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4 SEO Errors That Can Ruin Your Ecommerce Website

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When an entrepreneur initiate an online store, they consider that throwing bundles of goods on the page is enough to generate business. However, this attitude has been challenged by website traffic, once you generate the data. For every online marketer, optimizing an ecommerce development website for SEO considerations is crucial for success. This is why best web development companies hire SEO executives to do the job perfectly.  However, despite of all the professionalism, there are few SEO mistakes which can ruin your ecommerce business.

Improper product description:  At times on an ecommerce website, we feel that uploading a well-defined quality image is enough to let the traffic roll in. but that’s not how it is as supposed to get done. As google is not likely to pick up the image if it’s not accompanied with product description. Therefore add an interesting and informative product description no just to comfort the users but the SEO rankings as well. For that matter add unique quality content in standard word count consideration.  Write a description which can persuade the customers to make the purchase, and never ever use a duplicate content of another website.

Not getting heads to product reviews: According to an estimate around 65 to 70 % customers look at the product reviews or customer forums before sealing the deal. This is because they want to know the experience others had with the goods they are planning to purchase. However, if your site has not given due importance to product reviews, you may have lost a prospective deal. This is because review pages are quick on landing the SEO charts than the product pages. Product reviews benefits your site in multiple ways firstly by providing unique content on the page without investing any cost. Moreover, reviews keep the ball rolling on your website page without inserting too many efforts from your side.

Not so unique title tags: One thing that majority ecommerce websites have is a list of copies titles. What you can do about it I to look for the not so identical terms even be logically creative with them to mark the tags, unique in their own right.  Although it’s a big time challenge to use different terms for similar products but you can fuse phrases in a way that they can’t be caught by the crawlers.

Create URLs which speaks for your business: Create URLs which are keyword friendly and not the ones which you can barely relate to the product or are completely unidentified names attached to them. Logic behind this is that the customer who is looking at your URL might find it spam gig and refrain to proceed further.

Small Business SEO Training: Optimize Your Website With Title Tags And ALT Tags

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With the spotlight focused on placing keywords in website content, one might easily overlook including keywords in two other important components of SEO – title tags and alt tags. Effective SEO requires keyword placement not just in the copy of your webpage, but in other locations as well in order for your website to be noticed by Google and other search engines.

Title tags are the first thing that online searchers see when your link comes up in search engine results, while alt tags describe your website’s images to users who cannot see well as well as to search engines. Here are some SEO training techniques for beginners to help you optimize your website’s title tags and image alt tags so your site can improve its search engine rankings.

How to Optimize Your Title Tags

Your title tag is visible and repeated during a user’s experience, which is why it needs to show an accurate and enticing description of your webpage. Some of the places where your title tag is displayed are on search engine results page, in the tabs of web browsers, and as the headline in social media shares.

Title tags should be short and concise, containing a compelling description of your webpage. Make sure to have an accurate and descriptive title tag, as this will help both your target audience and search engines to determine what your webpage is all about. As this is what the users see first when skimming through their options on the search results page, having a descriptive and accurate title tag motivates them to choose your page over your competitors.

As optimizing webpage title tags requires an accurate description of each page on your website, you should not be having the same title tag for all your webpages. Also, do not be tempted to list keywords instead of providing a description of your webpage. Always remember that the purpose here is to make your title tag interesting to your target reader so that they click on your webpage link and to provide them with an accurate idea of what your page is all about so that when they reach your page, they will not be disappointed.

How to Optimize ALT Tags

ALT tags exist as a text alternative to images. They provide a description of your website’s images to visitors who are not able to see these images. Most importantly, ALT tags explain to blind users what the images are displaying. In terms of SEO, ALT tags are used by search engine crawlers to decipher what an image is or what it represents.

Make sure that every image on your website is described by an ALT tag. It is recommended to include in your alt tag text that accomplishes the same function as the image. When deciding what text to use to describe your images, keep in mind people who are unable to see your images. For example, a ‘question mark’ icon or image used to represent the help page should have an alternative text ‘help’ or something similar.

While you can add relevant keywords to your alt tags, avoid overstuffing your alt tags with keywords. Alt tags that are full of keywords do not only violate Google’s guidelines, they are also disruptive for blind users. When blind users surf the web, they use a software that reads aloud the entire page for them. If you just stuff your alt tags with keywords without making sure that they make sense for your users, imagine how frustrating it would be for users who cannot see.

These basic tips on how to optimize your title tags and alt tags for SEO will help your website rank better as you incorporate these tips with other SEO techniques. At the same time, you will also be providing quality information for users, adding value to their search.

