Max, it is time to take three major psychological movements into consideration and evaluate how each can be used to help him. The three methods of therapy which will be examined and applied to Max’s case study will be behaviorism, gestalt, and psychoanalysis. After carefully going over each method of treatment, it will then be decided which will work best to treat Max.


Using a behaviorist approach to therapy Max will be taught how to self-modify his own behavior. The goal of this behaviorist therapy will be to change Max’s behavior in reaction to his paranoid thoughts. Instead of becoming agitated and confused Max will learn to find new ways to cope. These new coping methods will replace Max’s outbursts and agitation. By eliminating the unwanted behavior Max should be able to successfully deal with the voices and paranoia in a more positive and healthy manner. It is also important to note that with this behavioral therapy Max will not just be undergoing behavior modification, but also learning the skills to partake in self-modification of his behavior.

The very first step will be to identify the problem behavior (“The Behaviorist Approach,” n.d.). This will be accomplished by sitting down with Max and talking about his issues. The process of discussing the problematic behaviors is also going to be beneficial to Max in the sense that it may open his eyes up to some things he didn’t realize were problems for him. In this case the problematic behavior is the manner in which Max has been dealing with his troubling thoughts. His agitation has led him to act irritable and have angry outbursts. It is important that Max understands just how these behaviors are problematic. It should be pointed out that this type of behavior is holding Max back from living a productive life. By doing things like yelling at his boss or accusing customers of spying on him, he is not a likely candidate for employment.

After going over the many problematic behaviors, Max will then be asked to decide which one causes him the most trouble. The one problematic behavior that will be worked on first should be a very specific problem. Instead of just coming to the conclusion that the irrational thoughts make him angry, Max will be encouraged to phrase it in a more specific and concrete manner. So, the problem would be stated as, “the thoughts of being under surveillance make me mad and I yell at people”. By avoiding a generalization of the problem, Max will have more of a goal to tackle when modifying the behavior (“The Behaviorist Approach,” n.d.).

Now that Max has been taught how to identify his specific problem he will be working on, it is time to state the goal. A good suggestion would be something along the lines of, “I will not let my thoughts of being watched lead me to becoming angry” (“The Behaviorist Approach,” n.d.). The next step to take would be to identify some actions to take to help Max attain his goal of not becoming angry and agitated by the thoughts and voices he experiences. These actions or steps Max will take towards reaching his goal must be realistic. An example would be to pause and take a few deep breaths when troubling thoughts arise. By doing this Max will be taking time to reflect on what he his thinking and refrain from having outbursts. The ultimate goal of this type of treatment is to aid Max in replacing his outbursts with more positive behaviors. With practice and commitment, it is very possible that Max’s behavior can be modified and he can return to work.


Switching gears a bit and straying from the behaviorist approach, Max is now going to see if he can benefit from a gestalt approach to therapy. Instead of focusing on his behavior, Max is going to be encouraged to take a look at his problem from a “here and now” type of treatment. The main focus of Gestalt therapy is self-awareness by stressing more of the process of healing, or what is happening at the moment rather than the content, or what is being discussed. As a result, emphasis is put on what is being thought or felt at the moment rather than what was or what could be (Yontef, 1993).

Gestalt therapy with Max would begin with him explaining how he is feeling at the exact moment. Max will be asked if anything is presently bothering him. If something is then the therapist and Max would spend some time talking about that. It would be beneficial to ask Max questions pertaining to his present feelings to encourage him to open up. If Max were to start thinking of the past or about things that could happen due to his irrational thoughts, he would be encouraged to instead focus on the present. By placing more emphasis on what is going on inside at the exact moment Max will become more self aware of his feelings (Yontef, 1993).

The empty chair technique is also a method used in Gestalt therapy. For this technique, Max will be sat facing an empty chair. A good idea would be to have Max pretend the chair is occupied by someone who he has issues with. Since Max’s irrational thoughts center around being watched, it may be necessary to “fill” the chair with someone who Max believes is responsible for watching him. Max would be instructed to confront the person and to let all of this thoughts just come out. If it would be beneficial for Max to yell at the empty chair, then he will be instructed to do so. The goal of this empty chair technique is for Max to be able to get some things off his chest that involve the person he chose to fill the chair.

Since Max’s issues obviously leave him feeling a bit alienated it also may be a good idea to try some group therapy. Max could attend a group with a few other people. They all would meet and discuss their problems. It would be nice if the group had some people in it who also suffered from troubling or irrational thoughts. By discussing their problems together Max and the others in the group would be able to see that they are not alone. They can learn from one another by talking about their coping methods. The ideal group would be led by a therapist who encourages the group to focus on what they are feeling at the time (Yontef, 1993).


