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Cheap and Tasty! 7 Budget Dinner Spots Of Dublin

Cheap and Tasty! 7 Budget Dinner Spots Of Dublin

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Where to dine in Dublin? This question is asked by many travelers. And it’s not without a reason, because Dublin features about 2000 culinary establishments! But, first of all, we should find the cheapest, but at the same time, high-quality restaurants, or snack bars of the city. Here are a few budget cafes where you can order hamburgers or burritos, as well as restaurants of a higher class offering great discounts. Of course, this is not the complete list of affordable restaurants in Dublin, but several establishments may come in handy during your journey to the Irish capital…

Chez Max


Situated near Dublin Castle away from the bustling Dame Street, this traditional French-food café serves breakfast, dinner and lunch, and visitors can enjoy dishes in a charming garden that very much resembles a piece of Paris. In Chez Max you can order typical French snacks and sandwiches, salads, French fries with mussels and different meat courses. Breakfasts and late lunches cost only 19 € for two persons. Cheap and worthy wines, as well as other drinks are also available. Chez Max is a cozy and beautiful place to dine in Dublin.

Address: 1 Palace St, Dublin 2

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm-10pm

The Port House Pintxos

Plato de queso

Similar restaurants of this culinary chain are scattered around the city, but only there you can try ‘pintxos’ – a North Spanish version of tapas, ‘patatas bravas’ – large-sliced ​​potatoes that are traditionally served with a spicy tomato sauce, as well as dishes of manchego – Spanish hard cheese from sheep’s milk. Located in the heart of Temple Bar area, the restaurant offers an extensive and quite affordable menu, and yet, it’s a very good place for gatherings with friends. Most of the dishes cost between 3.50 and 7.50 €, and three dishes are more than enough to eat. Wine can be ordered in glasses and bottles. By the way, local foie gras goes well with Pedro Ximenez wine.

Address: 12 Eustace St, Temple Bar

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12.30pm-11.30pm, Friday and Saturday 12.30pm-12.30am

Pablo Picante’s

Pablo Picante

This bar was once recognized to be one of the best burrito restaurants in Dublin. From a small burrito bar, the place quickly turned into one of the city’s most visited restaurants. The food served in Pablo Picante’s is delicious, and the range of burritos is impressive. However, the prices are quite reasonable there. Of course, this is not the only burrito bar in the city, but this one is definitely worth visiting. If you are a student, try to get an additional discount!

Address: 4 Clarendon Market, Dublin Southside

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 11.30am-9pm, Thursday-Saturday 11.30am-11pm


Crackbird - New Restaurant In Dublin

Currently, this cafe takes pride of place among all Chinese restaurants placed on Dame Street. The quality of the dishes really makes the level of the restaurant a lot higher. You can choose there both a whole chicken (which will be enough to satisfy two or three persons) and a half serving with any snack and side dish. For example, try a chicken baked in buttermilk or chicken with soy, garlic and lemon mousse stuffed with feta cheese and herbs. Don’t forget to taste home ginger lemonade. All these delicacies are at affordable prices.

Address: 34/35 William St S

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 12pm-10pm, Thursday-Saturday 12pm-11pm 

Kinara Kitchen

Kebabs and Salad

Kinara Kitchen is a cheap restaurant situated in the suburbs of Ranelagh. It includes a fantastic cocktail bar and a great restaurant of Pakistani cuisine. In the cocktail bar you can choose something from classics and original drinks, which are much cheaper before lunch. Delicate and delicious food offers to immerse into the world of Indian and Pakistani food. A 3-course dinner menu can be ordered just for 19.95 €, and the dishes are so large that they can easily be divided into two portions. In addition, there are many vegetarian dishes.

Address: 17 Ranelagh Rd, Ranelagh

Hours: Monday-Wednesday and Saturday 4pm-11pm, Thursday and Friday 12pm-3pm, 5pm-11pm, Sunday 1pm-11pm 

Green Nineteen

sausage and white bean ragout

This is an eatery with a relaxed atmosphere, where almost all the main dishes cost up to 10 €. The interior of the cafe is modern and a little daring, the food is delicious, and cocktails are of the highest quality – from the classic Negroni to the fresh Green Mexican. Green Nineteen’s most recommended dishes are Moroccan lamb tagine and stewed pork breast with chorizo and white bean ragout. Almost all dishes in the menu are cooked with curry. Green Nineteen is an ideal place to eat, especially when you are not sure what exactly you want to try.

Address: 19 Camdan Street Lower, Saint Kevin’s

Hours: Monday-Friday 11pm-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm-4pm, 5pm-10pm

Paulie’s Pizza


Situated near Grand Canal Street intersection, this small restaurant offers perhaps the best pizza in Dublin. Baked in a wood-burning stove, this pizza is always filled with stuffing to the brim, and prepared according to authentic Neapolitan recipes. For example, they never use tomato paste instead of real fresh tomatoes. Noisy atmosphere, great music and outdoor tables create a perfect atmosphere for a great dinner, and in cool weather you can even ask for blankets.

Address: 58 Grand Canal Street Upper

Hours: Monday-Thursday 6pm-10pm, Friday 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 2pm-10pm

Budget culinary establishments of Dublin are very diverse, but despite this fact, you can find quite decent places to dine there. Choosing one of the foregoing restaurants you will get delicious food at an affordable price. Want to find them quickly? Then use car rental at Dublin Airport, which is an excellent way of traveling around the city.

Stay Safe On Your Vacation In London

Stay Safe On Your Vacation In London

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While London is quite a safe city it is always worth taking a few precautions during your visit as you would if you visited any other major city around the world. Whether you’ve already searched for London vacation rentals or you’re still thinking about where you would like to stay, you may appreciate a few safety tips so you’re a little safer when you’re on vacation.