Michelle Rubio is an experienced SEO copywriter and blogger since 2010. She has been working with various businesses, big and small, in the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia. You can see more of her works and experiences in her LinkedIn profile.

Get Indulged In Online Activities With SEO Services

Get Indulged In Online Activities With SEO Services

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process very useful in the online world. It can affect the way a site or a page is seen in the results given out by a search engine. Usually it has been observed that the higher a site will rank in the indexed list of a search engine the more number of visitors it will attract.

How did it go Earlier?

Previously all search calculations were mainly dependent on the data provided by the website admin. As examples we can state the keyword Meta label, or even give a list of the documents in motors like ALIWEB. Chicago SEO Service has given a reflection of the modern algorithms in their work. Taking the help of Meta information in order to record pages was done not to become dependable but because of the decision of the website admin.

Generally website admin create web journals for giving this information in an effective manner which is not so popular. Still most get past that movement with a casual approach which results in losing their “connection juice.” Connection juice may be defined as a support to the positioning of the pages.

Get Indulged In Online Activities With SEO Services

SEO Chicago uses this process.

SEO services can be categorized into:

  • White hat- White hats tend to produce results that have got a long lasting impression.
  • Black hat- Black hats are now banned after the search engines have been able to find out what they have been doing.
  • Grey hat- This is a procedure which lies in between white and black and covers both of their advantages.

Chicago SEO uses all these services.

Is SEO Appropriate?

SEO is not the perfect procedure for each site, and other Web promoting techniques can be more successful like paid publicizing through pay per click (PPC) campaigns, contingent upon the webpage administrator’s objectives. A successful Web promoting crusade might likewise rely on building top standard website pages to draw in and induce, setting up examination projects to empower webpage proprietors to quantify results, and enhancing a website’s change rate. Chicago SEO is no exception.

SEO may create a satisfactory rate of profitability. On the other hand, web search tools are not paid for natural pursuit movement, their calculations change, and there are no sureties of continued referrals. Because of this absence of insurances and assurance, a business that depends vigorously on web search tool activity can endure real misfortunes if the search indexes quit sending visitors. Web crawlers can change their calculations, affecting a site’s situation, perhaps bringing about a genuine loss of activity. As per Google’s Chief, Eric Schmidt, in 2010, Google rolled out more than 500 calculation improvements – very nearly 1.5 for each day. It is viewed as shrewd business rehearses for site operators to free themselves from reliance on web index movement.

Chicago has got a lot in store when it comes to SEO services. SEO Chicago has been giving awesome services that have been helping a lot in the online world. It helps a lot in e-commerce. Chicago SEO Service is expected to flourish further in future.

Signs Of An Ailing Website

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Diagnosing an ailing website should be quite easy, especially if it is underperforming. Such a website won’t deliver more sales and no matter how hard we try, it may remain invisible to users. While diagnosing such a website is easy, fixing it could be rather challenging. However, once we are determined to make sure that the site delivers its promises, there should be ways to help us improve the performance. One thing that we may need to do is to obtain essential website metrics. This information should describe the overall performance of our website. There are many areas where we can gather metrics, such as Google Webmaster Central and Alexa. In some cases, we may not pay the service provider if we want to gather the performance stats of our website. There are some popular tools, like SpyFu and SEO Elite that can help us find out more about the websites. Not all websites provide similar diagnostic information, so we still need to rely on our instincts and experience to determine the actual information.

Some metrics could provide a clear picture of why the website performs inadequately, while others are not so helpful. Here are some of the metrics that we need to pay attention to:

  • Bounce rate: Defining “bounce” is easy and it is when visitors somehow reach our website, but they somehow leave immediately. Higher bounce rate could indicate that our website fails to capture the attention of our prospect. There are some reasons why the bounce rate can be rather high. For example, the text can be difficult to read due to improper use of font. The color palettes are confusing, causing visual issues and difficulties in reading the text. Also, the headline can be too generalized and people are not convinced that they can get something worthwhile. We could reduce bounce rate by cleaning up the website. We could choose neutral colors and use black type and white background. We could also choose headline that will immediately attract attention.
  • Time on site: This should indicate how long people stay on our website. In general, the longer the better; because they are more likely click our ads or purchase our products. If people visit our website stay in our website for at least 30 seconds they don’t count as bounces. They may leave because there could be nothing that interests them in our website due to differences in preferences. If we have a reasonably lower bounce rate, then we could extend this achievement by adding reasons for people to stay longer on our website. We could start by explaining the benefits of our services and products, preferably in bullet list form. It should be noted that people tend to scan, instead of reading, so we should make sure that could spot anything interesting that can encourage them to read more slowly. This will result in more sales and we could gain additional benefits in the future.