The final approach to therapy with Max will be psychoanalysis. People are naturally unaware of factors that determine their thoughts and behaviors. Psychoanalysis attempts to make the client or patient aware of these unconscious factors that create turmoil in their lives (“About Psychoanalysis,” n.d.) These unconscious factors sometime arise in the form of symptoms that are recognizable, but also arise in the form of troubling personality traits. In the case of Max there must be some underlying factors that contribute to his irrational thoughts of being under surveillance.

Psychoanalysis can thought of to be a sort of partnership between the patient and the therapist. The patients job it to talk about their experiences and thoughts. The therapists job is to listen and to understand. Max’s first session of psychoanalytical treatment would involve him taking a comfortable seat and being encouraged to talk freely about whatever is on his mind. This could be anything from home life, to what he wants to do later in the day. As Max becomes more comfortable with the therapist, he will begin to open up more and speak about not just mundane day to day things, but about issues he has in relationships and things that weigh heavy on his mind.

Psychoanalytical therapy is usually conducted frequently. Max should undergo therapy 3-4 days a week. As Max begins to open up more, the therapist will start to better understand him and notice patterns or feelings that seem to be missing from important situations. Since Max’s problems seem to center around his delusions and the feelings those create for him, he will be encouraged to talk about this often. The main job of the therapist will be to listen, but it is also beneficial to lead Max in certain directions with the therapy. By asking him questions like “how did that make you feel,” the therapist will be helping Max to get in touch with feelings that he otherwise would have never dealt with. It is important that the therapist always remain neutral in regards to Max’s feelings or conflicts. The method of free association may also help Max to gain a better understanding of the nature and impact of his issues (“About Psychoanalysis,” n.d.).


Now that these three approaches to therapy have been discussed and it is clear as how to apply each on to Max’s case it is time to choose which would be most effective. While they all three seem like they could be beneficial to Max in some form or another, there must be one that will do him the most good. Given the nature of Max’s problem and the history he has of acting out when troubled by this thoughts, the behaviorist approach appears to be the one that Max would get the most from. His thoughts of being watched lead him to act out in ways that are not socially acceptable. The results of his behavior has left him unemployed and still residing in his parent’s home. The key word here is behavior. Max’s behavior needs to be addressed and changed. Therefore by taking a behaviorist approach to treating Max he can undergo behavior modification sessions. Not only will Max benefit from these sessions, but he will also learn how to self-modify his behavior. This is a skill that he can then apply to other problems that pop up for him in the future.


As a psychology student and mother I can easily say that I identify with the behaviorist approach. I have seen firsthand how modification of behavior can help to solve problems. I often reward my children for doing a good job on things like cleaning up following directions. There was a time when my soon to be four year old son would destroy his bedroom in a matter of minutes. The messy bedroom resulted in my son becoming irritable and bored. This was something that we needed to work on. So I made a simple chart and he was to do a little clean up every day. Each day that he cleaned up he received a sticker, and once a row of stickers was complete he would get to choose a paper out of my “fun bag”. Each paper had some sort of fun activity written on it like go to the park. This proved rather effective in helping him not only overcome his messy behaviors, but also made him happy in the long run. His clean room proved to also improve is mood and cut back on the boredom.

While I do admit that I favor behaviorism, I can’t fully discredit the other approaches that I have covered in this paper. I can see how each type of therapy could be beneficial in different cases. This fact leads me to believe that a patient should be encouraged to experiment with different types of therapy before choosing which one to undergo. Everyone is different and it may be that different approaches work better for different people.

Making a Rock Star Birthday Party Theme

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Rock stars can be a fun birthday theme for a child or an adult. There are many different ways that you can incorporate rock stars into your birthday party. The following are some things you can do to give a great “rock star” birthday party.

First, you will of course need rock music. You can put on whatever rock music you like best in the background. If it is a hip crowd that likes to dance, then you could make a space for dancing and put the music on a little louder. If most people would rather the music not be so invasive, you can just put it on in the background. In addition, you could get some sort of a rock concert that you like and have that playing on your computer in the background.

Another fun thing to do at a rock star themed party is to let the guests have a try at being a rock star by allowing them to sing karaoke. It can be fun to listen to the good singers, and hilarious to listen to the bad singers. You can choose a variety of rock music from the different karaoke apps out there.