Safe Travel around the City

London is a huge city full of exciting destinations and a myriad of different ways to get from A to B. But how can you keep yourself safe while you’re out and about? here’s how:

– Working out where you need to be

Always plan your route before you leave so you know where you need to be, and how to get there. If you’re unsure as to what route you should take you may want to take a look at the Transport for London website as you’ll be able to find everything you need.

– Travelling by taxi

Only ever use registered minicabs or taxis. If you’re unsure whether a taxi or a minicab is registered take a look at the very back of the cab, and see if there’s a sign below the number plate that states it’s licensed. If there is no sign to be seen, walk away and look for another taxi instead.

– When you need to walk

If you need to walk from one place to another, or you simply want to take a stroll around the city, please make sure you don’t walk alone at night. As with walking around any major city you should be sensible and stick to well-lit areas such as main roads.

When you walk, do so with confidence, keep your head up and your back straight as you will appear a lot less vulnerable, and in more control.

– Listening to music

Many people love to listen to music while they walk, but you may want to think about ditching those headphones as they will make you less aware of what is going on around you. Another benefit of ditching headphones is that other people will not know you have an expensive bit of tech on you, which could attract pickpockets.

You may also want to think about refraining from using your mobile phone while you’re walking around as it makes you a little less aware of your surroundings. If you must use your phone, stop walking and use your phone quickly and keep a tight grip on it. Chances are no-one will be watching you use your phone, but it doesn’t hurt to be more aware of what is going on around you.

Please note that cars in the UK drive on the left-hand side of the road, so you will have to pay extra attention when crossing the road. Some pedestrian crossings have the words ‘Look right’ or ‘Look left’ written on the road, and make crossing the road a lot safer.

Keeping your Personal Belongings Safe

– Carrying cash

Try not to carry too much cash with you, instead take a bank or credit card with you instead. When it comes to having a purse or wallet with you, keep it close to you at all times, and make sure it doesn’t look too full. Take your receipts out, and keep them in your room as they can bulk your purse or wallet out and make it look attractive to the wrong person.

– Lost or stolen items?

If your phone, camera or any other gadget has been lost or stolen you may want to think about calling 101 (The number for non-urgent crimes), and reporting it to the police. You are not guaranteed to see your items again, but it is worth informing the authorities.

Safety in Bars and Restaurants

When it comes to your safety and the security of your personal belongings in bars and restaurants around London, you will need to exercise just as much caution as you would anywhere else. Don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know, and always keep your belongings out of sight and stored safely under the table.

If you have met up with friends in a bar or restaurant, ask them to text or ring you when they have arrived home safely. When you arrive back at your accommodation safely, tell your friends you have so they know you’re safe.

Emergency Contact Information

London is a safe city and although there have been a few incidences over the years, the British government and the police have been working hard to keep this vibrant city even safer.

In the UK the emergency contact numbers for the police, fire department or ambulance are 999. You can also call 112 if you need to, and both of these numbers are free to call, but they should only ever be used in an emergency.

If you have been the victim of a non-urgent crime, please call 101.

Please note that you do not have to be unduly worried about becoming a victim of a crime while you’re in London, but as with staying in any major city, it’s always sensible to take a few precautions so you’re that little bit safer. So take a few precautions, stay safe, and have a wonderful time!

When you’re on vacation it can be easy to let your guard down and enjoy yourself. While there is never a huge risk that you will become the victim of a crime it’s always best to stay safe and keep your personal belongings as close to you as you can. Keep a note of the above tips, be sensible and make sure your time in London is memorable for all the right reasons.

Go It Alone: Your Guide to Solo Travel in Thailand

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Even though traveling alone can be described as boring or even unsafe, there is something particularly primordial and manly about this very thought. Furthermore, traveling on your own gives you a level of independence you could never achieve otherwise. Think about it – no more stopping because someone else has to go to the bathroom, no reason to take tours you don’t care about and no more voting when it comes to the future course of action. You call all the shots and you partake in all the action. Still, it goes without saying that traveling alone has more than several downsides as well. With this in mind and without further ado, here are few tips for all alone travelers in Thailand.

Go It Alone: Your Guide to Solo Travel in Thailand

Think about Safety

The first thing first, you need to think about safety. Sure, going in groups might make you feel more comfortable in some aspects, but when it comes to pickpocketing and losing things, this form of travel is as powerless as going on your own. In order to prevent this, you need to take several steps of percussion. First, you don’t want to carry around more than you can afford to lose. Most luxury hotels have a safe in a room, so leaving the majority of your funds there seems like a smart move.

Next, you probably shouldn’t carry too much tech around. Looking out for your phone on its own can be quite demanding and the last thing you want is for your attention to be split between several items. Finally, you might want to consider getting those pants with zipped pockets in order to put an extra barrier between your wallet and a potential thief.

Also, a lot of people go to Thailand for its incredible nightlife. This usually involves a substance or two, which can become a bit of a problem. Keep in mind that you are on your own in a foreign country, so try to keep this in check. All things in moderation.

One last thing, you also need to worry about the safety of assets you leave back at home. So, don’t announce your departure on social networks, make sure someone checks in on your home every once in a while and make sure everything is properly closed and locked. As for some of your most valuable possessions, you might want to deposit them in a reliable mobile storage unit until you come back home.

Make Your Trip Frugal

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that in order to fully enjoy your trip you also need to get the most out of the money you intend to spend on it. In other words, the less you spend on some of the more mundane expenses (hotel, food or souvenirs) the more you will be able to spend on scuba lessons and clubbing. When it comes to the lodging, hotel hopping can both save you quite a bit of cash and help you see the most of the city you are staying in.