Why We Should Be Wary Of Misleading Search Engine Results?

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Not a day goes without new reports about hacking into financial accounts, infiltration of personal information and Internet scams. Illegal activities also take place in the SEO industry and our search engine rankings could be affected by different issues. As SEO specialists, it is our responsibility to make sure that the website could reach proper positions when users look for it in major search engine platforms. Search engine results could also be somewhat misleading and there are cases when our ranking is scored high when we are still logged into the Google account. This is especially true if Google knows that website is associated with our identity. It appears that Google is keeping a search history that contains our information. It can be bypasses, deleted and turned off, but we need to do it with a rather tedious result. Actually, Google also mentions that there could be different search results when we are logging into the system. For this reason, it is important for SEO specialists to test the results while they are logged out or in a special computer that has no traces of Google accounts in it.

Results may also change when we delete the browser cookies, so it is clear that determining a stable Google search result can be somewhat tricky. There are different methods that we need to choose and they may include combination of using and deleting cookies. Google’s skewed results are actually provided as a way to make them more comfortable to use. This will allow users to get related results to things that they have searched before. Users won’t need to “reinvent the wheel” and it is really easy to discover things that we used in the past. With this fact, we should be somewhat cautiously optimistic with our SEO achievement and even with our thorough tests, it would be necessary to ask people who live in different countries to check whether they get identical results. In general, search results are typically dependent on the type of keyword we use. We should also need to find out how much competition that revolved around a keyword. In this case, we may need to use specific optimization techniques to make sure that our website could show up on the first page.

Overall, the Internet is a highly competitive landscape and it is affected by many different factors. In fact, it is considered an extraordinary feat to achieve a position anywhere in the first page or even in the second or third page, depending on the keyword. In fact, a business could earn a large amount of income by achieving a position in 4th or 5th page for very heavily contested keywords, like loan, debt and insurance. SEO professionals should have a passion for perfection and they need to regularly look for ways to further refine their methods. Not only legal SEO methods could still provide misleading results, the rampant deception in the industry could further confuse clients.

Modern Marketing Tactics Work

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There’s no question that old school tactics like print advertising and radio advertising still have a place in your marketing campaigns. However, digital marketing tactics should be becoming larger parts of your routine. More and more people trust the Internet as a source of business. Many of them no longer can be reached by traditional marketing methods. The influence of digital marketers is growing daily. The average person now spends more time online than ever before. Smart marketing can convert these web surfers into paying customers.

Modern Marketing Tactics Work

Lower Your Blended Marketing Costs

The best thing about running comprehensive marketing campaigns across many channels is that your blended costs go down. Many people will have seen your ads on more than one platform. Methods like re-targeting are cost-effective methods to find people who are deep in the buying cycle. They are close to making a purchase. Since they’ve seen your name come up again and again, they trust you. Many of the channels you target are not expensive. The lower costs channels mix with the higher ones to give you a reasonable price per customer acquisition. Your digital marketing agency in Dubai will have many tactics at their disposal to reduce your costs while improving your conversion.

Branding Made Easy

Digital marketing is an easy way to increase the reach of your brand. Low-cost options as if display marketing can put your brand in front of millions of people instantly. Major display networks have global reach. There’s no limit to how many visitors they can supply, other than the budget. The key is to have a website that converts traffic into sales. If you have that, you can bring in people all day long and sell them. Marketing budgets are in a sense unlimited, as long as the results merit continuing to run the campaigns. Successful companies find a way to get their ROI high enough to keep their ads running at all times. Digital marketing is not just about ads, either. It’s a discipline that includes content marketing and SEO to round out the offering. It’s all about finding people and then helping them buy by providing them with important information deep in the buying cycle. It works for many firms, especially if they offer quality products.

There are many good reasons to increase your marketing budget. You can find low-cost areas to start with. After you realise an ROI, you’ll be able to expand your marketing efforts. Digital marketers continue to hone their strategies as the online landscape changes. Consult with a quality firm today to see what options they suggest. They can find a campaign that will fit your budget. Companies that neglect the Internet are forced to exist on a diet of local customers only. That will not keep them growing at a fast rate. If your firm commits to examining all channels where marketing is done and where clients are found, you’ll quickly catch up and pass them. That’s just the way it is. Start today and things will never be the same.

Why Google Doesn’t Index Our Webpages?

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions and we have heard it thousands of times. Regardless, it is a very critical information and because Google is the most important search platform out there, the fact that Google doesn’t index our website could make our attempt to develop a website becomes a big question. Search engine optimization is an important online art and there are many “idiot guides” that can help us in this area. There are many factors to consider, such as code to text ratio, deep linking ratio, keyword density and others.