You will want to put rock star decorations up. They make life size cutouts of different people, and different rock stars are included in that. If there is someone who is popular that you really like, then you could see if something like that is available. Otherwise, you may want to put different rock posters on the walls. You can print things out from the Internet, and you may be able to find some things on websites such as If you have old rock record albums, then these can also make a fitting decoration for a rock star themed party.

Party stores such as Party City also sell a wide variety of decorations that would be appropriate for a rock star party. They have decorations such as cutouts of jukeboxes and musical notes. They sell many other items that can provide decorations for your entire room or house if you so choose.

For your rock star themed party, you can tell people to come dressed as rock stars. This can be a lot of fun, and can often be done with items that people already have in their own closets complimented by a pair of sunglasses. You can go all out yourself.

Motivating Myself to Make More Money

Motivating Myself to Make More Money

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I have accomplished more financially than many couples I know. I must admit to being a very driven person but, honestly, I don’t spend very much time actually working. When I do work, in general about 6 to 7 hours per day, I make a lot of money in a short amount of time. The reason for this is that I keep my goals in mind at all times. I do this in a variety of ways and yes, some are weird but they work.

Vision Board

I have a vision board at my desk at work. It has photos of my children, the beach, chocolate…anything that makes me happy or motivates me. I work as a travel agent and it gets a little disheartening when 30 people have told me “no” in a single day. Looking at why I should push through that rejection helps me to succeed. I don’t mind if something seems corny to other people. Other people work 50 hours each week and I make more money. You cannot reach your financial goals if you aren’t always aware of them.

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Mine is not to sit in an office for 8+ hours each day and work for someone else. I am not here to watch life go by; I am life. I will have what I want, I will make my corner of the world a better place, and I will spend as much time as possible enjoying each day. If you feel exhausted and unhappy with your current job then change it. Constant complaining does nothing but drains energy and creativity. Even being around negative people will emotionally drain you. You cannot reach your financial goals if you are afraid of change.

Nothing to Lose

How much would you accomplish if you had absolutely nothing to lose? If you weren’t afraid of losing? I go to work each day and do what other people are afraid to. I say what they can’t or won’t. I sell travel packages for more money because I believe in myself and I know I can. It’s really very simple; if you are happy with what you have then don’t change a thing. If you want more then you will have to do more. No one will do it for you. Never live life in a state of fear. Unfortunately, most people are afraid of not having enough money that it’s a double-edged sword. When you are afraid to take any risk your financial affairs will reflect it.

Positive Affirmations

I am the best. Muhammad Ali said that before each fight and he would touch his heart as he said it. Why did he do this? Saying it out-loud makes it become real; that’s why. He said it because he believed he was the best. I look in the mirror each morning and tell myself how amazing I am. I tell myself that I will be the number one salesperson in my company. Here’s the strange thing; I am. It may be weird and you can laugh, but I’m laughing too; all the way to the bank.

Making money is directly related to how much we feel we are worth. Keep that in mind if you aren’t making enough and change your attitude along with your perception of your earning potential; the money will follow.

leather boots

Things to Look for in Leather Boots

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We have seen different types of shoes fade out of fashion. However, the good-old-boot has retained its popularity all the way. Why?

Boots are versatile and fit almost any occasion. You can wear them to work or for recreation and still look relevant and appealing. A good pair will go down well with jeans and t-shirt. Another one will pair well with formal wear, and so on.

Boot design cannot be said to have changed a lot, but their beauty and quality have. There are many types of boots available, and if you find the right pair, you should count yourself lucky. It will not only last and last but will also remain fashionable all through.

Selecting the right pair of leather boots to purchase is often a challenge to many. So, how do you discern a good one apart from the fact that it fits you well? Here are the things to look for.

1. Type of Leather

Not all boots are made from the same kind of leather. There’s leather that’s top quality and another that’s low quality. But how do you tell?

If a boot is just “leather” with no other words to describe it, it’s most likely low quality. Look out for the boot made from “Full Grain” type of leather. This leather has not been subjected to polishing or chemical treatments. Because of this, it looks rough. A boot made from it will last for ages and can be worn in harsh environments without the risk of damage. The leather is of exceptional quality.

Second in quality comes “Top Grain” Leather. This leather is not as quality but will perform relatively well under different conditions.

” Bonded Leather” is not worth it, unless you want a shoe that won’t last. Also, if the boot says “Genuine” leather,” it indicates a type of leather that won’t let you wear your boot in tough conditions.


By Infashion

2. Brand

There are boot brands that have stood the test of time. Why? Most likely because the companies that make them ensure they’re quality. You can never get it wrong with them.