Go It Alone: Your Guide to Solo Travel in Thailand

As for the food, you might both save money and get the authentic taste of Thailand by turning towards street food. In fact, there are some parts of the town that specialize in different delicacies and it could be worth your while to discover them all. As for the souvenirs, it is much more frugal to buy some authentic Thai items like sauces, spices, silk, spa products and handmade Thai jewelry at the market, rather than to go to a souvenir shop. The prices in most of these shops are inflated to meet the standard of the tourist’s homeland and in no way reflect local prices.

Thai Nightlife

So far in this article, we addressed the issue of Thai nightlife several times, so, it is only fair that we make a brief summary of the places that are worth visiting. One of the most common misconceptions about Thailand is that the prostitution is legal in the country. While this is not the case, it is tolerated in practice and in some areas it is even indirectly protected by local officials. For those who are interested in sex tourism, Thailand has three red light districts: Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong. As for those interested in clubbing, Ce La Vi and Onyx are the probably the first two places you want to visit.

Visit the Landmarks

Finally, those who want to see the full beauty of Thailand absolutely must take a tour that entails visiting some of its most iconic landmarks. We are talking about places such as Erawan Falls, Wat Arun, Phang Nga Bay and, of course, Ko Phi Phi. These natural wonders, locations of historic value and incredible beaches are all worth paying a visit. Still, seeing all that this amazing place has to offer exceeds the time-span of a single visit.

Go It Alone: Your Guide to Solo Travel in Thailand

At the very end, it is important to mention one thing – even though Thailand is a great country for a family visit or a trip with your friends, going out there alone is bound to give you a completely unique experience. By not having anyone to chit-chat to every single step of the way you will be able to fully focus on the trip and trip alone. Needless to say, this kind of pilgrimage can help you discover yourself, somewhere along the way.

Finding Villas For Rent Playa del ingles – Something That Suits Everyone

Finding Villas For Rent Playa del ingles – Something That Suits Everyone

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Have you ever has this idea of getting yourself a private villa or apartment for a holiday hire in Gran Canaria? More and more these days prefer opting for this alternative for their annual holidays. The Gran Canaria Island is located in the middle of the Canary Islands archipelago between Tenerife and Fuerteventura. It caters to all sorts of holidaymakers and most of the resorts are considered perfect for couples as well as families with several self catering villas for rent playa del ingles.

Tourists who book their holiday rental in Gran Canaria will not be disappointed by the climate as the island enjoys a relatively warm weather all through the year. The temperature varies between 18 to 20 degrees C during winters and for the rest of the year it is around 23 degrees C r even higher. The climate in the Northern Gran Canaria usually differs from the south, and can be approx 5 degrees cooler. Gran Canaria has numerous beaches, in fact around 60 km of Gran Canaria’s 236km coastline includes a beach and they are designed in a way that they suit all tastes. There are beaches that are suitable for naturists, families, water sports enthusiasts and even the gay community.

Playa del Ingles is very well reputed to be one of the major gay resorts in Spain with numerous self catering apartments and villas for rent playa del ingles specially for gay visitors. Gay apartment rental are extremely popular and you can book holiday rental accommodation in Spain direct from the private property owners. The Yumbo Centre, which is located in the middle of Playa del Ingles, happens to be the main meeting area for the gay community so all of the bars around are gay friendly and some, mainly the ones that are on the top floors are gay exclusive. Most of the people arrive after 10PM and the party goes on until 5AM in the morning!

Holidaymakers who have already booked their own villas for rent playa del ingles may also want to hire a car rental service. There are several other means of transportation available on the island but a car will offer you with the freedom to go off exploring the city on your own and the convenience to come and go as you please. Make sure you are over 21 years of age to hire a car and you would require your driving license, passport and credit card to proceed.

5 Reasons To Visit Spain

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Nestled along the Mediterranean coast lays the beautiful country of Spain. Known for its pleasant climate, easy going people and amazing culinary reputation plenty of happy people decide to go here for their vacation. Vacation rentals in Spain are wonderful. There is an average of 300 days of sun a year and did we mention the food?

This Iberian nation has long been a top choice as European destinations. Spain is the largest country in southern Europe. As such there is a nice mix of history, culture, relaxation and everything in between for its visitors. Almost any time of year is great time to visit as the temperatures stay relatively pleasant all year long.

If you are looking for a relaxing place with tons of interesting things all around you, here are five reasons to go to Spain:

The Architecture

Spain is home to an impressive array of architecture. There is a deep Roman influence as the ruins can be seen scattered here and there throughout the country.  The Roman Theater in Merida is still used for performances to this day if you want to go to an operating ancient Roman ruin. Cathedrals also dot the country with their beauty. The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is a place of international pilgrimage. An impressive array of Mosques can also be seen. The Mezquita in Cordoba is unique to all of Europe and has been listed as a World Heritage Site since 1984. Many visitors are also surprised to learn and see Egyptian Temples in the center of Madrid. It isn’t because the Egyptians used to live in Spain, but rather that they gifted the city the Temple of Debod in 1968. Essentially almost anywhere you are in Spain, simply wandering around the streets will give the viewer some looks at amazing architecture.

The Food and Wine

There is a strong reputation in Spain for having amazing food and wine. People travel from all around the world for the culinary delights. Here everyone can enjoy fine wine at a decent price. The Spaniards love their wine. They drink wine with lunch, with dinner and before bed. If you are not sure if you are a wine person, Spain is the place to try it out. If you already know you are a wine person, then some say Spain is like heaven on earth. There are tons of great restaurants all throughout Spain. Sometimes half the fun is to simply wander down small alley ways and discover places that seem appealing to you. Two restaurants to take note of in case you are near them are:

Casa Botin: This is the world’s oldest continuous running restaurant. It has been in operation since 1725. The painter Goya even used to work here as a waiter. If you do get a chance to go, definitely try the pig roast.