To better understand our situation, we should be aware of the rules and because Google unofficially “owns” the Internet, we should follow all rules provided by its agent, the Googlebot itself. These highly automated codes will scour the Internet to hear what is being offered by website owners. In this case, as our webpages get older, they will be more prioritized by the Google bot and there’s a possibility that they will rank higher in the search result. In this case, webpages should utter a few keywords that should be prioritized. What they should correspond with the main topics shown on the title and header.

Then, Googlebots will continue down the webpage to check the actual content and see whether it correlates with the header and title. When everything seems to integrate well, it is quite likely that our webpages will be indexed faster. Our aim should be to try to impress the “agent” and convince it that our webpages are very useful indeed. However, many websites are not so prepared and they may not be able to provide enough relevance in their content. As an example, if their title says something related to plumbing supplies, they may not follow this up by explaining that they could supply consumers with wash basins and taps.

Some websites may have more catastrophic problems, for example, Googlebots may not be directed to the right pages. Websites could inadvertently prevent bots from reaching the pages. This problem could be caused by improper robot.txt configuration and bots will not be able to reach the right areas. It is clear that we need to do our homework and we could win the coveted first page position by making sure that Googlebots are willing to check our pages for specific content. So, it pays to make sure that our website has a simple enough structure, so Googlebots won’t have problem checking the inner parts of our website.

We should always be warned that Google only listens to websites that have accumulate enough authority. It is more likely for our websites to get indexed if it gains enough recognition by having natural inbound links. Many people are trying to artificially make their websites more popular by creating many inbound links. It should be noted that having too many inbound links too soon will raise red flag and this won’t help our SEO efforts at all.

4 Facts About SEO Companies

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Many of could want to create an online system that can generate enough income streams on autopilot, but we can’t achieve this without converting at a very high rate. We may have 500 leads each day, but they won’t bring any benefit if we fail to convert them effectively. We can’t build a real online business by bugging friends & family or making many cold calls. Fortunately, it should be quite simple to build online networks. There are methods SEO specialists often us for years and they could provide them a good deal of profitability. Unfortunately, there are a number of problems that we need to deal with:

  1. Increased competition: It is true that the numbers of Internet users are getting higher, but the competition has increased as well. Obviously, any entrepreneur shouldn’t fear competition, especially if they are confident that they have something unique and interesting to offer.
  2. Reduced attention span: Because users are now having so many alternatives, we need to deal with the reduced attention span. Often, we have less than five seconds to grab their attention and first impression is quite essential. It is important for us to quickly engage our prospects with relevant information or we risk losing them.
  3. Reduced customer retention rates: Even if people have become our loyal readers, we should make sure that we have good retention rates. In this case, we may only have a couple of month to provide them with exceptional services or they are gone. They will search the web for our competitors if they don’t see the kind of results that they expected. Consumers can no longer be considered as long-term residual income, because the reduced retention rates mean that they could easily look for alternatives. There’s so much information and alternatives at their fingertips, so it is very for them to get distracted. We really need to deal with the increasingly shorter attention span, as users often hop from messages to messages. They are more susceptible to program-hopping and this could happen weeks after they are interested in one kind of product. We are living in an era where “prelaunches” are commonplace, with new competing products, courses and programs are being offered each week. We should be aware that prospects and customers are searching for new alternatives left and right. We will burn out if we don’t deal with this kind of situation effectively. Marketers may try to work harder, while the business could get stagnated.
  4. Legal oversights: Many SEO companies could rely on unprofessional and inexperienced SEO specialists when providing services to clients. This could potentially expose them to complaints and lawsuits due to a series of improper SEO implementations. Inexperienced SEO specialists could unknowingly perform methods that could cause a variety of problems. In this case, it can be rather difficult to control the overall quality of SEO implementations, since many thousands of them are desperate to make a sale.

How To Search Keywords For Your Website?

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Searching a keyword is the area where traffic to your websites depends. Searching a right keyword to your website can make or break your website and it brings high return activities in search marketing field. Getting traffic is not easy task but getting a right traffic is the daunting task. Keyword demand in the Digital marketing changes, so be focus on keyword demand to respond varying marketing conditions and produce product, services and content that website visitors are actually needs.

How can you Identify that your Keyword is Getting Enough Traffic?