Some of the companies have been in the boot making business for more than a century. Over the years, they’ve perfected their processes to produce shoes whose quality cannot be questioned. A good example would be Ariat square toe cowboy boots for men. Choosing these popular brands when purchasing your boot guarantees you of foot ware you will not regret to possess.

3. Ease of Resoling

Because leather boots a made to last, you will find yourself having to resole yours. It can even be more than once. It’s for this reason that the pair you buy be resoleable. Boots that are easy to resole are costly, but they’re good value for money since they are of higher quality. Choose Goodyear or Blake Welt types. They’re easier to resole, plus they’re durable.

Goodyear Welt boots are more superior. They make use of a leather strip or rubber to attach the shoe’s upper to the outer sole. As a result, the shoe doesn’t get damaged when stripping off the sole. The boots also don’t allow in water.

The leather or rubber strip in a Goodyear Welt boot provides extra support for the feet, making them comfortable to wear. During stitching, the boots are easy to work on, both manually and with use of a machine.

A boot is not just a boot. For the pair you buy to last long, you need to make a careful selection. From the type of leather that makes it, the construction to the brand, choose a boot of the highest quality. You will look attractive in it. It will also save you money in the long run.

The Dos and Don'ts When Buying Linen Beddings

The Dos and Don’ts When Buying Linen Beddings

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Sleeping is something a lot of us adore. In our busy lives, the best moment of the day is sometimes climbing into bed at night to read a few pages of a good book before succumbing to slumber. This means that buying the best sheets to create the most comfortable, coziest bed will ultimately reward you with quality rest. While many of us lean towards cotton and flannel for our bedding, linen is a serious contender for making your bed truly luxurious and comfortable. Here are a few do’s and don’ts when considering how to live with linen.

Do: Indulge in the Feel

Linen sheets are highly breathable which enables them to with moisture away from your skin, thus making them perfect for both hot, summer nights and cooler ones, as well. But what really separates this fabric from other options like cotton is its extraordinary softness.

Don’t: Skimp on Washing

Linen becomes more and more supple and soft the more it is used, handled and washed, so don’t worry that you’re more quickly wearing out your sheets by tossing them into the laundry every week. Keep on getting them clean and putting them back on your bed. Like a fine red wine, they will only get better with age.

Do: Appreciate the Look

Linen sheets have a lived-in, rumpled look that brings to mind images of open-air hotel rooms at luxury resorts. Combine these charming wrinkles with a rich color that stimulates your visual sense and you will have a bed you can’t wait to crawl into and cuddle with.

Do: Splurge on Color

The rich orange of Clay, the deep green of Moss, the delicate pink of Musk. These are just a few of the extraordinary colors that are part of INBED’s bedding collection. Buy a set of sheets and pillow slips in your favorite shade or mix and match to create your very own unique bedroom palate.  

Don’t: Skimp on Cost  

The saying is true: you get what you pay for, and nowhere is this more true than in bedding. Cut corners in the cash department and you’ll end up with slippery polyester sheets that’ll just keep you drenched in sweat and make you wake up grumpy. Considering that we spend a third of our lives in bed, spending the money on a superior set of sheets is an investment you’ll recoup with sleep quality and an aesthetic appreciation for your bed.

Do: Invest in Health

Made from flax plants, linen is a natural fabric that’s been around for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest scrap of material ever found was dug up in Turkey and turned out to be a piece of linen. It is both lint-free and hypoallergenic, a boon to anyone in your family who struggles with allergies.

Once you snap those folded sheets out and lay them out on your mattress, you’ll likely wonder why you ever hesitated to outfit your bed in linen. Sweet dreams!

5 Genius Ways To Wear Print Dresses

5 Genius Ways To Wear Print Dresses

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Summer is here and this is the best time to bring out your floral print dresses. It’s not surprising that prints and florals are always in fashion. Light pastels are trending in 2018, and you can wear them all summer.

Here are 5 different ways you can rock your print dresses so you don’t feel that you have been wearing the same dress every day.

A mini dress

A mid-thigh printed dress in light hues is the perfect piece to wear all day. Since the dress is short, don’t opt for sleeveless. Instead, go for loose, flared short sleeves and your dress can be ideally worn the whole day. Pair with comfortable flats or boxed heels and a casual purse and you are good to go. If you live in a place which gets cooler in the evening, you can carry a light cardigan with you.

A maxi or midi dress.