El Cellar de Can Roca: This restaurant won world-wide fame when in 2013 it was awarded best restaurant in the world. If you are able, try to get a table at the place for at least one of your meals. You won’t forget it.

The Amazing Accommodation

Spain has no shortage of amazing places to stay. Many savvy travelers are veering away from traditional hotel bookings and instead opting to rent a private place themselves. There is something so dreamy about being able to tell your friends you’re off for a holiday to Spain and you will be staying in your own private villa. The pleasant climate makes Spain a great destination almost any time of the year. From beach front meccas to places tucked up into ancient groves of trees there are some plush places to stay at. Include some friends or opt for a family get away to split the costs and make the whole experience even more affordable.

The Paradise that is the Mediterranean Coast

Sun worshippers love Spain and the Mediterranean. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year the odds of getting some Vitamin D are in your favor. Spain has hundreds of miles of sandy beaches. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the crowds with lots of conveniences around you can find a spot. If you enjoy time alone and would be prefer to find a quieter spot you can do that too. Spain has so many cozy coves and hidden gems. Of these beaches, approximately 577 have been awarded Blue Flag status. What this means is that not only is the water quality guaranteed to maintain a high standard, but many of those beaches are also accessible to people with disabilities. This puts Spain in the top of world rankings for having accessible beaches.

The Art

Home to some of the world’s most well-known and beloved artists, Spain is an art lovers dream. Visitors are able to tour the homes of master minds like Salvador Dali and get an inside look into the inner workings of his space. You can day trip to Malaga which is the birth place of Pablo Picasso. Here there is a museum with some 300 pieces of his work. If you at all have the time, the Guggenheim Bilbao is an excellent museum. This dynamic and vibrant museum encourages the viewer to enjoy the art from both the inside and out. The Frank Gehry gallery is considered to be one of the best in the world.

As you are looking for your next ideal vacation destination keep Spain at the top of that list. It has so much to offer.

Steve Sorensen Picks On The Favorite San Diego Tourist Spots

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San Diego is a lovely place that tops tourist attractions. There are many beaches in San Diego states Steve Sorensen, and these are inexpensive too. Families and kids can enjoy holidays without much cash. Adventure and sun seekers would enjoy their time in San Diego. Hiking can be done at sandstone cliffs.

Steve Sorensen on some of the best things to do at San Diego

Balboa Park is a home to San Diego Zoo, and this is a 1200 acre park. One can enjoy a bike ride and picnic at this place. The Spanish resistance architecture can be enjoyed at this place and once can have a safe stroll also.

A botanical building is an excellent place that gets photographed more often. Some tropical plants and orchids are available at this place. There are cactus garden and rose garden in this place. It attracts many tourists. Palm tree craving and Japanese garden are some of the other attractions.

Old Globe theater is here where one can watch shows. Speckles Organ Pavilion can be visited to get a glimpse of one of the world’s largest pipe organs. San Diego Museum of art is an important place that art lovers should visit.

Museum of man and Fleet Science is for science lovers. San Diego air and space museum is a lovely place, and every family should visit this place. The railroad museum in San Diego is another attractive place.

San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum is for enthusiastic sports lovers. Comfortable walking shoes would help tourists have an attractive time here. Spanish village is another attractive place that every tourist should visit.

Coronado beach is another attraction in San Diego, and this place boasts of calmer waves. The place has less traffic for surfing, and this is an ideal place for surfing people. The shoreline is big, and that can help families and kids enjoy. Sands are considered clean and are one of the tops must-see places here.

There is a facility for beach volleyball here, and people can play here. There is a maritime museum in San Diego that get a lot of attractions. There is an amusement park style in San Diego that gets lot of attractions.

There would be historic vessels and sailing ships in San Diego, and people can see this. The boat tours would help visitors understand the work culture of people working in a boat. There are museum boats that are available for sightseeing of one likes history. There is shark underwater viewing tunnel that would help see much fish underwater .there is mission beach and pacific beach that adds to the attractions in San Diego.

There is Coronado flower show in April and San Diego earth fair that happens in April. June to August would mean that there is warm weather in San Diego. Steve Sorensen states that there is comic con event in July that can attract many visitors. There would be a need for booking of hotel rooms in advance. There would be a dip in October and November. There is the coolest period that would happen in December to February.

Improve Your Road Trip Experience With Adventure Kings Awning

Improve Your Road Trip Experience With Adventure Kings Awning

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The thrill and enjoyment of an outdoor adventure trip are heightened with the right accessories and gear. When you are outdoors, you have to ensure complete and tamper-proof protection against the elements of nature. Therefore, the gear that you choose for your road trip plays a very important role in shaping the experience associated with it. Choosing the wrong product makes the whole trip troublesome and inconvenient. This is why it is critical that you choose the most reliable and reputed products for your outdoor adventure.

There are many awning manufacturers, and each of them claims to be better than the rest.  Let us look at some features that should ideally be present in vehicle awnings, for example, the adventure kings awning 2×2.5m. All of its features are described in detail on the product packaging or in the product manual. A careful consideration of these features and parameters will ensure that you choose the right product for your road trip.