First you have to check whether keyword is relevant to your content present in your website, whether visitors are satisfied with content what they searched for and if its bring you  all organizational goals then you are using the right keyword. Target on keywords which provides benefit to your competitors Find out whether that keyword providing you good organic result to your website or not. Don’t use technical keywords use keywords which are mostly used by the visitors while searching for product or services which your website is providing. You can get complete data from tools which will provide you the complete information about demanded keywords. You have to use all demanded keyword to optimize your website.

Buy Google adwords test traffic tool to check how it works. Go to exact match in Google adwords point the traffic to the relevant websites. Find the conversion and impression for at least 200-300 keywords. Using that information find which keyword is in more demand. Digital marketing company uses many tools for their keyword search and finding out the traffic for each keyword.

How To Search Keywords For Your Website

Keywords are Three Types

  • Explicit keyword

Keyword which directly describe about the product

  • Problems keyword

Describe the conditions a product can solve

  • Symptoms keyword

Describe problem

  • Product names and numbers

It’s an actual product name and number

Before choosing your keyword you must have detailed information about your product or services. If you know what your product can provide, how it can help people to solve their queries, what you can provide better than your competitors, why people have to choose your product or services. Having this information is enough to choose right keyword for your website without using any tool.

Keyword with high demand will bring only 30% of searches on the web about 70% of the searches depends on long tail keywords and the chances of converting those visitors to customers are more when compared with an ordinary keyword.

Resources for your Keyword

  • Microsoft Bing Ads Intelligence
  • Wordtracker’s
  • Google Trends
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

Google adword tool provide you with competition, local monthly searches and global monthly searches table to determine keyword demand and its volume data. Keyword difficulty is the other point where you have to focus while targeting a keyword. Many professional SEO companies will focus on this point while searching for their keyword.

Above described information helps you for searching a right keyword for your website.

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SEO Practices For Structuring URLs

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In order to achieve top position in search engines SEO people are doing their best to focus on every aspect of website like content writing, website design, developing structure of URLs and much more. If you are not doing well in designing domain or structure of urls, you will not able to reach high rankings in search engine.

These are Some of the SEO Practices for Structuring urls

The URL Must be a More Readable Form

It’s not easy to maintain each URL in clean format, but we should not make it more complicated for the reader to read it. The URL must be in readable form so it’s easy for users to search the website easily. If URL only is complicated then it’s not easy for us to make more visitors to our website. The URL must be human friendly, no one will waste time in remembering url. Many SEO services company is following the same rules to structure the URL.

Including Keyword in URL

If we include the keyword in the URL then it’s easy for us to grab traffic easily. As urls are copied and posted regularly, then by this technique, it will automatically gain the traffic as keyword is the more catchy word for the human to read. Many professional SEO company are following the same technique for increasing the ranking of their website.

SEO Practices For Structuring URLs

Better to Use Dashes than Underscore

If we use dashes in the keywords it will take two words on either side of the dashes as two different words. If we use underscores in the keyword it will take it as a single word and provide search for the entire word as a single word.

URLs are Case Sensitive

It’s better to design urls in lower case letters because most of them use lower case letters for queries. It shows different result in upper and lower case letter and this leads to duplicate content issues so make sure before designing your URL either in upper case or lower case letters.

Spammy Detection of your URL

If you want to know whether your URL is spammy then it can be easily found by placing your url in SEO MOZ url detection tool. It will detect

  • Digits
  • Depths of sub domain
  • Length of domain
  • Hyphens
  • Spammy words

The URL Must not End with.exe Extension

If you end your URL with .exe extension it might not be crawled by the Google so check before ending your URL.

Length of URL

Always try to make your URL structure below 60 characters because it’s easy for you to copy and paste. Sharing your URL will be easy social media and to add URL is also becoming an easy task. It will bring some benefits for website to get traffic.

The Title should Match with the URL

It’s good to make your URL in such a way as its words should include in the title/Headlines. It will be good if what they need will get from URL to tiles/headlines on the website.

By following the above some above facts, we can increase the traffic by use of URL structure.

Google Penalty Recovery Solution To Gain Good Ranking Again

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Google penalties are one such thing that will reduce the website performance and due to this, the traffic towards the website is also considerably decreased. There have been various companies these days that provide with the Google Penalty recovery services these days and they make sure to provide with the right solution for the sake of solving the various Google related issues.

When such recovery services are made use, it definitely helps the marketing executives as well as the business owners for improving their marketing performance and it will also help in increasing the return on investment. When you choose to hire the services of  Google penalty recovery solution at simplycreatives , you can surely get the best solution as a team of experienced as well as skilled people will provide you with the solution. They always make sure to make use of the finest techniques so that resolving the various Google issues can be done in an efficient manner.