If the occasion calls for formal dressing and you feel that a mini dress might be too casual or too revealing, a maxi or midi dress is the dress for you. A slightly bolder color in a flowery print when you are going out for a date or a formal dinner is the perfect ensemble. Make it full length and sleeveless and you can rock a maxi. Or you could make the length of the dress up to your knees and wear sparkly high heels. Throw in some statement jewelry, and your look is perfect.

A casual look

You can wear the same midi dress at ‘less formal’ occasions as well in a different color and with different accessories of course. If you feel that the occasion requires you to be casual, you can dress up in a midi dress in a lighter color and print. Pair this dress with boots, or wedges and a black or beige clutch. Casual makeup (light lip-gloss and a smoky eye) will give you a trendy, yet casual look. The same dress can be made to look a little different by experimenting with sleeves as well. For a casual look go for longer and tighter sleeves. Or you can go for simple, short and flared sleeves for comfort.

A printed skirt.

A plain shirt in a solid color, paired with a printed skirt never goes out of style. Be it a normal workday, or a lunch with friends or even a party, this is a look that will make heads turn anywhere. Wear a sparkly belt with your shirt if you want to jazz up the dress for a party and you have the perfect ensemble.

With some stone embellished flats and your favorite perfume, you will feel the best-dressed girl in the house. Again, if you feel that the evening might get cooler or the party is outdoors, wear sheer leggings or tights underneath the skirt. You will still rock the look, don’t worry. The leggings will make your legs appear longer and toned.

A bright, printed blouse

A bright, printed blouse paired with ripped jeans is a classic, casual summer look. The print in the blouse gives chicness and style. You would want to wear something different from the normal shirts and blouses. You can look trendy by wearing your favorite shades, comfortable pumps in cool colors. Also, don’t forget to carry a tote!

This look is perfect for day occasions, be it brunch or a casual workday. You can rock the look at the park or when you drop off your kids at school. Your outfit is versatile, cool and comfortable and you won’t regret this wardrobe decision.

Print and maxi dresses are versatile and can be worn in different ways. Plus, they are refreshing and always catch the eye of the beholder. So, now you don’t have a reason to avoid prints anymore. Remember, your wardrobe should include print dresses if you want to create a stylish fashion statement.

Author Bio:

Zyana Morris is a passionate blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the fashion and lifestyle industry and currently working for Offer Factor, an online shopping for Men’s and women’s Apparel, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook for more of her work.

Helping Your Child to Succeed at School

Helping Your Child to Succeed at School

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Few things are more important for parents than ensuring that their children get the best possible education. Your child’s experience during the formative years of schooling can make all the difference when it comes to their career prospects and overall happiness.

Ensuring that your child gets the most out of their education requires you to make many important decisions, not least the choice of which school they will attend. As a parent, you will want to take this decision extremely seriously and research all the options, from local kindergartens to Hong Kong international schools.

Of course, choosing the right school is only the start of the process. Once your child has begun their education, there is much that you can do as a parent to encourage and support their educational development. Here is a quick guide to the key areas to focus on.

Teacher and parent relationship

The teacher-parent relationship is an essential part of the educational environment in which your child will develop. Too many parents regard teachers as though they are simply providing a service to a customer, but their role is far more important. By cultivating a good relationship with your child’s teachers throughout their education, you will be able to offer insights into your child’s psychology and learning style, which will help the teacher, and you will also benefit from insights that the teacher is able to offer. This two-way process is immensely important and can help you to truly support your child through their education.

The importance of words

It is hard to overstate the importance of reading. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy reading, by surrounding your child with books at home, taking them to your local library, and reading bedtime stories to them, you will be giving them the best opportunity to develop a reading habit. No matter how good your child’s school is, encouraging your child to read and supporting them as they learn to read is probably the single biggest contribution that any parent can make to their child’s education.

Don’t put them off math!

You may not have liked math at school, and you may not feel comfortable with it, but it is important not to pass these attitudes on to your child. Math can be difficult, and children can easily pick up the idea that they just can’t do it. Make sure that you avoid this, encourage them with their math work, and do what you can to make math seem fun.

Don’t obsess over scores

The final point to bear in mind is perhaps the most important. We all want our children to succeed and score highly. However, education is also about developing their minds and helping them to become fully rounded individuals, and a narrow focus on scores can be counter-productive. Praise them for their successes and encourage them by explaining that all you ask of them is that they try hard. This way, they will feel in control of the process of their own education, and won’t feel frightened to fail.

It is so important that your children get the best education possible – hopefully, this guide will be of some help in making sure that they succeed at school.