  • Material of awning: The awning that is installed on the vehicle should provide complete protection from rain, snow and, hail. It should also be water resistant and keep the shaded area dry. Ideally, awnings that are made up of polyester are much lighter than others. They are also easier to clean and dry.
  • Pole and knuckle material: Although different materials are used for making these parts of the awning, anodised aluminium is the preferred material for this purpose. This is because it is tough, durable and light in weight. It is also resistance to rusting.
  • Material of Storage bag: It is vital that the awning can be easily folded and stored in the bag provided along with it. The best storage bags are made of Nylon reinforced PVC that gives strength water resistance and durability to these bags.
  • Ease of installation: A primary determinant of the popularity of a vehicle awning is the ease with which it can be set up. Products like adventure kings awning 2×2.5m come with a complete kit that allows installation at home. You should check that the awning comes with L-brackets can be used to fit the awning on the roof rail or roof racks.
  • Ease of extension and folding: A vehicle awning should be easily extended and folded back after use. For this purpose, it is essential to look for smart designs that can be handled without a problem. Every member of the family should be able to extend and pack an outdoor vehicle awning.
  • Versatility: An ideal awning for vehicles should adopt for installation on any type of roof rail or roof rack. Additionally, it should be possible to buy extra accessories like poles and knuckles for the awning. Some brands offer extra pegs that are useful for sand. The availability of these accessories makes sure that you can use the awning in different weather conditions and on a variety of terrain.

Products like Adventure Kings Awning 2×2.5m have all of the above-mentioned features. These features play a vital role in making your road trip hassle-free and more enjoyable.

How To Rent A Car When You Go On Vacation In Romania?

How To Rent A Car When You Go On Vacation In Romania?

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Visiting Europe is one of the most amazing and memorable experience you can have in the whole life. According to statistics, 1.2 billion trips are annually made in Europe which makes Europe one of the most visited regions in the whole world. Moreover, the landscapes, buildings, architectural wonders and many beautiful sceneries. Romania is one of the countries where visitors come and spend vacations, enjoy their leisure time and holidays. Romania is famous for its mountain sceneries, ancient architectural buildings, and rich culture. Romania is loaded with beautiful wooden churches, ancient statues, beautiful villages and mixture of traditional and modern architectural designs. Bucharest is one of these beautiful places and capital of Romania. People visit Bucharest and enjoy their trips to different museums, ancient churches, and historical buildings.

How To Rent A Car When You Go On Vacation In Romania?

Visiting Bucharest? You need a Ride

When you visit Bucharest it is essential to have a ride to move around and visit places with ease and enjoyment. Bucharest is the largest city in the Romania which is spread over 228km2 area. Visiting spots are spread in all over the Bucharest and you would never like to miss any of these beautiful visiting places during your trip.

Having a ride makes it extremely easy to go wherever and whenever you want. But besides of enjoying the freedom, you must also take care of your money. Renting a car may become an expensive and tedious thing if you do know how to rent a car. Below given tips may help you to rent a car in Bucharest so that you enjoy each bit and moment of your trip to Bucharest.

Tip 1: Look for best Rental Agency in Bucharest:

Expert Inchirieri Auto is the best rental agency in Bucuresti that can serve you amazingly as a memorable companion throughout your trip and stay in Bucuresti. You can rent a car in Bucuresti just by contacting us and your favorite will be there for you in no time.

Tip 2: Look for tariff rates:

Tariff rates and fare charges must be your priority as well. You would never like to empty your wallet just for car rentals. Best tariff rates mean affordable journey and affordable journey make you feel comfortable. Expert Inchirieri Auto provides best ever tariff and rent rates in Bucuresti. Our policy is always customer oriented which means that we always give priority to our customer’s benefits before making any policy.

Tip 3: Benefits, Discount, and Offers:

Check for additional support by the car rental company. Good car rental companies always provide their customers with the best experience by giving them discounts and offers. Expert Inchirieri Auto gives you many facilities that no other car rental company provides in whole Bucuresti. On each journey, you get a discount voucher ranging from 2 to 25 Euros.

Tip 4: Book Before Time of Arrival:

It is highly important that you book a car and ask it to be there at the time of your arrival. In this way, you will not have to wait for the car to come and take you to your destination.

For further information about the rent a car in Bucharest Otopeni airport , contact us :

Automobile  Expert SRL – Inchirieri Auto Bucuresti

B-dul Iuliu Maniu, nr. 7,

Cladirea Administrativa Apaca, etaj 1, Biroul 5,

Bucuresti 061072, Romania


What Is The Significance Of Afternoon Tea Packages?

What Is The Significance Of Afternoon Tea Packages?

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Are you intending to taste amazing tea flavours? Only afternoon tea packages can cater you this opportunity. Exclusive packages are really pretty amazing and can make your afternoons special. These packages can enable you planning the best afternoon tea-parties.

Tea-lovers can now get a great chance of tasting different exciting tea-flavours by choosing these packages. You have to choose the package as per your requirement, preference, and purpose. Tea-services usually make an addition to unlimited entertainment and fun to life.

Why these tea-packages are chosen?

  • Afternoon tea-parties can be planned on a sudden note. You do not have to worry about the hot-beverage arrangement for your afternoon parties.
  • Great tea-varieties can be availed and tasted.
  • Afternoon tea packages usually provide only organic teas as a result of which the health condition of the tea-drinkers will get improved.
  • Different delicious dishes are being served along with classic teas and some popular options are sandwiches having classic fillings, delicious pastries, and cakes, chocolate pies, fresh-baked scones having preserves and clotted-creams and others.
  • You can now receive the regular delivery of afternoon-teas if these packages are chosen and thus your habit of having afternoon-teas can be highly complimented.
  • You can now taste different tasty teas at quite a reasonable rate. In this case, you just have to choose the most affordable package in a quite wise manner.

What Is The Significance Of Afternoon Tea Packages?

How to book your favourite tea package?

Now, you can make the booking of your afternoon tea packages online. Online-sites need to be visited in order to check out the offered packages. Get the package details for knowing the facilities available. The packages can be compared with each other for making the selection of the best one. You should choose such a package that absolutely satisfies your needs and budget.