Google Penalty Recovery Solution To Gain Good Ranking Again

The process of recovering from penalty is often considered a tedious process and this is extremely time consuming as well. When they are charged with penalties, the websites would often struggle for getting back the original ranking. When you choose to hire the services of an organization like simplycreatives, the website will be monitored on a constant basis and the backlinks are also monitored so as to ensure that the website will not go through any penalties.

Due to the bad quality of the links, the website could get penalized at times. The quality of the website goes down due to this. With the assistance of the experts, the poor quality of links will be removed and the various link issues will be solved in an effective manner so that the performance of the website is improved in an efficient manner. When the search engine is able to detect same content that is already present on any other website, it often shows penalty. For the sake of reducing such penalty, the experts make sure to deliver the best quality and unique content. Such experts make sure to do a lot of analysis before they actually deliver the content. For the sake of delivering the error free content, the experts would perform different kinds of testing process.

The anchor text issues would affect the performance of the website and due to this, the search engine ranking would tend to decrease. When you get in touch with a professional company for solving this issue, they detect and also resolve the anchor text related problems immediately without causing any problem. They always make sure to solve all the Google penalties and bring the website to the original track. This is in fact a wonderful service that is provided by the website. They make use of the best efforts so that the performance of the website is improved and they also provide guidance on overcoming all the weaknesses pertaining to the same.

The author provides with the best Google penalty recovery solution and thereby, helps in providing with the best service pertaining to  it in order to improve the web page ranking. Read this to know more about

The Various Aspects Of Digital Marketing And Your Way Of Exploiting Them

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Marketing is something which has been taking the prime position with people these days. It is mainly because, people do want to earn more money and with ever growing competition, having one’s hold of the market is getting tougher with every passing day. In such a condition, it is crucial to have a clear idea about the various areas of marketing which will indeed help you to form or choose the correct strategy which will be able to help. This is why; taking the help of the web has become one of the most important things these days.

Digital marketing is basically just another façade of so called classis marketing, under which a product or brand or company or service is being promoted to attract more and more potential buyers. The only difference with the classic kind of marketing is in the fact that, this kind of advertising is done over the digital space and it does not cost a lot of money. For instance, when you are advertising your company through a bill board, it is going to cost a few grads. On the other hand, doing the same advertising over the web or digital medium most of the time is free and other times its costs really a petty amount of money.

The Various Aspects Of Digital Marketing And Your Way Of Exploiting Them

This is why; you need to know about them. Having these ideas will be able to help when it will be time to create a strategy which will bring both success and money. Now, in order to achieve something like that, one will need to be an expert on the subject. If you are not one, then it is important to go for proper professional help. This kind of professional help is known as solution for the digital marketing requirement. Now, if you are interested to have something like that in the local market, then knowing about Digital Marketing Solution in Kolkata will help.

Along with that, it can be said that, in order to understand the different facades and then employ them for the best results it is crucial to visit the web and also the websites of different companies which have been providing the services. There are loads of companies which can help with that and knowing about them is pretty crucial as well. In this context, you further need to know that, when you have the information about both the company and the services they have been offering, then choosing the perfect Digital Marketing Solution in Kolkata will become simple.

Finally, it can be said that the market of Kolkata is growing rather rapidly in this context and being able to choose the perfect company is not going to be too easy, there are more than enough options available and being sure about one of them is not going to be an easy task. You will need information, experience and most importantly and thorough idea about the whole thing. It is better to exploit the amenities and strategies offered by the most suitable company. It will help you to earn more money than before.

Author: When you are feeling confused about choosing the company which is perfect for digital marketing jobs, then Alice Aires can help. He is an expert and is working with such a company for quite a few eras now. He is completely reliable and his advices are rather beneficial as well. To know more click here.

How SEO Can Benefit Your Online Business

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No matter what your online business is currently involved in, there are many ways in which the performance of your website can be increased, and new customers or clients can be found. Though some people like to focus on advertising, many seem to overlook the basics like search engine optimisation, and this is partly where they’re going wrong. You see; SEO is never going to turn your website into the hottest thing on the internet, but anyone spending thousands on adverts without even giving the structure and consent of their website a second thought are probably flogging a dead horse. SEO should be used in conjunction with all other methods, and will help to aid your rise through search engine rankings all over the world.

With all this in mind, I’ve taken some time out over the last few days to compile a short list of what I consider to be the main benefits SEO can offer your online business. So, whether you’re promoting your own product or service, or even if you’re simply a member of a particularly reputable affiliate network, employing the services of a search engine specialist could make a significant difference to the amount of traffic your website receives and the amount of income it generates.

How SEO Can Benefit Your Online Business

You’ll Enter New Markets

Let’s presume you own and run a website providing business advice to people who live in Birmingham. Now, wouldn’t it make sense to expand your operations geographically as you become more successful? SEO can help you to achieve this by making your website internationally friendly and easily findable through all the major search engines.

You’ll Create More Traffic

Allowing search engines to properly index your site can make a significant difference to the amount of visitors you have on a daily basis. That said, it’s no good attracting customers interested in double glazing if you’re a business advisor, so it’s vital you select your keywords properly and use the ones most suitable for your company.

You’ll Encourage Trust

For whatever reason, people trust Google to show them only the most reputable and popular websites, this means anyone who ranks in the #1 position for a particular keyword will receive far more interest than those positioned below. Also, people will be more inclined to buy your product or service because they’ll trust you with their money. Google wouldn’t put a dodgy website in their top spot now would they?

You’ll Blow Your Competitors Away

Although many businesses do use SEO these days to ensure they’re websites are Google friendly, many others are yet to realise the value in this, and so it’s possible to gain a significant advantage over your competitors without actually doing that much work. If you’re the only firm in the marketplace using SEO tactics, then you’ll be the biggest and best firm out there in no time whatsoever. Potential customers will be far more inclined to spend with you than any other company on the market.

So guys, you should now have a basic understanding of the benefits of SEO and why you need to start thinking about this technique as soon as possible.

See you back here soon for some more interesting articles!

Tools To Create Outstanding SEO Reports

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An effective SEO campaign is based on careful planning, a lot of effort, and careful choices. At the end of the month, all of our efforts should be analysed to give us an idea of what’s working. The report should answer questions like; ‘where do I rank for *insert keyword here*?’, ‘how many links do I have using this anchor text?’, and ‘how many visitors are finding my site using *insert keyword here*?’. These questions should be answered clearly in the reports you send out. The good news is, you can make this job a lot easier for yourself if you use some tried and tested tools! Here is a list of great tools that will help you create outstanding SEO reports:


With Shufflepoint, you can get a free 30 day trial and then choose from 3 different pricing plans. This tool integrates right in with your Google Analytics, providing easy to understand, accurate reports from Microsoft, Excel, or something more bespoke.

You can use templates supplied by shufflepoint to create your reports, and you’ll love how simple the process is. You could even create customised templates with the full support of their tech team!

The result is visually pleasing, and by writing a commentary for each slide along with the imported data you’ll make the users experience a pleasure. This tool will quickly reduce the amount of time it takes you to construct a report, so you can focus on doing other important things.

Tools To Create Outstanding SEO Reports

Workbooks CRM

This tool can be used effectively in both SEO and PPC tasks, and best of all; it’s free.

Workbooks is a unique tool, and the great thing about it is that it can track a lead to a conversion, all the way up to the buying stage. This means you can make much more insightful SEO reports, which will allow a better understand of how a client’s SEO and PPC campaigns are working. By reporting on ROI, you can really justify what you’re doing and prove that you’re a worthy agency.


Linkdex includes some very useful, impressive tools that can be applied in a number of ways. You can use it for link building, keyword ranking, task management, and even auditing.

Using the MajesticSEO index it also works well to remove any links it deems to be uninfluential, helping to de-fog your brain. Features like being able to see a timeline of links that have been created are also very useful and make this tool stand out!

By taking a look at the attractive charts and graphs that Linkdex presents, you can easily see your link building progress. This is essential in an SEO report! Linkdex is an exceptionally thorough way to report back to your client.

In Conclusion

If you’re link building by using services like PosiRank (from Chris Rempel & Co), then you’ll want to track the service more closely. These tools are perfect for exactly that! Note down specific dates of when you purchased services and then track them using your software. Alternatively, your clients will love these attractive, easy to understand reports!

Tips For Choosing The Best Service Provider For Cheap Parcel Delivery

3 Online Marketing Trends Expected To Dominate This 2014!

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Any entrepreneur wants to learn more, more so when it comes to their business and how to improve it.

With more and more entrepreneurs these days looking to take their businesses’ marketing efforts in their own hands, especially those small in operation, knowing what trends will dominate this 2014 should be of tremendous help.

This in mind, here are three online marketing trends expected to shape the online marketing landscape this 2014!

  1. Content Marketing Will Reign Supreme

As if this was not already expected, content marketing will continue to reign supreme this 2014, and quite probably, for the years to follow as well.

Remember, building public trust, engaging prospects and making customers happy should be the priority of any company, regardless of the scale of operation, and given that content marketing ensures that and more, there is no reason for a company to NOT want to invest in a proper online marketing campaign that involves content marketing.