You can now even make the booking via smartphones. You have to place your order online by making the payment either via bank-transfer or cards. You can even avail the facility of part-payment while booking these packages online. Packages can be booked for a complete week. You can also book packages only for special events or occasions.

You can even receive the tea-delivery service on weekends. Online-booking can enable you receiving doorstep service and thus you do not require moving anywhere. You can also avail the facility of advance booking so that future events can be efficiently met without involving any hassles or issues. You can also make the special upcoming occasions and can book the package accordingly in order to avail the service on time. In case of online booking, you can receive the advantage of changing your package if you are not satisfied with the current one.

Online-booking of afternoon tea packages is made for the sake of receiving various lucrative deals. These deals can make your package price reduced to some extent as a result of which you can save lots of pennies. You have to keep a keen watch over the site offers or deals so that you can avail them on time. Many complimentary tea-services can also be received due to these deals.

Find Out Best Flights To Travel From Delhi To Colombo

Find Out Best Flights To Travel From Delhi To Colombo

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Now, people are like to ride on flights for several purposes.   Through online one might reserve tickets faster. If you are looking to book flight tickets from Delhi to Colombo, you have lots of options to process booking simple steps.  There are various ticket reservation sites available in online which help minimize time of booking ticket to travelling to Colombo.  Delhi to Colombo flights make to book tickets at affordable cost with better deals.  Online site offers largest array for finding cheap flight for your travelling.  With the help of agency you can reserve tickets on your expected date from the airlines.

Buy Lower Flight Tickets:

To find cheap flight tickets you have to search lot from online sites that gives better way to book tickets.  From the flight travelling you get excellent experience on your life.  The travel agency provides largest results to book within few seconds.  With the number of airlines you can choose best one by using agency.  However, they make you to book tickets without any hassle of traffic to that city.  Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka that contains old architectural wonders, sun kissed beaches, pervading quaint charm and unending stretch of sea.

Find Out Best Flights To Travel From Delhi To Colombo

Cost of Flight Booking:

 Price will be ranges for place that you would like to travel from Delhi. Some airlines adjust cost for booking tickets depend on the day and time. If you book tickets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday you get some offers to reduce payments on reservation. If you travel with flights you can enjoy your tour with attractive deals.  Travel time also differ from various airlines. Before booking tickets you might check avail price to know how much you have to pay for ticket reservation.

Get Better Service on Travelling:

 Delhi to Colombo flights gives perfect solution to travel with your family.  In Colombo you can see some tourist spots to enjoy your holidays.  You can choose flight from international and domestic airlines to travel from Delhi.  At your limited budget you can travel directly from Delhi to Colombo. Also, find some existing discounts from online sites.  You find comfortable facilities and in flight entertainment provides by airlines. Average time for reaching Colombo is three hours thirty five minutes.  Totally 107 flights are accessing for every week to Colombo.

If you planning to travel to the destination via flights you have to make perfect packages to save your earned money.  On your comfort room you book flight tickets at any time for travelling to Colombo.  So, book tickets easily and get more memorable moment on travelling.

Budget Travel Made Easy !

Budget Travel Made Easy !

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Everyone knows that traveling is not always easy on your pocket. But it is also not impossible to travel on a budget. There is a lot that can be achieved with a limited budget and a bit of planning. All the innovations and technology has made the world come closer than ever before and has definitely changed how we travel and experience things. Here are a few tips for you that you should follow if you are looking to save some money on your next trip.

Plan In Advance

The biggest tip to follow for any budget traveler is planning in advance. Planning your trip in advance opens up a plethora of options for you to choose from ranging from how you travel to where you travel. Having an open itinerary also helps a lot. Seeing and experiencing things as they come might not be everyone’s cup of coffee, but it does make up for a fair bit of adventure and some nice memories. Planning things in advance also helps with money as you won’t be paying the premium price of flying out of the country to flying to another city just a few days before and you will also not be paying the premium of staying in the hotels which you’ll have to book just a few weeks before your vacation rather than planning and booking all of that in advance.

Traveling In Budget

One of the most important aspects of traveling on a budget is how you reach your destination. If you are flying out of the country, you should check which airline carriers give the best price as the prices are always fluctuating. It also helps to book way in advance as it is sure to give you the best price for a ticket. You should also remember to book tickets in incognito mode and check the competitive websites to get the best airfare. One should definitely check the budget flight carriers like Air Asia regularly as they sometimes offer dirt cheap prices to some of the most exotic locations in the world. And if you are planning to travel locally, keep checking the IRCTC website to check the next availability of the train to your vacation destination as booking a train will save you a lot of money compared to taking a flight to the same place.

Enjoying Locally

The best and the most cost-efficient way to explore any destination is to enjoy locally. And this holds true for everything, be it sightseeing to eating out or staying as a couchsurfer or at an Airbnb. The internet is a big boon in a situation where you are traveling on a budget and just want a place to crash. You can search for a host in the city you are going to from various couchsurfing apps and can meet locals and stay with them at no cost at all. You should also try to eat as much local food as you can as local food is almost always cheaper than anything that you would like to eat which is not local to the place. Every city has its hidden gems in terms of eateries and you can save some serious money by exploring or asking for help from locals. Try looking for free activities you can do in the city like museums and beaches and parks which cost no money and will give you the best experience of the city you are exploring.

By saving money on every trip you take, you will be able to go on more frequent trips and you will be more aware of the places that you go to. Try booking a train from IRCTC next time rather than taking a flight and you will see how taking these small steps eventually will help you paint a much bigger picture for your travel in your future.

The Best Photogenic Locations You Need To Visit In Shimla

The Best Photogenic Locations You Need To Visit In Shimla

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Shimla hosts some of the best photogenic locations in India. It is a location that is perfect for professional as well as amateur photographers to enjoy clicking some great pictures here. You can find both the mesmerising greenery as well as magical white snow in the same place at Shimla if you visit it during different parts of the year.

Make sure that the Shimla tour package on your next photogenic expedition covers these important locations to get some great pictures of the place.

Annandale : Annandale is a place frozen in time. You can get great pictures of buildings dating back several centuries here. The lush green environment around these buildings makes for a wonderful background to your images. The cloudy environment of the place provides near-perfect lighting conditions for you to click naturally beautiful pictures. You will rarely need to photoshop these images with filters to make them look good.

Jakhoo Hill : The mist-laden environment of Jakhoo Hill is both ghastly as well as refreshing at the same time. The dense fog at this place gives it a magical feel and is great for a honeymoon shoot. If you are not scared of the dark, you can go out onto the lush green landscape of the hill early in the morning to capture some surreal images with a flash.

The Scandal Point : The Scandal Point has been a famous location for several Bollywood movies. There is a fair amount of possibility that you find a movie shoot going on during your visit at the Scandal Point. Apart from the movies, the hilly terrace mountain will provide some great natural shots for your portfolio. Most professional photographers suggest that a time around 3 pm during summers can fetch you some great pictures that do not need any kind of artificial exposure management techniques.

Mall Road : Located below The Ridge, Mall Road offers a glimpse of Shimla in a nutshell. It is filled with many shops, cafes, restaurants, book shops and many tourist attractions. Take a stroll on Mall Road and get surprised at every turn by the things this place has to offer. The scenic beauty of Shimla can also be seen through here.

Kufri : How can we skip a snow-covered mountain when we are talking about a trip to Shimla? The winter sports capital of India is a great place to capture some live shots of professional skiers showing off their skills with the snow. The weather is pleasant with ample of sunlight almost throughout the year making it really easy to capture great images here.

If you are one aspiring professional photographer, you must check out these places in and around the town of Shimla to capture the true essence of nature.

Essential Things For Happy Las-Vegas Trip

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Are you feeling excited in moving to Las-Vegas? Well, if you want to multiply your excitement then you have to create your customized bucket-list. Your bucket list should include going to Vegas all essential stuffs that can make your journey happy and memorable.

This list will enable you in receiving the best Vegas experience. If you are a bit confused regarding what your bucket list should include going to Vegas, then you can surely refer to the updated travel-reviews on Las-Vegas. These reviews will definitely boost-up your confidence and will make your charged.

Best things within Vegas bucket-list:

Your trip to Las-Vegas will give you a lot of lot of heavenly enjoyment. If you are moving to the city with your family then you should take extra care in arranging and organizing your trip.

Essential Things For Happy Las-Vegas Trip

Some of the best things that your bucket list should include going to Vegas are as follows:

  • Enjoyment at best eateries: The best part about popular eateries at Las-Vegas is that you can get foods out there even at midnight. These restaurants remain open for almost 24-hours a day. Absolutely delicious foods are being served at these eateries and every dish opens-up with a new surprise.
  • Hitting poolparties: Party-life of Vegas is simply rocking and hard. Encore beach-club organizes the most civilized and highly inflammable pool-parties. You should never miss the chance of attending these mind-blowing pool-parties at Vegas.
  • Have fun with car-racing: The adventure and thrill of car-racing can be multiplied almost ten-folds by attending exotic racing around Motor Speedway. You are free to choose supercars of your own choice so that you can flaunt your desire of enjoying high-speed.
  • Taking attractive selfies: If you are a selfie-addict then the beautiful sceneries all around Las-Vegas will definitely make you clicks innumerable shots keeping beautiful views at the background.
  • Freedom at Vegas pubs: You can now enjoy outstanding freedom at Vegas pubs and bars. Night-life of Vegas is really pretty attractive and thus you cannot keep yourself away from the same for long.
  • Swimming with sharks: This is one of the most awesome experiences of life and nobody would love to miss it out. Golden-Nugget pool will surely give you the chance to swim with naughty sharks. Shark-infested aquariums have been installed within the pool and the pool-water is getting channelized through them.
  • Unbelievable casinos: Vegas casinos are the main attractions of the place. If you want to experience Vega nightlife closely then you should definitely attend these casinos at night. A wide variety of casino games is available and you can choose any of them. These casino-games are the best ways of trying out your luck. Caesars-Palace is the best casino from where you can get the scope of earning a lot by playing bumper games.

If you are interested in knowing stories and history of organized crimes of America, then you should visit the Mob-museum. Luxury-rentals at Vegas are also quite entertaining and you can avail them at affordable cost.

Enjoy The Golden Triangle Tour by Combining Varanasi and Khajuraho

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If the desire is to explore the beauty of North India and be mesmerized with its rich, unique culture and traditions, then it will be useful to avail the Golden Triangle tour package. This circuit is considered to be among the most admired and famous of all tourist circuits of North India. It focuses mainly on the three main tourist destinations that North India boasts about like Jaipur, Agra and Delhi, the political capital of the country. This tour can also be clubbed with various other interesting cities like Varanasi and Khajuraho. The itinerary does provide the tourist with an opportunity to explore the land’s various facets.

Golden triangle tour with Varanasi and Khajurajo

  • Delhi: The first city that is on the list is Delhi, located on Yamuna River’s banks. It is a sprawling cosmopolitan city boasting of people from different parts of the country and the world residing here. This city is also said to have served as the country’s capital for a very long time under several emperors and rulers. Now, it hosts wide range of monuments, shrines and buildings of historical interest. Few of the must visit attractions include the Red Fort, India Gate, Akshardham Temple, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Raj Gjhat, Parliament House, etc.
  • Agra: It is the next city to be visited after Delhi. This city is known to have earned a place for itself in the must visit global tourist locations due to the presence of the majestic and legendary Taj Mahal. The other sites of world heritage importance include Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Fort, all of which has been constructed during Mughal rule.