3 Online Marketing Trends Expected To Dominate This 2014!

  1. Mobile Apps Will Be More Prevalent

Sales of mobile gadgets will sharply increase this 2014 or so experts say. With the growing demand for mobile apps to make the use of such devices easier, any business that wants to capitalize on a dominating trend should invest in a simple and user-friendly mobile app.

True, mobile apps are not easy to make, especially for people with little to no knowledge about programming. However, outsourcing and looking for contractors to continually work on a mobile app and keep it better is a nice option that should very well make for huge returns for a business, regardless of their nature and operation.

  1. Social Advertising Will Slowly Replace Display Ads

Companies want to spend money advertising where there is the highest concentration of consumers, and with display ads no longer becoming as effective as social advertising, the latter will experience a huge increase in investments.

Social media advertising will become the “new” thing in the online marketing landscape, and for good reason, almost everyone stays connected through social media websites.

With social advertising, any paying company will have their ads displayed right on the front page, which in turn will generate traffic, exposure, leads and eventually, profit, given time.

While these three are just some of the marketing trends expected to dominate come year 2014, it is important to keep an eye on these three more than any other trend out there.

The emergence of these trends as the “top dog” in the online marketing world is not unprecedented, with experts and analysts claiming that any company will do well if they choose to invest in such online marketing campaigns and/or strategies.

That being said and done, small companies and business owners should welcome these trends as good news for them, given the costs needed to launch online marketing campaigns based on these three trends.

Then again, it is important for a company to invest in a more diversified online marketing plan as well, one that incorporates dominating trends, and other trends that may help in generating leads and profit.

With Think Big Online SEO and the other services offered by Think Big Online, rest assured that your company would have outsourced much of its inbound marketing processes to a contractor that puts the competitive advantage of their clients first.


Top Web Marketing Tactics Of 2013

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It could be said that since the Internet is relatively (and remarkably) new to society, the principles and practices of Internet-based professions are therefore shallow and protean, inherently lacking a sense of lasting purpose. While that understanding of the Internet industry would be mere conjecture (and it’s worth noting that I personally disagree, enjoying the billowing learning curve of Internet marketing), what is true is the fact that like a facet of any emerging industry, Internet marketing is always evolving. With this in mind, following are three critical tactics that dominated web marketing in 2013.

Top Web Marketing Tactics Of 2013

Link Building via Guest Blogging

In short, link building is the practice of building a website’s backlink portfolio in order to increase the SERP rankings for the site’s keywords; in practice, link building requires writing blog posts or articles, and then reaching out to relevant blogs/sites to guest post that article, hosting a link to your site anchored to one keyword or phrase of keywords in the text.

This year, the practice of link building continued to be employed consistently throughout the web marketing profession. In 2012, a Moz study revealed that links from longer (+1000 words), more informative, complex articles with multimedia are weighted heavier on a SERP than short and dull ones. Knowing this, there has been a big push for quality in link building content in recent years, and 2013 is no exception.

 Content Marketing

 Content marketing is like the fraternal twin of link building in the sense that they came from the same place, but they have stark differences. For instance, content marketing and link building can both improve the SERP ranking of a website. However, link building does this by constructing a backlink portfolio from hosted links throughout the web  — where the emphasis is on creating a lot of informational, quality content for a niche audience on legitimate, well-visited sites — while content marketing involves creating more entertaining content that will likely be shared (and that hosts backlinks to your site), in order to acquire more viewers. In essence, the best kind of content marketing is content that goes viral.

 In 2013, the trend of content marketing being used alongside link building campaigns continued to be a driving strategy in the web marketing industry. In particular, the Content Marketing Institute revealed some new insights regarding content marketing strategies in October 2013.

 Social Media

 With social media exploding in every direction and new platforms for sharing seemingly becoming more and more abundant by the day, 2013 saw the continued expanse of social media in web marketing. Although Twitter and Facebook still have large parts of their platforms restricted from Google searches, they serve as quality avenues to promote websites to visitors and share content that may link to your site. What’s more, social media is a way to carefully craft your site’s brand through a living medium and communication channel. In 2013, the impact of Google+ grew substantially, as it became known that posts on Google+ have many advantages over other blog-based platforms. Among these advantages, Google+ posts are crawled and indexed by Google almost immediately, and contain up vote-type metrics called +1’s, which are expected to factor into the credibility of a user/site in the future.

 Samuel Ott is the Video Production Manager and a Web Marketer at Lift Division, a web marketing company in Columbia, Mo, creating custom strategies to fulfill businesses’ goals.