Enjoy The Golden Triangle Tour by Combining Varanasi and Khajuraho

  • Jaipur: Called popularly as the Pink City, it is the third city to be covered on the tour. It is popular for having numerous forts, palaces, temples and its colourful and rich culture. There are also present several imposing structures. The city does offer the tourists with an opportunity to explore the land’s unique culture and to meet the joyous people who prefer wearing multi-coloured costumes.
  • Varanasi: This is another place that is to be visited. It is also considered to be the oldest city in the country, still inhabited and being of religious importance. It is located on the Ganges and offers a picturesque location. The tourists can explore the different bathing Ghats as well as the cremation sites located on the banks of the River Ganges. Morning and evening boat rides will help the person to enjoy people bathing in the Ghats and prayers being offered.
  • Khajuraho: It is the last on the tour and popular for its erotic temples. It is left untouched by the foreign invaders, due to its distance from the main political centres during medieval times. The temple’s fine carvings do portray that people of those times believed in living life to their fullest. The temples located here are the Adinath Temple and Parasvanath Temple.

Exploring the Golden Triangle package with other locations can help the tourist to enjoy some of the interesting places in the circuit, but not all of it.

Know Well Before You Do Any Adventure Sport

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Parasailing is definitely something which takes you to an adrenaline pump rush and you know it is one of the most adventurous sports that you can try. It is definitely not for the faint hearted and once you do this, it will remain with you as an experience of a lifetime.

But many have a question regarding how safe is to do this sport? Well, it is actually very safe if you go with the right kind of company and instructions. If you are really scared of heights then it is advisable that you do not go for this. But if you do not have that problem, then you should go for it, for the sake of experiencing it. But before doing that, there are some tips that you need to keep in your mind so that you have a truly nice and exciting experience. If you are venturing in a sport which is water related, then you should be aware of some safety guides.

If you are going for the first time to do parasailing, then these tips are a must for you.

  • The first and most primary thing is to choose the right kind of parasailing company to go with. If you choose the right kind of people then there is very less chance of mishaps and accidents. If you are below the age of 16 then it is not a very good idea to go for it, no matter how safe it is. If you are obese and have body weight problem, then also you should not go for this sport. If you choose the right company and people they will instruct you well about the sport. The people who will help you with the equipments related to the sports will also give you a proper session about it. Do not go for the companies because they charge cheaper for adventure sports because; they will not have proper safety measures. Go for a study and then finalise on it.
  • One has to go parasailing on the day which is windy and sunny. Even if it is not much sunny, it has to be a clear sky. Look at the clouds and check the possibilities about storms and rains. Parasailing is not a good idea during monsoons or heavy rains. Before going for parasailing, one has to check whether the area has any rocky structures and obstructions which might hurt people. If there is; then it is not a safe idea.
  • Take a good look at the equipments which are provided to you. The quality of the equipments has to be very good and if they have worn out and not in a good shape, then strictly forbid to use them.
  • Learn the hand signals properly as this will be of huge help in communication with the one who is driving the speed boat. Once you go high, you will not be able to hear what they say and vice versa. So sign language can be of huge help.

One has to go to a bit outskirt area to do parasailing in Bangalore.

Travelling To Batam According To Batam Island Map

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For those who are looking for an escape from the crazy and stressful life of large cities, choosing Batam as your holiday destination can be a great step. Batam Island is located in Indonesia as a part of Riau Province. It is one of 2400 islands that create the province, ranging from Sumatra Island to South China Sea. According to Batam Island map, this island has 6 ferry terminal situated at Harbour Bay, Telaga Punggur, Waterfront City, Nongsapura, Batam Center, and Sekupang. Both international and domestic tourist love to spend their free time in this island. Singaporean becomes one of the largest international tourist in Batam. As for domestic tourists, most of them come from Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. They usually enter the island from its Hang Nadim International airport that is situated in the island’s eastern part.

This article will give you a brief information about the activities that you can experience based on map of Batam. The information is listed below:

  • Travelling Around the Fascinating Northern Coast: at the northern part of Batam, at the coastline to be exact, you are able to experience mountain biking. Motor biking or cycling through a dense jungle and sweeping seashore will stimulate your adrenaline. You can take a 30 km route from Nongsa Village or Turi Beach to Tering Bay Golf. This type of activity certainly becomes favorite for adventure seekers.
  • Exploring Batam’s past: going back to the past can be a great idea to spend your vacation. In Batam, you can roam around the remote place of the Batam coastal to see the contrast of commercialization and modernization standing next to each other with poverty. Going to fishermen village will give you a glimpse of Batam’s old simplicity with its stilt houses.
  • Exploring Pulau Penyengat: this small island offers a different experience in your vacation. In only 2 hours, you are able to circle this small island. You can also visit Yellow Mosque or Masjid Kuning in this island. This mosque strengthen its foundation by using eggshells. While wandering around the island, you will be greeted with friendly locals that are willing to give some guidance. Visiting this island in your spare time would not hurt.
  • Going to Nagoya Hill Mall: for a shopaholic, shopping during vacation is a must. In Batam, you can buy many things in Nagoya Hill Mall. In this mall, you are able to find local cuisine such as, Indomie (Indonesian instant noodles) and tidbits such as kueh lapis. If you are looking for golf equipment for your trip to golf courses, this mall also provides it. Some of the shops accept SGD.

Those activities that are only a small part of so many things that you can do in Batam according to Batam city map. Short vacations are surely not enough to cover all the activities that are offered by this beautiful island. Nevertheless, this island will still give you a great experience and memories that you will never forget for the rest of your life.